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What would be the GMTO price on these, when is the 50% deposit due, and is it leather or dainite sole? Sorry if this was already addressed earlier. Thanks all. I'm trying to weigh all my boot options for this upcoming F/W
 @Leaves When you mention these will be similar to the ones stocked in the fall, do you mean similar in style, color, and last? Also, about much will the stock models be and what is the ETA of arrival? These look wonderful and I am looking for a black boot. I can of course email/message SkoatAB if need be. Many thanks sir.
THOUGHT SO, but I didn't want to assume. Can't wait for them to restock my size. Thanks
Brand?? Looks great sir
  @steveyoo1983 I mean these same exact boots for a GMTO except on the RAIN last 
If we somehow did a GMTO in that exact brown suede calf boot on a RAIN last I'd be in immediately.
Hehehe oh I know. What I meant is I currently have other random gaps in my shoe collection that I plan to hopefully fill at Carmina. A ruby shell boot is not one of those gaps LoL but it could be at that price. Gotta prioritize mang!   Expects pics for sure, at the risk of appearing like an overbearing tourist.
Dang it, these are my size too and that last works with my feet. If all my funds wasnt tied up in my planned visit to splurge at Carmina's shop in Spain next month I would very be interested. GLWS (unless they're still for sale after I return)   Son of btch
That wool-cashmere-silk Navy Blue Plain Hudson looks awesome. Might be a great F/W sportcoat. Of course for the same price you can pretty much buy a full suit from Suitsupply :(   I've been really considering trying out there MTM service for a winter suit. I wonder how it stacks up to the Kent Wang equivalent. Then again with SS you can actually go in person to get measured which is a major plus.
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