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Model number?
Sorry that wasn't so helpful!They're lovely. I have the jodphurs from an MTO.
It will look good.Without white balance, photos in the wild aren't so helpful. In England, the light is often so poor, for example.It's a lovely colour.
Hope this doesn't annoy anyone but I can't edit my post on mobile and this is my best @spoopoker impression
Friday tieday Suitsupply suit Tom Ford tie Dior PS Meeting shoes Charles Tyrwhitt shirt @thesuitdr on instagram FYI
Understand.Could be a British thing, could be the weather, could just be me... but I think it worked. Went for heavy textures.Appreciate the comments
 cheers! Perhaps it's the photo. The SC is flannel as is super soft, and the waistcoat is quite a malleable tweed. I should take a full body shot next time as it really isn't constraining at all. In fact, it can't be, for my job.
Anyone selling any 40L or 42L please let me know
Too many people are 10UK
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