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anyone have any experience with the skinny stretch selvedge denim?
I got one of the 48 Emile's also. Hopefully it doesn't run large, but if so, I'd be glad to Trade for that 46 or sell to someone here
Love the micro tencel briefs. Used to only wear the Airism but those have been mostly replaced
I have a new burgundy gunpatch sweater available if anyone is interested. Letting it go at the sale price I bought it at which is a steal
Theres just something very cool about a mechanical watch that can provide daily utility for a lifetime, and more. Not many possessions in your life you can say that for.
Looks like cropped jodhpurs are next up https://instagram.com/p/52SPmzGT5Z/
anybody receive them yet?
Ordered sidezips on the 28th with no tracking yet
is it confirmed they are shipping out this week? i haven't heard anything from lian
New Posts  All Forums: