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Eidos DB Ulster
I'm listening...What color leather?
Well I don't know about you gentlemen, but I like the beta site...  
I can not scientifically prove this, but I believe all my hand-welted shoes are more "drafty" or "airy" than my Goodyear welted counterparts. Single leather soles that is.   What I mean is that especially in cooler weather my feet seem to get colder faster and stay colder longer in hand welted than Goodyear. Has anyone else experienced this?
 Cosign. As long as you're willing to go through the trial period of getting your measurements down, Luxire will remain a compelling deal for a long time even as the cost of doing business rises.
Couple of questions for you fine gentlemen:   1. How dark (or light) is Vass' oxblood in the wild?   2. What wardrobe color combos are folks pairing it with?   Thanks in advance
 LoL send me a PM with pics and price. I'm assuming you're a 9.5
What are people wearing their EG Galways with?
 Dude you just gave me an "Inception" moment. I have a CMT jacket made up in Fresco 0533 Dark Blue but I never really thought to add matching trousers for a full suit. Didn't realize Luxire actually carries that fabric, and with the 20% off is basically a no brainer to order trousers. Thanks man.
It always tickles me when disagreeable (and entitled) newcomers join SF and voice their concerns in the affiliate threads.
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