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 Interesting about how it wears.  I think that's a good thing considering it for me still has a diver look despite the lack of a bezel.  Perhaps a maxi dial due to the hands?   I would still definitely prefer the rose logo on the dial, but that's a great point about the crown.  Didn't know that about the BB36 and I think those Tudor crowns with the rose look great.   Tudor just has to get moving on that 36mm Ranger now!
 Yes, that's definitely one of the nicer Reversos.  Not a fan of the price though.    But how high is the watch?  I'm guessing around 38mm?  I'd have to get it on the wrist, but I'm guessing it looks just fine.  "Modern standards" don't apply to everyone and I would think that most watch enthusiasts would still appreciate the size.  Either way, for me that size would be fine, especially if you have a smaller/smallish wrist.  More than anything though, I think it's the...
For me the Reverso, like some other watches, can be dressed up or dressed down.  It depends on a number of factors though.  First and foremost I think you have to consider the case and the dial.  Then once you've found one that can go both ways, you have to consider the strap.  The Reverso Rouge, which has been brought up already, is for me a great example of this.  Put it on a Casa Fagliano strap and I think you dress it down.  Put it on a black alligator strap though and...
BB36 is nice.  Love the size and the "oversized" crown/crown tube.  Nice pickup.   Tudor just needs to do the Ranger in 36mm (and for the love of God use the rose instead of the shield) and I'm all over it.
 1)  I don't live in Portland, but I've been there in February and I can only imagine it'd be way too warm for you to get any meaningful wear out of it.  
 I forgot to add this.  Depending on what you get, and if you do indeed go the RO route or even say with a three hand dress watch, you can still keep the Speedy.  Full credit for thinking of downsizing, but depending on what route you take you may want to hold onto the Speedy initially and see how it fits into your rotation if at all.  
 Great collection you have there.  I think if you go with a Daytona you might also think about flipping the Speedy in that instance as well.  As for your list, I'd go the Daytona route or maybe the RO route, but while I definitely can appreciate the RO it's not entirely my cup of tea.  I also think that in some ways it's like the BLNR in that it's a tool watch.   What I think you're "missing" if you will is a dress watch.  That immediately came to mind reading your post....
 Agree on the pushers.  Perhaps not a deal breaker, but pretty close.  Still so much else to like.  At $7900 I have other preferences, but I can see where this would give folks pause.  
 Nice.  LOVE that Reverso!
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