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Another shot of my Speedy :)  
That looks fantastic, Mr. Moo :)
Thanks; I think I will be getting this later in the year :)
Lovely! What strap is it?
Gorgeous IWC, Epaulet.
Looks nice! As for temperatures reaching 40C... well, I'm in Tokyo, and I can assure you that in summer, many days at 39.9C were recorded each summer for the last few years ;)
Thank you all for your nice comments about my choice of a speed master as a first watch. I absolutely love watches, but good ones cost a little more of course I'll get a leather strap at some point; maybe a black first. BTW, it has a nice display back Does anyone else live in Asia, or Japan? I'm thinking leather straps in 40C heat and humidity might not be a great idea!
Bought my first "real" watch on Sunday, almost a week in. Loving it.       Have a good weekend, all!
Would anyone care to help me on this? :)
Further to my last question, I have another.   I tried on a couple of jackets today, and you can see the 'dimple' at the shoulder and i was concerned about the rear vent over my arse:           Now, I have pretty larger shoulders and triceps, so the sales assistant suggested i try a suit with a very natural shoulder pad (basically none) and it completely eliminated this dimple.    I like the idea of a nicely shaped shoulder, then bringing...
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