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Make some offers please!
i took off the toe taps immediately because of a fear of scratching flooring. i've been very satisfied with the boots although i do wish they were as sleek as my cemented ones. i guess lian is fixing that though.
i'm done cluttering this thread with it. if you want to carry a conversation about it, then PM me
The complaint wasn't about the price increase, but moreso about the response. Saying you're a luxury brand and to take it or leave it is not the correct response to that question. He could've owned the mistake or at least tried to justify it by saying there were some unforeseen expenses when I came up with that price. Instead of an admission of wrongdoing or mistake, he just boasted about his brand. That isn't how I've seen Mauro handle these things before. I'm done...
Oh lookey Mauro's personal friends are here to defend him.   Get a grip, its a legitimate complaint. Customer experience is severely lacking in this brand, and this was just another example of why. Just because people save money doesn't mean they're all willing to put up with shit.
 That wasn't the point, but thanks for the breakdown.   I know what a small business in consumer products deals with. I have my own.
 Sorry but this is a really weak response to someone asking why the actual price was 25% higher than the price you posted 2 weeks ago
+1 on the henley pricing. 
the tees drape decent? post up a referral link and we can all save
It's USB-C. Cables and adapters will be ubiquitous 
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