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Where can I find a bomber jacket like this, either real leather or fake, with the fur lining?  I saw it in "Tonight You're Mine" worn by Luke Treadaway and had to have one.  It's distressed dark brown leather or faux leather, with fake fur lining, belt at waist, as depicted below in the attached photos.  Any suggestions are most welcome--thank you very much for any advice.                       .  
Gents, sorry for all the flame throwing...just wanted some advice on the old grey suit...can't we all just get along?   The event is the opening of a week long business conference in Baltimore, MD, in a major hotel.  The dignataries are from the Dept. of Justice, and they'll be in blue suits and red ties.   I expect the cameras will be rolling.  Still, I like the casual look at cocktail parties...but agree that formal is the way to go.  Thanks for the helpful...
I am attending a professional conference next week and the first event is a "welcome" cocktail party at 9 p.m., On the guest list are several clients and dignitaries.  I am wearing a slim fit medium grey suit and want to use it on the first night.   What should I wear as a shirt/tie combination?  Should I even wear a tie?  I am thinking of an Armani black dress shirt under the medium grey suit, no tie.  Salesman at Louis Vuitton says I should wear a lavender dress...
I will be in the Washington DC/McLean area next week and wonder if there are stores that specialize in or carry some really nice Chelsea boots.  I am looking for a pair that is long-nosed, rock-n-roll, and edgy, plus another pair that is more suitable for prime time.  Thank you in advance for any suggestions. 
                                        I have a two great pairs of black dress monks and cannot decide what to wear to a colleague's wedding.  One option, which I disfavor, is a medium blue suit with the monks, either double or single strap submitted in the attachment.   My other option is a slim, black Zegna suit with a white shirt.  I am concerned that together with the black double monks, I will look like Zorro.  This could be...
I am going on a business trip to Athens next week, anticipate some free time, and was wondering if any of the members could advise me on what to wear to the dance clubs.  Is the denim /tee shirt ensemble unacceptable?  Thank you in advance for any response.
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