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What's surprising about a guy promoting the platform he is using to sell some clothes?
because they're in debt (payables to the brands) and they aren't generating enough cash to pay it down.
size up 1 or 2 on the supima tees?
are there any leather options besides black?
Sure, but y combinator isn't really bringing in the types of companies predominantly featured on Shark Tank.
Until this last season, the producer was given 5% equity or 2% royalty on operating profits just simply for being on the show. I imagine for some of companies, the exposure might have been worth that price, but it also screws over a lot as well. But that exposure could lead to better sales and/or different investors who may be willing to cut a check.
can't find those cashmere knits. was it a price mistake?
Do you have any pictures of the Lichen bag?
It's all relative, constructive criticism usually promoted by you asking why you don't have enough customers/sales. Great product can only take you so far. I know you know this.
Make some offers please!
New Posts  All Forums: