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Just paid final invoice for my Chestnut St James II (New Design) 
 Ha indeed. I spent my evening last night watching old episodes.
 Awesome! Ive been eyeing those but they are just a bit dark for taste. Fantastic shoe regardless.
 Chestnut Split-Toe in Soller last.
  Yep. I paid 50% invoice on a GMTO from GF over 5 months ago. Still no delivery date :(
With the dollar currently being strong against the Euro, there's is much competition for shoe brands especially at the $400 mark. Then you when factor in the culture and amount of discretionary income among SFers it becomes apparent very quickly that customer service will make or break a company's success on SF. I haven't dealt with Paul Evans' customer service so I can't really comment on it but I can say the quality of their shoes is good. I'm just torn between the tone...
In addition to the jackets (Im a 38R), any time ETA on the Soller Chestnut (Tan) Split Toe? 
So much awesomeness...in one thread.
 Oddly enough I can only access the website for my phone. Thanks for the info
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