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@europrep  Is there fur on the sole as well, or just the sides, vamp, toe box etc?
UK9 in Robert last (boot) UK9.5 in Rain (Shoe and Boot) A lot of people go down one full size from their US size for Rain and only a half size for Simpson. Because I only went down half size for Rain (which fits awesome) that means I should take my US size for Simpson. That doesn't work for my feet as Simpson would be fine in width but too long overall. My vote: Rain ha
 Awesome collar sir! Which collar and/or order number did you reference, or is this a stock collar design? Thanks
 Nice! How would you say the quality of leather is in comparison to other brands?
 Oh wow, that might be a game changer for me. Thanks for the info!
Are a lot of folks in here getting their shoes with toe taps, either from the factory or local cobbler? I'm just curious thanks.
That GMTO closed like Oct 12th so mid to end of January I assume.
 Double Aunt Andre.
 Please enlightening me before I assume I understand what you mean.
Has anyone tried to duplicate the collar shown on TSBMen / Articles Of Style ?   http://articlesofstyle.com/35694/the-power-collar/   Shirt is from Angel Bespoke...   /
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