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 I have plenty of Mackintosh fabric outerwear (Cabourn not actual Mackintosh brand pieces) and while friends have had issues with it I never have much.  So I'm not too worried about the fabric, though I know it's not for everyone.  I also didn't just buy it as a functional piece.  I like the aesthetic of a basic Stutterheim, though again that's not for everyone either. 
 Cheers for this one.  Grabbed a Stutterheim for $88.  I need it like I need a hole in the head, but I'll get good enough use of it for that price.  Checkout was a bit slow for me too, but not too bad.
 I take my "normal" size with Butteros.  Same size I take with McNairy and a half size up from what I take in Alden's on the Barrie last.  I wouldn't wear Common Projects so I can't comment on their sizing.   Butteros are really nice.  I have quite the collection.  I hope they fit as you'll likely not be disappointed.
 Well it sounds like you've already made up your mind.  Go with your gut and what feels right to you, but if you don't need to move on one fast then maybe think it over some more.  I think that if you want a more "60s" watch look and feel that you should go with the white.  Arguably the black offers this as well, but not as much for me.  The blue does "allow" the watch to be something "different" if you ask me.  It can get away with being less of a "60s tribute" in that...
 Thanks for sharing this.  I did the same with the Butteros and got a black pair (oddly enough about the only pair I don't already have).  I would just add that if you use eBates it's 3% back or better yet if you have a Discover Platinum card and use Discover Deals it's 5% back.  
 I'll echo the sentiment that the strap you have is a great option, especially if it's a matte alligator.  Even if it's not it will break in over time.  I think the alligator is a better option than a non-distressed leather strap as well assuming the leather was going to be rather plain.  Congratulations.  Very good price considering it's the black.  I was looking at Black Bays about 2-3 weeks ago and while I wasn't shopping for a black it was definitely trending higher...
 Damn.  I never clicked on that link as I thought it was just generic measurements.  The just switched things up on me.  Thanks for pointing that out!
 Don't get me wrong, I'm sure it's a relatively time consuming process and as you note the measurements may not be made the same way the consumer would.  Still I find it helpful with some brands that I'm not familiar with and in my case it's not like I'm in a market where I can just go try on a lot of brands that interest me.  Of course none of that is End's problem and they have a business to run on top of them surely being willing to provide measurements upon request....
 For what the product is, I agree.  However their markup is so high that they must be making margins on a good portion of it.  If they simply control their inventory better I would think that RRL has a future.  
 It has nothing to do with "sale time" and I wasn't inquiring with them.  Had I done so I would have expected them.  From what I've seen this season they don't have many (if any?) measurements where just last season and for years before they did.  I didn't ask.  On top of that their not providing measurements makes me less inclined to buy in some cases as returning shipping from the States isn't cheap and some brands sizing can change over time.  
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