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I really love the Havana cut as it fit's me the best off the rack more than Suitsupply's other fits. I only get the middle seam in the back of the jacket "pinched" a tad but the sleeve length and everything else is spot on. I wish they made a navy wool full suit version without the patch pockets but oh well. For reference I'm a 38R, 175lbs, 6,0" with slightly longer than average arms. Yes there is some minimal bowing in the lapels (maybe because of the pose?) but...
  Frig I wish you guys told me the opposite because I'm trying to find an excuse NOT to purchase those Cherry Moores hehe. Free shipping, 15% discount, 20% VAT deduction, and lasted shoe trees from AFPOS is just too good to pass up but I'm trying to save my money for a pair of Carminas. Decisions Decisions...
Besides being more elongated, is the 724 Last on the AS Moore narrower with a lower instep than the 109 Last on the AS Armfield?   I have a pair Armfields currently but with my higher instep and somewhat flat feet I'm worried the Moores wont be as comfortable and closed laced. Thanks
 Looks good sir. Cheers
Pics or it didn't happen.
Hmmm I'll keep that in mind when i visit as I am also a 9UK myself. I already know the New Ray last is outta the question as it's probably too narrow for me. Hopefully I can score some suede monks and some fall boots. Thanks for your experiences.
Yikes, in that case maybe I should visit Meermin first before I stop by Carmina LoL
I've worn my fully linen Havana for an outdoor wedding when it was 90 degrees out. No problems with overheating and certainly no issues with the trouser lining.
For those who have visited Meerin's shop in Madrid, what was their selection like? I'm just wondering if I should wait to pull the trigger on a pair until I head there. Save myself the troubles of long shipping times and import duties. Thanks
To my U.S. peoples who've traveled to Spain and visited Carmina's retail shops:   1. What is the VAT situation if I purchase a pair of shoes in store? Is there a 20% VAT discount that I can get reimbursed like in London and Paris?  2. Are their prices slightly cheaper than Skoak/GF/Epaulet/LeatherFoot for similar shoes? Yeah the US dollar is bad right now for Euros but I still assume non-Carmina sites have a markup. 3. Which shop(s) should I visit in Barcelona and...
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