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  I think I have my eyes on this. I was surprised to see the prices these sell at secondhand and think they offer great value for a great complication.
Do the JE x Gap jeans stretch a lot?
Anyone interested in the blue Segment jacket in a large? I bought it for like $120 from Carson Street and its been sitting in my closet untouched
the newsletter is just an e-mail saying this is what's available now. being a rewards member doesn't get you first picking at the stuff on the website. releases go up on the same day and same time
Are the new tees cut short like this last batch? I was a fan of the longer cuts on the batch that was previous to that one.    Also does the weight affect the drape?   I would vote for having everything on sale now
I think the only difference is the BD has darts, which can be removed and turned into a AD shirt.
 can you elaborate on how baggy they are? did you go your normal size? what is the hem
Anyone have any experience with the JExGap jeans? I wish they posted measurements
who did you call? a physical store or their commerce help?
Pricing? No front door to pee?
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