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 Yeah I'm just wondering if the shirts were cut to account for the shrinkage so that they will end up like the typical WvG size. 
Are these new linen popovers/shirts going to shrink a lot in the wash?
Are we getting a Uniqlo Duster?
Same with me. I like the oversized fit on these tees
 Just got some in a 31 and they are 6.5" I like them quite a bit. Nice stretch to the material which makes them comfortable but I don't think they stack well. For the price it's pretty solid.
Damn I had the black white button down in my cart but someone stole it
How much shrinkage is expected on these fabrics that have been used for the popovers and the regular plackets?
Blackwatch flannel back in stock
Got the Segment in navy. Nice piece but I upsized and I don't like how it fits me in the waist.    Probably would let it go if anyone wants it (large)
edit: nevermind
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