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Always nice to see the Natural Ecru Hopsack out in the wild.
 To be honest I actually had a similar impression upon delivery. My Rust VBC have a similar hand and weight as my two pairs of Woolrich trousers. However, the VBC are at least marginally better in both drape and wrinkle resistance. I'd say they are worth the $30 extra over the Woolrich. 
 41.5 Most people are taking the same size in F last as their typical British (or Spanish) brand.
Has sizing already been discussed in regards to Deco versus MH71?   I'm a 9.5F in MH71 and it fits very well.
Which color of StC would be closest to GG/EG Oak?
 Yes. All my shirts have a lowered 2nd button by a half inch. Works very well.
I'm literally in the same exact delimna. Despite the suits and jackets I've had made through a local MTM shop, I ultimately love the fit of my Luxire pants the best. Now if Luxire can just replicate the fit and details of my jackets then we will have a game winner.
I may have asked this before but, are people generally taking the same size from oxfords to chukka boots?    My Armfields are 9F, and my Moores are 9.5F. I'm wondering if Radwells in 9.5F would be too loose, although I'd lose some width by sizing down.
 That collar though. Reminds me of Timo BD V2 which is my default collar for BDs.
@ShawnBC will be interested in that light pink university stripes when it arrives. That's next on my list.
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