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So many GMTOs from several brands going right now, along with G&G MTO waiver. My wallet is hurting.
 Broke and Bespoke Button Down Collar, or Timo BD V2 are a good places to start. There is a Luxire Collar Spreadsheet floating around where you can see examples.
With the recent boom of "iGents", I'm surprised SS hasn't offered anything similar in style to the Jort at a lower price point.   I like the idea of wider lapel jacket (Hudson) with only two patch pockets (Havana) and a lower button position (York).
X-Post from SkoAB   StC BCK 076 Suede  
 Co-sign. With my last two pair of boots having suede shafts, I can't go back to shell, calf, or even grain shafts. Suede is just too dang comfy. However, I also don't wear suits everyday.
Maiden Voyage StC  
 Hehehe why I did read that in a sarcastic undertone?
Full vote for Dainite now lol
 In for Oak Grain or Havanna Grain uppers, and Coffee Suede or Mink Suede Shaft. Closed welt. Dainite (1st preference) or Ridgeway. No commando. EDIT: Would be nice to close on this GMTO end of October to have a fighting chance for early February arrival.
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