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Would my size in the Turbulance last be the same size as in the Barrie last?  Sounds like it would be, but wanted to be sure.   Also, I'm assuming Aldens can be re-soled.  IE if it has a crepe sole I can get a leather sole or a dianite sole put on instead, right?
Where do you guys get your replacement laces, specifically the leather rawhide laces?
 I agree, though I respectfully am suspect about the sizing.  I'll have to pay a visit the next time I'm in London or just wait until I found a size chart elsewhere.   I would have grabbed the gloves, two pair in fact, had they also come in a navy and green tweed.
 It's funny as he seems to have been there for the previous how many weeks on almost a daily basis.  
 Price on the page doesn't carry over when you add it to your cart.
Anyone know if Yoox or Gentry will be doing something for Black Friday?
East Dane with a tiered sale. Anyone know if you place an order and get to a higher tier and thus get the higher discount that if you return an item the lower your discount is applied to what you keep? I assume not and that it'd potentially be illegal.
I'm wondering the same.  These global climate shifts must be wreaking havoc on old Blighty as compared to over here in God's country (WI).
Is this is joke that I'm not in on?  That looks like a flamingo on the front.
 Up to you mate, but even if I did like that I'd get sick of it in a heartbeat.  My guess is you'd look back on that as an expensive mistake.  
New Posts  All Forums: