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Currently in Madrid. Our apartment we rented is about a 15 min walk from Carimina. I have all my ducks in a row ha...
I tuck the flap of the ticket pocket into the pocket itself on my two Washingtons. Now the third pocket just looks jetted. Problem solved. Well almost ha.
Shoe polish.
I know Meermin used to source from Ilcea Radica but last I checked they haven't mentioned where their latest museum calf was being sourced from. To be fair John Lobb and even Kent Wang mentions in their shoe descriptions where they source. I just assume if a brand doesn't reveal their source then chances are it's probably not from Ilcea Radica. Only when it comes to shell cordovan am I very picky where it's sourced. Pretty much it has to come from Horween LoL
Cow/Calf leather is so ubiquitous that I doubt most people care where it was sourced. I actually feel places like Meermin are pushing to inform customers of where their leathers were sourced in order to gain market share and build it's reputation among new customers. The more well-known and established brands probably don't need to do this.   P.S. I don't think Carmina is expensive at all but rather a tremendous value. I guess I can blame SF for changing the way I...
Silly question to those who have visited the Madrid storefront:   Are the styles and stock advertised on Carmina's online site a good representation of what's in the actual Madrid shop? The online store doesn't have many selections left on the Rain last in size UK9. Just wondering if what's on their site gets shipped directly from their factory/warehouse or from their physical retail stores.   ...looking at you @Shawl Lapel    Thanks
Whoops I mean 65 Last for the Strands.
So I have pair of AE Strands (5 Last) on 10D (Medium)  What is the general consensus on the Eagle Country - 2 Last?  Should I go with my regular size/width? I'm not really sure I seen a straight forward answer on here yet but apologize if there was and I overlooked it. I'm asking because those Navy EC are very tempting, especially if we dont have to pay until when the shoes are actually ready to ship. Thanks
 100% absolutely agree.
^^^^^^^^This. Even on non-working button holes it's going to look disproportionate if the tailor doesn't shorten from the shoulder.
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