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 It's nice and I'm sure it will sell well.  Price at full retail is already notably cheaper for a Cabourn piece.  Still I prefer the SS14 Mountain Parka.  Of course I own that one, but it's also a different piece for a change.  Anyway, I still like the smock and the fabric is identical.  As do I, but two flaws, one of them rather major.  The lowest clip should have been snap button.  I'm fine with asymmetry and trying something different, but this detracts from the jacket....
 Nice face (got that from I Love You Man if you've ever seen it).  Nice Reverso (that's not in any film that I'm aware of.  Sure.  Different strap could definitely help dress it down a bit more if needed.  Might not be my first choice though.  I prefer my JLC Geophysic 1958 as more of a "one watch" if you're going JLC because I feel like the dial is a bit less dressy.  Still that Master Control is nice and pretty versatile. Sub as was mentioned would be a good candidate....
 They had that link when I first got in right when the sale started.  However they've already marked some items down further, so people may want to compare their orders to current pricing.  I emailed them immediately asking for the price difference back.
I grabbed few pocket squares.  I spent way too much time adding and editing and missed out on a bag that was quite cheap.  Fortunately I need it like I need a hole in the head.  Anyway, some good deals on some of the pocket squares.  
 Link?  Still not sure what you're referring to.
 If you post a pic I might be able to tell you.
 Yeah, tried it with Google Chrome and then on my iPhone.  Same issues.  Just thought I'd check and see if anyone else has had the same issue with the sale going on.
Anyone experiencing issues with Unionmade's site today?  Only allows two items in your cart, gives a total of -$ and then removes items from your cart?
Perhaps a stupid question, but is the deposit refundable on a Daytona?
 Oh, I'm sure it does.  Still then they should be allocating them better.  I'm sure there's a lot of factors into how they're allocated, but I would think they could improve on that and that's not to mention the production end.    Yeah, I wonder how much of it is salesmanship if you will.  I went to a local AD just to try a few pieces and they had a 114060 that was apparently already paid for, yet they had me trying it on  I was curious as to what would have happened if I...
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