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 Hi greger. Thanks for your comments, I really appreciate it. I have returned this suit, as you say, it's simply not for my posture/build. Unfortunately, this is the only OTR option that this tailor has, hence my interest, but they're a fully bespoke tailor (ex. Saville Row and beyond my current budget for a suit). The trousers were actually adjusted and fit really nicely (at least they felt nice).  There's a local tailor in the small town in which I live, who mainly does...
 Weird thing? There's a white stitch over the button hole because it's brand new... Thanks for the feedback. I'm returning the suit.
First nato. I have it, and love it.
I just thought the whole look is very feminine. The QoS "Kazan" coat was basically perfect.
 Yes, it's off the rack. I think I'll have to return it.
 Already have; no luck so far. Need an answer soon as I want to strike whilst the iron's hot.
Constructive comments on my new suit jacket (trousers are perfect). I need to know what to do.     Changing the shadows so you can see details (ignore colour).   I don't feel it looks so flattering to my athletic physique, but am I just swayed by recent fashions?     Is this just sleeve pitch?     Or should I try 44L (shown is 42L)  
Please delete
New suit; this is 42L. Trousers are 34 and fit perfectly (side tabs, to boot). Was told a 44L would be far too large for me in the chest, but I think that unfortunately this jacket just isn't going to work. Nothing can be done to fix it, can it? I'm really quite sad about it as the suit isn't cheap and it was a birthday present to myself.   Note: colour is actually navy (midnight blue knit tie); enhancing the shadows to show detail has turned everything much lighter, so...
Another shot of my Speedy :)  
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