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 That's what came to my mind as well.  Just hadn't noticed them that cheap before though.
 A few here and there.  The anniversary GMT with the green hand, a Datejust and a Speedy Pro more recently.  Nothing too out of the ordinary for the market I'm in.  Then when they have a look and ask what I'm wearing they don't seem too familiar with what it is.  What I'm really noticing though are more and more Apple watches out there.  It's interesting too because I never see anyone using theirs.
 Well that is the other bit, but for a specific reason.  I LOVE navy blue and it's really my favorite color at the moment so it's not the color itself.  It's that the minute track is colored.  I'd have preferred that it either wasn't colored and just matched the dial or that it went all the way to the edge of the dial.  I also think that perhaps it makes the sub registers look bigger as a result.  Don't get me wrong though, it's not bad at all.   I love all of it.  I...
 I'm sure I'm in a small minority when I say this, but I'm not a fan.  Don't get me wrong, as you note, plenty to like.  Still it just doesn't do that much for me.  I can't put my finger on it entirely, though I will say I don't like that lollipop hand at all so it might be that.  On the other hand I love the First Omega in Space and will likely pick one up in the near enough future.  In fact for what a grey dealer was charging you could get the FOIS and a Seamaster 300m...
 I think they absolutely killed it, and I don't mean that in a good way.  42mm and way too thick is bad enough, but the date window just ruins it.  I'm not sure the market demands a date window either, but in my opinion it totally ruins that watch.  Looks like I've just saved some more money to put towards another piece.
 Yeah, DavidSW seems great.  Had some email correspondence in the past and he was excellent.   Yeah, I'm not fussed about the movement.  I'm more concerned with condition than anything and the best looking 16710s that I've come across recently were Z serials.
Congratulations @Belligero
 It's interesting that you mentioned DavidSW as he had the watch I was looking at: http://davidsw.com/product/rolex-16710-gmt-master-ii/ It too is a Z serial, but as the papers show the original bezel was black.  At the end of the day I'll have to decide on serial, bezel matching papers and condition.  I think for me the serial won't matter quite as much, but we'll have to see.  Either way the watch you linked is definitely not what I'd be looking to spend since I'm more...
A couple of quick questions about a Rolex GMT Master II:   -So I'm noticing some listings out there along with some Instagram posts of GMT Masters with both bezels. So I'm curious if say I want a GMT Coke, is there a way I can tell from the papers that the GMT was originally Coke or if the bezel was replaced?     -If not to the above question, does it matter?  Obviously that's a matter of opinion, but say if I were to consider reselling the watch someday would it make...
 Nice.  When I make my big Unionmade buy I might pick up a pair.
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