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Hi All,   Can someone please explain the difference between fused and unfused interlining, and which fabrics they work best with?   I know for OCBDs people prefer unfused and unlined collars, and for crisp white shirts to be worn only with ties that a collar with structure makes sense. Beyond that I'm a bit lost. Thanks.
 Send me pics fool!
@NAMOR that is the best color representation I've seen of red/brown suede. Thank you sir, as I'm looking to do another MTO in that color.
Is there a specific reason why Tudor gets praised over its design elements and not Steinhart? True, Tudor is like 3 times the price but it seems Steinhart constantly gets flagged for ripping off Rolex. Just curious.   EDIT: After a quick search on google and doing some minor research, I now understand the history and heritage of Tudor. Carry on...
Sheeeeeeeeeyat those boots are lovely. The U Last compliments that style so well.
 You've specifically purchased 8-10 "Benjamin" ties from eHaberdasher, or you've simply purchased a variety of brands from the site?
 Hello sir, I did not. Reason being is after looking at my current rotation I realize there are significant gaps in my "essentials" wardrobe. I really need to focus on revamping all of my odd trousers in classic colors.
 As a photographer who works in the industry, I can tell you that technique, composition, and lighting are far more important to the quality of a photo than just the camera itself  
 My exact sentiments. I'm looking to do another Vass MTO but I'm waiting first to see what Skoak offers to determine where my money will be going.
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