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Their customer service will know...
3 suits and a sport coat. Pleased I finally got some outlet action.    Pics to follow.   Meanwhile, here's my mohair/silk havana:         and the houndstooth havana:     And the Napoli pinstripe:       And yes, I realised I had the "Dior" on show after looking at the photo, and subsequently rearranged ;)   Can't wait for my next haul!!
I'm going to buy one of their dinner jackets (tuxes to most of you lot) when the time calls. Unfortunately, I too don't walk in black-tie circles.   Today, I'm all SS:     And I've since adjusted the PS. I always seem to do so after taking the photo—I'll work on that.
 Boggi shirt (picked up off eBay for cheap to see if fit & quality was any good, and it was, so I bought some direct from Boggi as @davidazio kindly suggested).Suitsupply Napoli grey pinstripe (the one that comes in separates, I believe. In this suit I feel the canvas a lot more than my others, maybe because the fabric is so soft.   Not yet, but they sent me this: 
 Funny you should say that—after the photo I completely redid my pocket square to more of a puff-fold... much smaller and less "out-there". First time with that PS and that suit, so please forgive me. I just fancied something different to my default white linen. The tie is the SS silk linen, in navy, which is beautiful to touch. Possibly my favourite tie. I cut off the label as it was in the way, and can't find it on the site, but if you PM me I can look harder through my...
Yeah don't shorten.
Lovely @MrTopCat — I recommend either a plain knit or a dotted tie with that. A big stripe might work too though...   Here's a bit of a dump from this week so far:          
Buckle use with monks—too tight to slip off/on comfortably/without damaging the shoes.
Details on the tie? Nice outfit.
  The colour isn't accurate, but this unline mohair-silk havana is super versatile. It's replaced my old uni qlo linen jacket as my go-to navy jacket, and the fit is great. It also doesn't really crease, which is one reason I have kept this and took a punt vs the traveller fabric. It also looks very very dark when at evening functions, which gives it a nice cocktail feel.
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