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First post here. Decided to wait until I received my suit from a new MTM shop here in Chicago. The usually affair: Full canvas, Neapolitan shoulders, patch pockets. etc.   Outfit Thoughts: 1. The purple in the PS is much more subdued IRL. 2. Yeah my tie is crooked ha.  3. Overall not sure if the patterns and hues 100% work but it's a start    Details: Suit: BLVDier (MTM) Shirt: Suitsupply Tie: Sarar PS: Vintage  
 Even with the EB's MTO fee they still offer a tremendous value. Personally the 15% fee isn't whats keep me from ordering...it's trying decide on their overwhelming choices ha. a $75 upcharge isn't going to be a deal breaker.
@steveyoo1983 Any updates on our Chestnut Split-Toe Soller GMTO? Thank you sir!
I always thought the Jort and La Spalla were the same, no? Initially they released the Jort (in the US) then changed the naming to La Spalla. And then they released the Jort Collection....
 I only tried on jackets for both Jort and Hudson. I wouldn't be surprised though if the rise on Jort was higher.
I am very much jelly @justinkapur Congrats! 
 Trousers are especially difficult for me off the rack. I have athletic thighs but a smaller waist. Athletic calves but small ankles. It's a nightmare trying to find well fitting and well proportioned pants while also getting quality. So what i did was buy a pair of cheap slacks and had them tailored to fit well so I could have Luxire replicate. Problem solved.
 Ah yes. I didn't think about the lead time it takes to create the pattern based on my measurement input. As long as they get here by mid-May I'm happy since I don't plan on wearing off-white trousers anytime soon. Really I'm more eager to see how they fit so I can put in a bigger order to revamp my trouser wardrobe. Thank you sir.
 My biggest gripe these days especially when going to the "mall" is quality and fit. Rarely does anything fit me well off the rack and the markup on suits, shoes, ties, ties incredible. I saw a $200 tie yesterday at the mall and it felt more like a $40 tie. $200 can get you a MTO 6 fold tie that not only is superior in quality but also drapes better. Just one minor example.
That's lovely @Anden   I placed my first trouser order this past Sunday for a pair of off white chinos for the summer. I based my measurements off an existing pair of pants I own and made adjustments for a higher waist and slightly more accommodating thighs. Hopefully they ship next week and if all is well I think I will make a similar order as your in terms of ordering a few staple trousers at once.   In this day and age of online customization and quality, the need...
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