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One more that's more me and similar to what I wear:     Mackintosh yellow Dunoon handmade raincoat. http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/yellow-dunoon-handmade-hooded-raincoat-2868.html   Big John crazy stripe shirt. http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/crazy-stripe-shirt.html   Farnese beige Olona canvas and suede belt. http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/beige-olona-canvas-and-suede-belt.html   Big John slim straight jeans in 15oz...
"When in Rome"     Eidos navy hemp hopsack field jacket. http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/navy-hemp-hopsack-field-jacket-14-15-oz.html   Begg and Co white, blue and navy gingham cotton and linen scarf. http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/accessories/scarves/white-blue-and-navy-gingham-cotton-linen-scarf.html   Niche blue and white floral linen "Broma"...
I'm looking to move into the "higher end" watch market, but I have a few Swiss Army Maverick divers (the previous version, not the current version)and I have to say they look great if you're looking for a poor man's diver.  I got them all from eBay for about $90-$125 each.  If you get the version with the rubber band you can take that band off and replace with a Nato or a leather strap.  Really nice watches at that price.
Just got the three pair of Butteros I ordered over the weekend.  Love them all.  I'm Butteroed out now that I have six pair to rotate, but I'm sure I'll spot another pair I like soon.  Anyway, I was a bit curious to see how they'd be packaged considering it was three pair and I'm sure you don't see too many orders like that, but they were perfectly packaged.  Very nicely done.   Curious as to the Buttero restocks on the way.  I'm assuming the burgundy calf Taninos aren't...
 I was of the same mind.  I own Cabourn coats made with Mackintosh, one is very much like the one I'm looking at here.  Dunoon is supposed to be a bit more tailored, but the measurements don't make it seem that way.  They all seem like a "standard" fit which IMO is a good thing.  
 Doesn't seem to be on Mackintosh. 
So the Euro code no longer works on UK items, correct?
 Yes, after.  However you have to wait until the item is delivered and email them.
 Thanks.  Your waist?  Would you say it's "fitted"?
Would you guys say that the End size charts for SNS Starks is accurate?     Model is 6'1" with a 38" chest and wears size Medium   Pit to Pit Back Shoulder Arm Small 18" 24" 15" 20" Medium 19" 25" 16" 21" Large 21" 25.5" 17.5" 22" X-Large 21" 27" 17.5" 22.5"   I'm 5'10", 42" chest and typical US 33" waist.  You think I could do a large?  
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