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Thanks @peppercorn78 . I didn't realize there was a plain brown calf so I did a search and found these:   http://www.sartoriale.com/products/vass-budapest-u-last-1069-brown-calf-leather-derby-dress-shoes-42-5-new-us-9       
Does Vass offer any color resembling GG/EG "Oak"?   I'm in need of a mid-brown shoe and I'm not sure Antique Cognac really fits that look. I already own Gold Museum.   Thanks
 I have this fabric in both the default dark navy and a medium wash. The dark denim was stiff until about the 3rd wear and is currently breaking in nicely. The medium wash was extremely soft upon delivery.
 I've worn mine for about a month now. The color has faded ever so slightly in the elbows and collar due to the nature of indigo, but personally this only adds to the charm of shirt not really meant for business wear.
More elongated than U last, but not enough to size down. Personally speaking that is
Oh em gee those suede ones
Any photos of the Burger last in the wild?
What last are those Miller's on?
 Personally I would start with a white twill or pinpoint. The collar style you choose will also determine the versatility of the shirt.
 Those are on my list for the F/W actually. Is the fabric more appropiate for outdoor wear or can they also be worn in the office?
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