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One last question regarding purchasing Vass at their Budapest shop, do they offer VAT deduction forms for those visiting outside of the EU? Thanks in advance.
 I haven't tried on or seen the TG73 in person so I can't comment, sorry. Perhaps one the GG heavyweights can chime in. 
^^^^Holy moly. And the MH71 last in F fits me extremely well. What is the closing date if there is one? @Ironist 
Thanks @Pliny for inducted me. I had no idea this thread existed. Cheers  
I might have asked this before but what sort of models and styles can one expect at the Vass shop in Budapest? 
Is the extremely roping of your right shoulder just because you're holding your camera?
Can anyone who has purchased any of the Wool Rich fabrics share their thoughts? How do they drape, do they crease much, and are they scratchy at all? Thanks
   Both of those look great and are exactly would I would consider getting in my next order.
Thanks @ShawnBC   I can measure the collar points when I get home but off hand I'm not sure. For reference I'm 6 foot 175lbs. A long time ago I saved an old copy of the Lux spreadsheet which had reference links to Timo's collar.   Regarding the fit of your trousers particularly in the rear and thighs, all I can really say is that truthfully body shape plays a role in how pants will fit and drape. It definitely appears your pants need to be let out a bit but I'm also...
X-Post from WAYWRN   Luxire - Classic Oxford: Brown University Stripes (Timo BD V2 collar) Luxire - Light Tan Twill Chino trousers  
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