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 You really didn't miss anything depending on your tastes.  I was in very early and simply passed on it all.  Very few one-offs like leather gloves.  Brics luggage I guess, but I'd rather just get something nicer and pay more.  
Wow.  So I noticed the SS14 Varsity Jacket, forget the name but the one with the fist and lightning bolt, came up on the website last week.  I was annoyed I'd passed on it earlier and a M just happened to show up.  So of course I ordered it.  Well it came today and it was packaged well as have been my other RRL orders from online.  Go to take it out of the bag and notice a problem right away.  The patch is missing.  Someone, likely whomever ordered it and then returned it,...
 Definitely a difference between J Crew's bucks and Sanders', the latter being better.
 I would say those only work as winter jackets if you're going to add a heavy knit underneath, and that still depends on your climate.  Living in WI I'd say they're more Autumn and Spring options.  Great jackets though.
 Oh no, I meant the code was up yesterday, not that it was posted here.  
 Yep.  Was up yesterday.  Some nice stuff left.  
 Another 3.5% with ebates!  
If anyone got The Real McCoys fishtail parka in Medium from Inventory and it doesn't work out shoot me a PM.  Cheers.
An extra 15% off sale items at End with code FIFTEEN:   http://www.endclothing.co.uk/   http://www.endclothing.com/   Not a lot left depending on size. 
Marrkt were slow getting back to my emails one time, but other than that the customer service was good.  I've found the sizing to be true Cabourn Authentic sizing as well, so long as the item was from the Authentic line and it all has been for me so far, so long as it was properly marked.  Sounds like a one off or it's changed a bit this time round.
New Posts  All Forums: