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 Thank you sir!  Can you comment on jacket length? I own two Havana suits myself (which I no longer wear) and these days I find the jacket to be a tad too short for my tastes.
Can anyone here offer sizing suggestions or comparisons of the Bella Spalla jackets to any of the jackets from Suitsupply? Thanks in advance.
 1000% agree.
COT DANG!    All these chelsea boots I'm seeing recently across SF are pushing me to kop a pair of my own.
The first GMTO wave of CS Field Boots should be dropping hopefully soon!
 As an owner of a Havana suit in 100% linen, I would highly suggest getting either a wool/linen or wool/cotton blend over full linen. If wrinkling bothers you even in the slightest capacity you will regret full I do.
 Excellent choices sir! I regret not purchasing more from the BF sale, especially since I woke up early for the specials. However my rotation of office attire is filled so I passed on the hourly deals :(
 Looking at these MTOs for money will be gone in 60 seconds. Sorry, I had to use that terrible pun eventually. From one Chicago gentleman to another.
Your efforts are well appreciated!
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