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Yes, but depends on price and how the fabric looks
 you could be clearer on what collars are available and up to how many inches you can add to body and arms
Can you specify what adjustments can be made on the shirts? This was not clear at all during the process.   I made my order but I hope I can change some things 
I wear them all the time and I haven't
Safari has sucked in Yosemite but everything else is working great
 thanks. what color would you say it is? on the website it looks brown and your pic makes it look charcoal grayish
is there a better picture of the color of that suit?
The 36mm Explorer 1 is such a great watch. It was my first entry into luxury watches and I don't see myself ever selling it
  I think I have my eyes on this. I was surprised to see the prices these sell at secondhand and think they offer great value for a great complication.
Do the JE x Gap jeans stretch a lot?
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