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 You take the same size in both? I was under the impression Olfe was a narrow last similar to Carmina's Simpson
 Co-sign 100%. On the positive note, the wrinkle resistance is very good. 
I am completely out of ideas on what to order next
 No. And depending on what you're buying the SF discount is better.
  Thank you gentlemen. I originally bought the 48/38 as that's my typical sportcoat size but I was swimming in it. Sent it back for the 46/36 and all is well now. Still enough room in the shoulders to actually wear a sportcoat.
Green Ulster  
@watchidiot YIKES! Those are marvelous sir congrats.
After 4 suits from Suitsupply I have thankfully moved on. Not exactly for the reasons stated above but rather because when you factor in SS's alteration costs you are now in MTM territory, which is a more compelling option for me. Also the employee turn over rate at the Chicago location seems to be rather high. Every single one the SAs there that I've considered great at their job have moved on elsewhere to do better and great things. To me that speaks volumes about the...
 Thanks. The nap on the suede is soft but the overall thickness of the shaft feels thin (no pun). That necessarily isn't a bad thing especially regarding flexibility and break in period.
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