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 Yeah, I didn't have my bench set up properly one of the weeks.  Haven't played in nearly a decade and didn't bother with the rules.
 Thanks for sharing this and a great looking box.  When I have the watches to put in one this is likely what I'll go for.
 That's why they make size 48.    I'm not seeing much either.  Some of it I would wear, but most of that isn't something I'm really pining for.  In general there is less of a "heritage" feel about this AW.  The piece I'm eyeing the most doesn't even have a fit chart or "fit advice."   I thought the Lybro line would have different pieces than some of what I'm seeing.  Still some winners there.  Agreed about the price-point and to a lesser extent the designs, but who buys it...
Screwed myself over with the order of my subs or I would have had Bojan's points as well.  Still, starting to move up the table now.  Begovic and Hazard both delivering on the weekend.  
Deadwood is my favorite series of all time.   I'm a bit an HBO snob, but decided to give Mad Men a chance thanks to Netfilx.  Really enjoyed it.  Much more than I expected.  Only problem is they don't have have the second half of the last season up yet.
 Not a fan of the M43.  Zip pockets kill it and the grey doesn't work for me on that piece either.  Aircraft Jacket alternative by the looks of it, but for me the Aircraft like the Mallory and Cameraman is now a Cabourn classic.  Aircraft's patch pockets were much better than these zip pockets.  To each their own though.  I like the "art" of the older site renditions.  The "brightness" of the photos now is better, but I'm not keen on the little notes written in.  Rather...
 Well if by 42 chest you mean his chest measures a 42, then get a size 50.  That's how my chest measures exactly and a 50 will be fine.  A bit roomy, but that's the look of the jacket.  
 Looks great.  Nice shoes as well.  Aldens?  
  Sorry I haven't replied sooner, but I've been waitng for a replay from the seller to my initial email.  Sage advice from everyone, thank you so much! So I have yet to receive a reply to my email.  I simply asked for more pictures of the face of the watch and the back and then 2-3 other questions.  I can understand not getting back to me immediately with the photos, but I would expect at least a "thanks for your interest, I can't get you photos today but..."  Buy the...
 I'll have to ask about the warranty card then.  Another question about it though, would the warranty card likely be registered with the manufacturer? They are on Watchuseek.  They have 2 referrals, but there is no link to click.  They've listed their fair share on the forum, some of which say a forum member bought from them others don't specify.  An older listing on another watch has a warranty card pictured.   Thanks for the reply! EDIT:  He's offering Paypal in the...
New Posts  All Forums: