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I ordered and received the black cemented sidezips within a week.
New heavyweight tees are nice, but they are slim. I wet up 1 in size and like the fit much better.   One thing I think that can be improved is the collar. It feels a bit flimsy for me. 
SNS Segment Jacket Navy NWT Size: Large Retail Price: $420 Sale Price: $160 (net PP fees)   The Segment Jacket is knit in Denmark and features an incredible retro pattern, an equal blend of merino wool and cotton, and a hefty enough weight to be used as a jacket on chillier early spring days. This jacket, pictured here in a blue and navy melange, is sure to boost the cool factor of any simpler essential it’s paired with.   Price includes shipping to continental US
If everything is moving slowly towards pre order (with basics being in stock and available at anytime) I don't even see the point of a rewards membership. Just sell stuff at half off to anyone who wants to buy it (or some other great discount)   One of the main reasons Mauro said he implemented that program was to get some cash flow up front. That cash flow doesn't really mean much when he is making clothing based on pre-orders as he won't be stuck with stock. Inventory...
It still helps people, besides I also have an athletic build. I can probably go my regular size, but I found there was big variation between the last two batches of tees. The first batch back in the spring were not as slim, and significantly longer in the body than the last batch. I don't have them with me right now to get an idea of the measurements so just trying to figure it out. I may just go up one because I want them to be a bit looser and I was very happy with the...
Height/weight of model and size worn in pictures would help Mauro.    These appear to be quite slim. Also clicking on the size chart takes you to the backend login for your site.
Are they cut like the 2nd to last batch of short sleeves (longer) or like the last batch of tees
any update on the pre order flannels mauro?
 Just got the black sidezips. I'll echo what others said about the leather. It is softer than I thought it would be and very impressed with it for the price. I will definitely be picking up either the Jodhpurs or the Chelseas in the tan suede. Also, I didn't have to pay any duties (US)
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