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Are the sweatpants on ruleofnext the S14 fit?
In general, I think the sentiment on GO is pretty positive. I can't speak from experience because I've never handled one, but I rarely see anyone knocking them. 
Sorry for what Mauro? They're good prices. I've been eyeing that Camo jacket for a while. Can't wait to get it
I'm thinking of getting a leather and/or suede strap for my Explorer 1 but don't know where to start. Has anyone seen any particular straps or materials that look good with an Explorer?
Just to clarify... everyone who preordered is automatically in place for the new fabric unless they want to cancel?
 It's crossed my mind also
I'd like to see some pics of people wearing this amunzen fabric and their experiences with it   Also what's the ETA for the pre-order and when are orders going to stop being taken?
were the tees cut shorter this round? 
Consider mirrorless if you're looking to get a new camera
 Yeah I'm just wondering if the shirts were cut to account for the shrinkage so that they will end up like the typical WvG size. 
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