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 Interesting.  They also took the RAF grey Mallory to half off as well.  I would have happily grabbed that one if they had my size left.  Not overly keen on it and I certainly don't need it though.  
 It's a two-tone black on black in oilcloth cotton.  I think it's got two different treated cottons, something like a 5-year wash and then a 10-year wash.  Not many out there.  In fact not to many to begin with.  Like a lot of Cabourn pieces this year, I'm not even seeing full size runs and I don't think many shops had full size runs in many pieces including this one.  
 I actually think you're probably in a small minority.  IMO the styling is better, but I think most would be closer to the 50/50 point considering how many other options are out there depending on what you're looking at.   As for the free pass, I don't remember exactly which bit it was as it goes back weeks, but there was a picture of a pair that looked pretty bad and had that been in that old Oak Street thread it'd have been going on for pages.  I think there was...
 I agree.  I think you have to take construction and quality of materials into consideration when you "get up to" a brand like Viberg and the price points.  Still they'll eventually wear just like everything else.  I have a ton of Cabourn and I try to break it in as slowly as possible, but over time I know it all breaks in.  I do however feel as though Viberg is getting a bit of a free pass in this thread where as Oak Street was beat up really badly when it came to some...
 I think I rushed the try-on.  I had a flood of orders come in during Black Friday, many more so than normal because some of things that I like (a few bag brands and some Real McCoys stuff) were on sale and they rarely if ever hit those prices or go on sale.  So I had to return some things and I was going to have to make a few choices and I wasn't "feeling" the 1A's fit.  IIRC the 40 was a bit snug and short and the 42 was too big for a crewneck.  I do however remember...
 Come to think of it I think you're right.  Damn.  May have to spring for a few now.  
Anybody remember if Inverallans get marked down with End's first drops in their Winter sale? 
 Just order it from End and take a punt.  It's easy to order two seasons and return one.  I did with the 1A just a few weeks back.  Sadly it wasn't for me.  6A and 3A, the latter being my favorite, both work, but the 1A just didn't.  
Where was the sale?
 Yeah, I've never seen or heard of one.  Discounts seem to be the same over time though, IE they don't do further drops.
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