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You won't pay a dime. Chill
Things are only taxed when they clear customs.Items transit all over the world. Check out the path of mac laptops!
You need to post to France...
Mine just shipped
Attempt to convert the table.40L (me) is 98.
I went for a belt as I need more, a bag as I love bags and needed a weekender, a Lazio plain grey which would fill a gap in my wardrobe, and a blue Washington jacket for the summer.It is less appealing than last year, but tbh their normal offering is so good so... outlet should always be just a lucky punt.
That was an expensive lunch break.   They had that amazing green/blue check tuxedo... awesome but a bit too bold for me.
I've only ever participated in one outlet and it's never the current or lost recent season; they go years back. Not necessarily a problem but don't expect that suit or jacket you liked from last season. No returns seems fair enough at the prices they offer. Wouldn't make money otherwise. Their policy is so good anyway—Im sure many people routinely abuse it.
 Agree completely. I try a fair few of their suits per year; but I have only managed one outlet run (they don't seem to do a UK one). I also saw a few things I liked on the US outlet appear on eBay at full retail prices which I thought was just taking the piss.
Impulse buying is fine, but when I see people trying to make money on eBay when people would genuinely have bought and worn a discounted outlet item, I get a little snarky.I dunno. It just cheeses me off.
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