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Really not into all these prints. Hoping for more interesting fabrics instead
yeah but colors are out for the small-medium sizes   would appreciate pics and/or review of those dry stretch sweatpants if anyone has them
I did mention this thread to Lian, but he wants to keep his service and communication a bit more personal. I don't think he is interested in aggressive growth at this time.
It fit decent in the shoulders and chest but was really loose for me in the waist. I don't have a stark to really compare it to. I am a medium (38) with an athletic build. It feels like a normal large to me. I can get measurements for you later tonight if that helps
how does that pupal fit?
I think the cemented ones were already done and he just kept a stock of them so they were able to ship out immediately. I think the production batches are for the new good year welted ones
The calf leather was surprisingly nice for the price. I mainly bought them as some beaters to wear when I'm out at night   This was basically my intro to wearing sidezips/chelseas so I'm not the best person to really compare the fit and last to other options.    After ordering them, I received them within a week. I was afraid I was going to get hit with a bill for duties, but there wasn't one (US). The packaging was also great and they came with shoe bags. I don't...
What are these new dry stretch sweatpants? http://www.uniqlo.com/us/product/men-dry-stretch-sweatpants-138643.html#09
wait so are birthday codes still a thing? because it is my birthday month
I have a pair of the black cemented sidezips and placed an order for the latest batch of tan chelseas.    Lian has been extremely helpful and very quick to answer any questions. 
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