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 Just got the black sidezips. I'll echo what others said about the leather. It is softer than I thought it would be and very impressed with it for the price. I will definitely be picking up either the Jodhpurs or the Chelseas in the tan suede. Also, I didn't have to pay any duties (US)
When are the flannels going to be ready?
They are sent from China and the actual price is declared for customs
Where did you see that? I ordered a pair earlier today and never had to provide one
The suede options just became available and they are MTO right now, priced at $205. They aren't up on the site but if you contact customer service, they will help   Other suede options    
This is the tan suede option for any of the Story et Fall boots also 
Do you have any examples? I've been looking to get one just to change it up every once in a while
Contact customer service thru the website and they will help you out. They aren't officially up on the site as they are MTO  I believe.
The go to advice is "buy the seller, not the watch"Do your research and establish credibility before you make the purchase. The watch may look legit, but the movement could be different or have different parts in it.
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