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 Depending on when you guys come here to Chicago I would be interested in visiting. What are the prices for sportcoats? I noticed your website has been down (at least for me) for a few weeks now. Thanks
To any of my American SFers who have traveled to Budapest can you please message me? I have a few tourist questions for you. Thanks
EDIT: Redundant post sorry.
That looks awesome. Nice job @tstfung !   I was searching for AF Moore in Chestnut and apparently that is also is difficult to get a hold of. Now if AF made a Moore in Oak or DOAK I would be forced to buy it.
 I just received them so I won't be using anything for a while. When the time comes though I'll use a little bit of Reno and clear wax which is the similar treatment I use for museum calf.
 I don't know why that made me chuckle...
Sorry for the watermark.   
  6 weeks for trousers - Was that for a new or existing pattern and was the fabric in stock?
I use Saphir Renovateur and little oxblood wax on my Paul Evans shoes with zero issues. Why the heck are people so quick to use Saphir on their newly purchased shoes though and how hard are you rubbing? Unless you're wearing the same pair of shoes daily (which is never recommended) through miles of urban jungle you should be fine for a few months before initially needing Saphir. I'm curious to see pics.
FWIW I just received my bill from FedEx for import duties on a pair of Carminas I bought from their site 2 weeks ago. The shoes were about $315 and the import fee is $22.50 US. Still cheaper than Allen Edmonds combined lol
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