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I own two suits from Proper Suit and they are both fantastic.  I went for upgraded fabrics, at $750 and $850, and they are definitely worth the cost.   Highly recommended.
Enjoy the fitting. Their shoulders are very nice, really lightly structured. Check out this review I found, they have nice detailed shots of the suit.   I ordered my second one last week, and from experience it's a 4-5 week wait.
      I have dealt with the guys at Proper Suit, they were very professional and I'll be ordering another suit from them this week.   No full shots unfortunately, but you should get a sense of the fit, which is spot-on.      
I'm surprised with all the Mont Blanc negativity. I have a vintage MB 149, and it is one of the nicest writing pens I have ever used.   On topic, pens go in the jacket inner pen pocket.
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