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Pricing on the henley?
Are there any shorts coming out with printed or unique fabrics? I regret missing out on those floral print ones from last year
Thanks for the videos Mauro but turn that phone sideways before you record   
Got my tan chelseas in and was able to snap a quick on feet pic. They do feel a little bulkier than I thought they would be. Even bulkier than the cemented calf ones I have but maybe the chelsea models are like that? I believe Lian told me the lasts were the same amongst the 3 models, but that was when he was only offering the cement ones. Not sure if that has changed. I also had to use both insoles to make it a snug fit.  
My tan suede chelseas are also on the way. Will update with pictures
My black white trainers are pretty used but in decent condition. I wonder how much I could get for them
Got the navy dry tech sweats in.. I'll echo what dbear said... decent enough to lounge around in, but wouldn't really wear them out.    I got the light wash in the PBJ and not really sure how I feel about it. Might exchange it for one of the other washes
i really wish the darts weren't put in to the BD cuts, and they were just cut slimmer instead. i think they visually ruin a lot of nice shirts if you aren't wearing a layer on top.
 yes it is, and yes it does
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