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100% Agree.
Does one need to modify their measurements when going from cotton trousers to wool, and vice versa? I currently only own a pair of cotton twill trousers from Luxire that fit extremely well so I'm wondering if I should expect the same fit in a wool counterpart. Thanks
 So if I understand correctly regarding various lapel widths on your Benjamin models: Naturale Nuovo               - 8cmNaturale                         - 9cm(older model) Naturale? - 9.5cm  Thanks for your help in this regard. I'm just trying navigate on your site to understand each models/styles.
X-Post: GF GMTO NST Burnished Chestnut on Soller. They are darker than your typical chestnut which I actually prefer. I'll post a better pic when I get home.   
GMTO NST Burnished Chestnut on Soller has arrived. Quick office pic. Thanks Steve!   
 I told myself I don't need anymore boots so I was focusing on getting a nice oxford MTO. But man those are making me change my mind. Congrats
 Nice! 946 Last???
Do I detect the lapels are wider on the Basil green melange jackets compared to other Benjamin or Lardini sport coats? Also, are the shoulders unconstructed? Many thanks for your help!   http://ehaberdasher.com/index.php/new-arrivals/benjamin-sport-coat-38r-6.html
    Thanks gentlemen. I'm not super concerned but still figured I'd ask just case. Carry on...
 The shoe itself. I just tested it sitting down and very slowly flexing my feet. Thanks
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