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  BOOM! That actually is my shirt from an order which I received a week ago. Excellent turn around time btw and Luxire always impresses me with their attention to detail. Now that I've finally dialed in my both my shirt/pants measurements and collar preferences, ordering going forward will be an even easier process than it already is. Next up I'm gonna try my hand at ordering either a sportcoat or winter overcoat. Thanks again @luxire @LuxireStudio 
 Actually here in Chicago a buddy of mine was the MTM Manager at Suitsupply until he opened his own MTM/Tailoring shop back in the fall. His prices are about the same for a fully canvas suit (made at the same factory as SS) but his understanding of fit, knowledge of suiting, and overall customer experience has been far better for me than SS. Plus having the option of CMT is important personally. One thing I really appreciate about SS though is they're almost like the...
@bm93 What is the close date of the boot GMTO?
I hesitated posting this because ultimately my opinion matters very little and is quite subjective, but I stopped shopping at Suitsupply about a year ago and never looked back. Designs, craftsmanship, and pricing of SS is great but where they fall short for me and apparently lot of people is fit. With the rise of MTM tailors and places like Luxire who can manufacture pretty much everything from coats, shirts, and sportcoats it became clear to me SS no longer is a...
@Linjer Sorry, the measurements I posted were for the BG bag.    What will be the final size for the Linjer weekender? Thanks
I currently have a weekend bag I bought from Banana Republic last year that is holding up very well. I would love to upgrade it to a Linjer bag but I can't seem to find the measurements of the BR bag in order to compare sizes. Just hoping the Linjer bag is larger in volume.   EDIT: Google is my friend. 22x15x10
  Soooooo very....tempting. At $250 that is a great price for a decently made summer shoe. I remember when I bought my AS Cherry Moores for $299 during Haberdash's Outlet Sale. EDIT: I realize these aren't from AS Exclusive Line based on the soles. No way these are worth the retail price of $525 when AFPOS sells AS Exclusive Line for the same price. Still even at $250 I'm sure these are better quality for the price than, say, Meermin.
 You and me both sir. I woke up to a delightful one this morning.
How many participants on the Kudo Jumpers and what's the price?
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