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Hey all, I just purchased a Wine/Plum colored sweater and am a bit confused on what to pair with it.. Say if I wear a white shirt underneath what color pants?... Something like Medium Brown or Gray? Thanks...
Hey guys, I just picked up a new Plum Colored sweater that and am a bit confused on what to wear it with.. Does anyone have any experience on pairing it with either Light Brown or Medium Gray colored pants and which one looks better? Thanks..
Hey guys, its my first post in here but i've been reading around the forum for a few days and needed some advice.   I recently graduated and am going to be starting work at a Big 4 accounting firm in Charlotte in a few weeks so I'll be wearing alot of business casual. Its a fairly conservative workplace but I still want to make sure I dress sharp but nothing to flashy. I'm 6' 4" 175lbs so I understand fit is pretty important for me but I was wondering if you guys had...
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