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 I have a Napoli, 40R - do you think I should get a hudson in 40R or 42R? I think I tried on a Havana and though it was lovely fabric it wasn't as good a fit... Thanks!
Wow. Might be an ideal fit for me...Shame as I just bought a blue Napoli. Maybe when they do this is charcoal I will pull the trigger!
 I don't find him strange, because he seems like a complete stereotype tbh :)
 Well, he is in SPECTRE.
All of the suits are Tom Ford, not the rest of the wardrobe exclusively.
 Hi greger. Thanks for your comments, I really appreciate it. I have returned this suit, as you say, it's simply not for my posture/build. Unfortunately, this is the only OTR option that this tailor has, hence my interest, but they're a fully bespoke tailor (ex. Saville Row and beyond my current budget for a suit). The trousers were actually adjusted and fit really nicely (at least they felt nice).  There's a local tailor in the small town in which I live, who mainly does...
 Weird thing? There's a white stitch over the button hole because it's brand new... Thanks for the feedback. I'm returning the suit.
First nato. I have it, and love it.
I just thought the whole look is very feminine. The QoS "Kazan" coat was basically perfect.
 Yes, it's off the rack. I think I'll have to return it.
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