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 Thanks for the photos.1. Did you go with your normal suit jacket size?2. How thick/warm does the material feel? I thought about pre-ordering that but I think I'll just wait until it arrives in store to try it out.
  I'm wearing their brown leather double monks as we speak. I've had them for 2 years with a lot of use. They arent terrible but certainly not worth the $300 retail I paid for them. Then again two years ago there weren't a lot of options for brown monks in that price range. They crease and crack like crazy just before the cap toe part but they do hold a wax shine extremely well and the rest of the shoe still in great shape. Also they are blake stitched and several times my...
What percentage is due on Pre-Orders/Restocks? I know for GMTO 50% is due but I wasn't sure if full amount was required or not for items that will be restocked anyway. Thanks
For pre-orders of the 973 Scotch Grain Chukka, whats the ETA for when they ship? If someone mentioned it already pages back I can revisit them.
I'm so conflicted at the moment as there are so many awesome shoes out there and I'm only budgeting for one.   -GMTO Chelsea Mid Brown (Currently in 1st place ha) -GTMO Chukka Mid Brown -And now I see those 973s on GF's site which @budapest12 is wearing. Those look amazing.   The hard part is trying to decide what I need the most. 
Wow what last are those on? Awesome.
 Looks like either Lazio or La Spalla.
 What is "Timo's" SF profile name and does he have a blog? I want to reach out to him about SS's MTO Program. Thanks @Monkeyface 
@Kent Wang   Is the restock for your benchgrades and handgrades still on schedule for the end of August?    August seems to be a popular shoe month for a many individuals and I want to make sure I've put aside funds to purchase a pair.   Thank you sir!
When you compare the quality of service to other Affiliate Vendors it's a bit discouraging. Unless I can visit their shop in person I think I will just pay the higher price (and quality) of other brands.
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