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neck is better on the latest batch of tees but the fit feels slimmer and shorter. I probably should have sized up
 Your customers aren't the same people buying Brunello Cucinelli. Your clothes may be on par or better than the brands you cited, but as you very well know, marketing is so much in this industry. The visibility of your brand is not on the same level yet. You sold a bunch of memberships to people who were interested in the price range most of your clothes were in. I'm not sure why it's a surprise you don't sell enough $450 sweaters in ONE day. I think you're overreacting to...
There is just a major disconnect between what you think your customers would buy and what they actually want. The pricing has become astronomical, and while I'm sure the fabric is of the highest quality, the garments still lack interesting design and a distinct look. People who spend that kind of money on clothes usually want something more unique.   To conclude that your customers are only waiting to grab everything on sale is probably wrong. This was never the case...
Looks like cropped jodhpurs are next up https://instagram.com/p/52SPmzGT5Z/
anybody receive them yet?
Ordered sidezips on the 28th with no tracking yet
is it confirmed they are shipping out this week? i haven't heard anything from lian
are they true to size? usually a 38R in jackets but only the 38S is available
I got a tencel bomber recently and I have seen the light
how much? 
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