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Has Meermin pretty much done away with adding new RTW shoes from their LM line?
 You are correct. My interchanging of the two is simply out of carelessness and laziness.
 I am wearing Woolrich trousers in tan as I type this. Good drape, wrinkle resistant, and good for all but the coldest of days.
 Sorry, that was a question originally intended for @mw313 and his green StC.
I'm still trying to figure how to pair green into my regular wardrobe rotation. Greys? Navys? Browns?
 I would like to know as well
 I 100% am in favor of this.
 It's a beige and green with a red weft woven underneath. My inspiration to commission the fabric for a suit was based on a great article written about the fabric from No Man Walks Alone: http://nomanwalksalone.tumblr.com/post/87704194756/solaro-a-failed-experiment-gone-right-by-david Hope this helps!
Thank you sir! My wife shares your same sentiments as she's also of the fairer skin heheThe suiting fabric is solaro wool from Caccioppoli.
Brown Grenadine  
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