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 Have you checked out the Fall'13 stuff? This current season we made a lot of non-denim versions of both. I have corduroy in the reed, an over-dye in both the reed and ryan fits in a few colors, and I also have the ryan in an unlined wool in both grey and tan. If you want, you can email me and I can figure out what sizing I have available in any of that stuff. My email is DH@baldwindenim.com. Let me know!
I would say they are going to be around 12oz - I didnt get a chance to try on a pair of them in my size, but eyeballing a different size seemed like they were about the same. I thought th quality seemed pretty good though - I would prefer it to the fabric they sue on their regular selvage line.
I don't typically suggest sizing down any further than that which will allow you to button the waist - but in my experience, the Kaihara does stretch considerably. I have that fabric and it isn't super heavyweight, and it didn't take long to notice a good amount of stretch in the waist.Hope this helps! You'll love that fabric - it breaks in wonderfully.
The resin rinse is designed, at least to some extent, to help retain the color and keep it darker longer. Because it has been rinsed, the fabrics reaction to long amounts of wear or frequent washes will be similar to dry denim, but with less drastic results. That being said, I'd wear them a ton and wash them only when they need to be. It's a great fabric, and they will break in awesome!
The aforementioned black denim will be around 14-15 ounces, and we will have a few 14 ounce indigo selvage runs coming through later this fall. Not sure what mills right now, but I'll keep you updated.
The current Henley Blackout is non-selvage. It is an indigo to black over-dye which I've enjoyed wearing quite a bit. We do, however, have a few black Henley options in selvage denim in the pipeline. They are technically slated for early spring '14 but I will be sure to give everyone a heads up if try are going to drop in-store sooner than that.
Hey everyone, just wanted to introduce myself! My name is David - and as a disclaimer I do work for Baldwin - but I just wanted to let you guys know I will be around to answer any questions you've got about fabrics, design, fit, etc. I work closely with our production team and handle all of the products on a regular basis, so hopefully I can provide insight when needed.
New Posts  All Forums: