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 The Soller last is also wide as rain. We just closed a GMTO in here for a Soller lasted split toe. I took the same size in both.
 Hey @NOBD do you by chance know/remember what the collar point measurements are on this one? Thanks
 Thank you so much for your info. I'm glad I waited before ordering my 2nd set of shirts today. Duly noted.
@emptym (or anyone else): What is the difference and relationship between interlining and fusing? I see the importance of lining/reinforcing the collar band (which I will do with my next order) but I'm confused as to how each aspect contributes the overall firmness of the collar band and actual collars (soft, medium, etc). Time to Google.   Thanks all!   EDIT: A quick Google search answered my question. So the interlining is the piece of fabric between the collar....
  Sky Blue Oxford - Longflower Collar (Modified w/ 3.25" points). No Tie Spacing, Shoulder Shirring, and 2nd Button Stance Lowered by 1" (Ledbury Style), Top Button Added.   Lustrous Fine White - Luxire Default BD Collar modified by Adolesco. No Tie Spacing, Shoulder Shirring, and 2nd Button Stance Lowered by 1".   My shirts arrived today. Took only 5 biz days to make and only another 2 biz days for shipping from India to Chicago. Incredible. Thoughts: I submitted...
   All I did was specify fabrics, my own measurements, and collar style based on previous orders within the Google Doc. The reason I ask is because on one of my shirts I ordered the "Longflower" collar which didnt include fusing or interlining details in the Google Doc. The shirt looks good but I assumed the collar would be more sturdy but instead it has no fusing or lining. Obvious this is my own user error but going forward I wanted to be sure how I can approach this...
Hi All,   When ordering your shirts specifically based off previous orders, are you still specifying how much fusing and interlining or is it assumed to be the same?  @evilmerino  @ammanati Can you guys chime in?   Thanks
On both of my Washingtons, I simply tuck the flap inside on the ticket pocket.
@luxire   Hi question,   When sending a garment to replicate measurements, would I mail the garment to Edison NJ or all the way to India? Assuming the offices are open of course.    Thanks in advance
How much was the suit btw? Looks splendid.
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