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 Ah yes. I didn't think about the lead time it takes to create the pattern based on my measurement input. As long as they get here by mid-May I'm happy since I don't plan on wearing off-white trousers anytime soon. Really I'm more eager to see how they fit so I can put in a bigger order to revamp my trouser wardrobe. Thank you sir.
 My biggest gripe these days especially when going to the "mall" is quality and fit. Rarely does anything fit me well off the rack and the markup on suits, shoes, ties, ties incredible. I saw a $200 tie yesterday at the mall and it felt more like a $40 tie. $200 can get you a MTO 6 fold tie that not only is superior in quality but also drapes better. Just one minor example.
That's lovely @Anden   I placed my first trouser order this past Sunday for a pair of off white chinos for the summer. I based my measurements off an existing pair of pants I own and made adjustments for a higher waist and slightly more accommodating thighs. Hopefully they ship next week and if all is well I think I will make a similar order as your in terms of ordering a few staple trousers at once.   In this day and age of online customization and quality, the need...
 Nope. Checking out the Hudson in-store at both Chicago and NYC shops you can barely notice the shoulder "pleats" on the Hudson if at all. I'd say the Hudson is a cheaper alternative to the Jort when it comes to fit and lapel width, but not in shoulder aesthetics. 
 Congrats sir. Initially I missed not having speedhooks for speed and ease, but having all blind eyelets really adds the sleekness of the boot. Plus my pants/cuff no longer get stuck as they do on my other boots with hooks.
Excellent service is all I can say :)
  Of those two, which last do you personally prefer? I've actually been eyeing both shoes for a couple months now. The 724 Last on the Moores look great in certain photos but in others, the toe looks a bit off. Perhaps it depends on sizing. Thanks
And today is payday...
Hi All,   I'm sure this question has been beat to death but is the UETAM last significantly lower in the instep than the RAIN? Rain last fits me very well and I struggle to find a proper width loafer that will also accommodate a higher instep. Thanks
I can smell the GG St James II (or III) in Chestnut being released soon...
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