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Those buttons need to be darker, but then again this is Suitsupply.
Subscribed. Styleforum never ceases to amaze me when new Affiliate Vendors come onboard to provide more options to the consumer. That brown grenadine is looking lovely and I do agree a selection of green ties would be splendid. Thanks!
yep......we need that "Jealous" button ASAP. Cant wait till next week :)
Congrats sir. I bought those same shell boots from Skoat a year ago. I wish I wore mine more frequently :(
Amazing shape and depth of color.
Styleforum needs to add a "jealous" button.
Correct me if I'm wrong but when it comes to pre-orders the prices are locked in but not the exchange rate right? Here's to hoping that the strength of US Dollar doesn't severly plummet in September. Those Shannons are looking lovely.
 Waiting for my confirmation as well. I'm sure it will be soon :)
I own both Carmina and Magnanni. As soon I bought my first pair of Carmina I stopped shopping for Magnanni…immediately.
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