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When these boys are not in use, would it make sense to use a shoe tree? Or would that sap some of the moisture out of the leather?
Waiting for mine with bated breath. Have the Obenauf's oil, LP and the Lexol cleaner.   Here is what I'm getting in terms of care thus far:   Initially: Oil on the soles, uppers, wait a few days, then apply the LP.   Ongoing: Clean/Oil on a weekly basis with everyday wear. These boots will spend a max of 20 minutes a day outside (depressing, i know). Don't think i need to reapply the LP more than every few months.   Any decent video tutorials out there on...
New to posting, but have been lurking around for a while. Attending a wedding in warm weather and recently picked up a very light (almost looks khaki from far), striped grey blazer to wear. I'm stuck as to what pants to wear though. Thinking of going white shirt, knit tie, and walnut shoes/belt. Would a navy be appropriate? light blue? Any and all help would be great. Thanks
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