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 Well that's the selvedge denim I wear, slim fit, so that's cool by me.  ~$50 for a great pair of selvedge jeans is nice.  
I like the pants.  What are those?
So I recall reading here on SF that you can't get charged customs here in the US on a US made product.  DHL is telling me otherwise.  Item shipped from overseas though.  Anyone know anything about this?
Fabrication isn't an EG strong suit, but the Serge wool is nice.
Picked up a package from the Post Office today that had a sticker on the side and was written in bold permanent marker to collect X amount.  The guy didn't bat an eyelash and didn't ask for a red cent.  Had a package months ago too that was asking for duties, but left at my door.  Should I ever expect a bill?  I'm assuming not, but really weird.
Caling Unionmade now.  Got someone else's shirt even after they sent me multiple emails about my order.
 I did read your review and you're not the only to state as much on this forum.  Also, I doubt I will find that end up damaging the zipper further since it isn't damaged.  And I doubt it can be replaced "like for like" considering the broad arrow. I agree.  The zipper should work MUCH better considering the price, sale or otherwise. 
 Well you could try two things.  Give Baby and Co a call and see what size they have, still have them do a measurement and then still check on my shirts.    Otherwise you could also call the Army Gym in London tomorrow and see if they have any left there and have them measure.   Just an FYI mate, if you order from Cabourn direct you'll get hammered with customs.  In fact you may even have to pay them before they're willing to deliver the package.    
     Cheers guys.  A bit "TLDR" I know, but so many great details with Cabourn pieces.  If I didn't say it above, what I love is that while the pieces are influenced by historical pieces, they're not always exact copies like say The Real McCoys.  This creative interpretation and imagination can lead to some really special pieces like the AW14 Aircraft Jacket. @cold war painter I have that one too.  I have yet to wear it and am thinking of selling mine.  If I keep it then...
New Posts  All Forums: