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 Yeah its between a Royal Oak or a JLC Moon for my next watch. My ideal 3 watch collection would be 1. A vintage Rolex (probably a Daytona)2. Modern sporty/dressy watch (RO or Nautilus)3. A simple and pure dress watch
I can't wait til the day I have a Royal Oak in my collection.
The drape on the shirts is pretty awesome. You can't go wrong.
They're only restocking size 15 and up LOL
Any durability issues with the Dungarees? Thinking about getting a pair
Damn, need those turq/green ones STAT
+1 for tanks
 Not questioning your business practice or philosophy! As long as they keep their shape and the collar doesn't stretch out too much, I won't be complaining. I love the fabric and feel of the tees though. I'm always in a tee and jeans so I'll be needing more
The tees are incredible. Really happy with my first WvG purchase. I hope they hold up well!
What about compared to the premium tees?
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