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Are people typically sizing down a half size from Rain to Soller? Just wanted to make sure I wasn't the only one.
Hi All,    This might be a silly (and obvious) question but how would you compare the quality of Ezno B's leather versus Carmina? Better/Worse/Same?   Thanks in advance.
 @Spandexter @Oscar Hunt What fabric is this called? Birdseye? Pick? I'm asking because I'm looking to have a suit made in a similar texture. Thanks guys.
I bought a pair of Green Repello Suede D-Monks back in September from their Madrid shop. I've worn them probably about 10-15 times and they have began to squeak where the balls of my feet are, when flexing. It's not a squeak like a door squeak but more of a subtle "crunch". Not sure if it's the insoles or internally. Because of the price and the fact I didn't have to pay for shipping or customs, I'd say this isn't a deal breaker. Just being informative. On the bright side...
 Beckett Robb in both Salt Lake and San Fran.BLVdier in Chicago - Just opened and the owner is a former Suitsupply MTM manager, brand name fabrics (VBC, Reda, etc).Soren Custom in Toronto - Their site is a little over the top for SF members but the quality and options are plentiful.Kent Wang in NYC. For the record I own 4 SS suits. Paying $500-$600 w/tax plus alterations becomes less of a compelling argument when for another $100 tops I can get a fully MTM suit from one of...
Several MTM shops have been popping up around the US which are making Suitsupply a less viable option when you consider customization, fit, and the extra you pay in alterations. 3 years ago Suitsupply was top dawg in the price range but I think other companies have caught up.
Wow those look great. What size are those and how is the quality the rubber soles? Thank you sir
I'm curious as to if anyone stateside has received their shipment yet :)
Hi All,   What has been typical turn around for trousers? About the same as shirts? I have a pair of pants I'd like to send in to have the measurements duplicated and I tried to research in previous posts.   Thanks
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