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Offer up!
just got the indigo tees. might pick up some more stuff when they inevitably go on sale
Big fan of the new JLC master chronograph
it's insane to me that people would put designer clothing on a credit card and carry a balance. i have always felt that the greatest weakness of our education system is the lack of personal finance education.
i liked the tencel ones. wish they still stocked those.
Safety is a legitimate benefit (not as much for me, but definitely my lady) and the behavior of both drivers and passengers tends to improve because of the review system
Have a burgundy hooded villain in large from the first season it was produced. The one with gold zippers.   PM me reasonable offers and I'll accept
Yes, mine is like that as well
Did anyone's double linen shirt get cancelled?
Anyone get their bamboo soronoa tees? The colors are much lighter than what was on the website.
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