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 I actually keep a personal ongoing log of all my measurement tweaks for this exact reason.
 What was the MTO turn around time?
+1 On the DFW. Well worth the price tag IMO and my light gray pair have been a workhorse. Amazing drape.
 You joined Styleforum just to say that?
Budapest is a wonderful city to visit. I'd actually consider Vass shop as a bonus after the architecture, thermal spas, and uhhhhh women.
 Good morning Sir! August 16th appears to be the magic date so let's plan for that. I'll send out an official post later. I'm wondering if we should RSVP a table or just hang out by the bar.
Definitely a thicker interlining/fusing and/or a thicker fabric.   I've experienced those same wrinkles on my Luxurious Fine White, but not on any of my oxfords.
Has the delivery ETA already been mentioned for the first batch of watches?
Couple weeks ago I happily spent St Crispin money on a pair of shoes for the wife. While she rarely ever interrogates me regarding my own shoe purchases I still feel that "hush money" in the form of women's shoes ensures it stays that way.
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