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 Howdy sir. Did you already take delivery of these? I'm curious to see more images of the wide lapel in the wild.
 iirc, Conrad won't be focusing on shantung ties again anytime soon.
 http://custom.luxire.com/products/grandi_calliope_b_00045_00501_fine_twill_white Definitely worth the price. In fact going forward all my dressier twill shirts will be from G&R. Smoother hand and softer feel out of the box than the lower priced twills.
 Yep. Order #16478 (Rubinelli Twill White)
Modified NOBD II Collar - taller band and increased collar points.  
 I have that same shirt with a similar collar. Extremely versatile. Nice choice sir.
Yes I understand that, thanks. But his RTW jackets state: "but if it doesn't fit you perfectly, return it and we'll make you a new custom jacket."So if a RTW jacket cost $495 and it doesn't fit "perfectly" can one return for a custom jacket for the same price or would a MTM upcharge be incurred? That's my question.
When you purchase a garment from KW that doesn't fit well, KW mentions you can send it back and have the garment made to your specified measurements. I'm assuming this would incur an added MTM fee correct?
Measure twice cut once.
I immediately insta-kopped two ties.
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