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how is sizing on the suede bomber? 
Anything is possible! (if you're willing to buy her a diamond ring)
Anyone have any recommendations for JLC dealers (domestic or international) with regards to service, pricing, support etc? I would typically buy preowned but someone is gifting me this piece and they would prefer that it is new stock. 
The delays are frustrating mostly because of over promising and the complete lack of centralized and unified communication from Mauro to his paying customers. I understand that there's another party involved (factory) and these things can happen, as I have seen it many times in dealing with suppliers. But the way to alleviate some of that frustration is to communicate clearly and timely on what is happening. I have never felt I was going to be defrauded by WvG, but I can...
Holding off on ordering until I get my other stuff. It's been 4+ months of waiting and no updates of when they'll actually be delivered. Receiving a summer shirt in fall/winter is now pointless.
How about summer linen shirts and tees?
So our summer shirts are just now starting to get made (which means delivery when it isn't summer) because some people couldn't get their order right? Dumb dumb dumb.
Robert Geller black flight pants in 48 in new condition (no tags)   Just bought it off eBay but they're too baggy for me. I will consider trades for a 46 if anyone has it, otherwise listing it at what I paid plus 5 bucks to cover the shipping. 
Any one have a 41 in the new taupe sneakers they want to trade for a 42? 
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