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I haven't received a confirmation yet but when I called customer service after I placed it, they said it went thru and they gave me an order number.
I clicked checkout and it kept waiting, and now it's stuck on a blank white screen. Is that what happened to you?
Never look at a watch as a financial investment. The only return my watches offer me in the enjoyment of wearing them.   If you want to minimize the cost of owning higher end watches, buy used and they should hold their value fairly well (provided the brand is desirable). Your only costs become the servicing and I guess the opportunity cost.
Is there an ETA on the other popovers and tees?
This lunar dust edition of the Speedmaster is pretty sweet. I'm not sure I'd buy that particular watch if I was looking to spend $12k but that doesn't take away from how good it looks.  
Go with the Explorer 114270. I'm in love with mine. It's just about perfect if you are looking for a versatile and understated higher end watch.
Lowered price to $160 shipped!
 I agree 100%. I don't wash anything on hot. It's just that we were told the popovers have extra fabric to account for the shrinkage that is going to happen when you wash them. It came off as these will inevitably shrink to the normal fit. I get what you're saying and I'm not trying to be nit-picky. I just think the message could have been clearer when we were told they would shrink. I think it would have been better to say "Wash the shirts in warm/hot to shrink them"...
 This is why people are constantly confused. So the shrinkage that is supposed to occur on the popovers is only when you wash hot? That specific detail was never mentioned before. It was just said that they would shrink to the normal WvG sizing after a wash or two. 
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