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Hey @MrTopCat, and @pomor, yes, I do have this suit. It's kind of flannel-y but not properly thick. I can probably find out the weight if you'd like me to look inside? It's very soft indeed and fit me nicely off the rack without any adjustments required to the jacket. It's probably one of my favourite purchases as the jacket is so versatile.   And no I've not been on here much of late - I have many outfit combos that I could post on here but I won't be buying anything...
Their customer service will know...
3 suits and a sport coat. Pleased I finally got some outlet action.    Pics to follow.   Meanwhile, here's my mohair/silk havana:         and the houndstooth havana:     And the Napoli pinstripe:       And yes, I realised I had the "Dior" on show after looking at the photo, and subsequently rearranged ;)   Can't wait for my next haul!!
I'm going to buy one of their dinner jackets (tuxes to most of you lot) when the time calls. Unfortunately, I too don't walk in black-tie circles.   Today, I'm all SS:     And I've since adjusted the PS. I always seem to do so after taking the photo—I'll work on that.
 Boggi shirt (picked up off eBay for cheap to see if fit & quality was any good, and it was, so I bought some direct from Boggi as @davidazio kindly suggested).Suitsupply Napoli grey pinstripe (the one that comes in separates, I believe. In this suit I feel the canvas a lot more than my others, maybe because the fabric is so soft.   Not yet, but they sent me this: 
 Funny you should say that—after the photo I completely redid my pocket square to more of a puff-fold... much smaller and less "out-there". First time with that PS and that suit, so please forgive me. I just fancied something different to my default white linen. The tie is the SS silk linen, in navy, which is beautiful to touch. Possibly my favourite tie. I cut off the label as it was in the way, and can't find it on the site, but if you PM me I can look harder through my...
Yeah don't shorten.
Lovely @MrTopCat — I recommend either a plain knit or a dotted tie with that. A big stripe might work too though...   Here's a bit of a dump from this week so far:          
Buckle use with monks—too tight to slip off/on comfortably/without damaging the shoes.
Details on the tie? Nice outfit.
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