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Thanks @RogerP and @Chawk806   I've never been a chukka fan but both G&G Aaran and AS Radwell have a certain appeal to me. Perhaps due to their level formality. For a chukka anyway...
 I'm quite flattered sir, thanks! And I also appreciate our exchanges via Instagram. Got a wedding coming up soon and I was looking for a more affordable option versus going to my local tailor. That light gray flannel Lazio has been on my mind for weeks. But the super structured shoulders are a concern...
@europrep Excellent. Do you wear your chukkas with a sportcoat or just trousers and a shirt?
Sleeves way too short
  Thank you gentlemen. I own several SS suits (none of the Lazio variety however) but it's been a of couple years since I've actually bought anything from the brand.
Question.   Which is supposed to be more "fitted" the Washington or Lazio?
I was anticipating Luxire offering fall promo code like last year. Guess will have to wait until the Thanksgiving promo. Looking to prepare my winter wardrobe.
Chicago store has gone to rubbish, but thankfully I'm told corporate is bringing back some of the original managers to revamp the overall shopping experience.   I once seen a SA actually try to convince a conservative (assumingly) 50 somethings gentleman that a plaid DB suit would be a good idea. Regardless, I still believe that MTM (non Suitsupply) is a more compelling option when you're already paying $600 plus $100 in alterations.
Judging by all the wax caked in between the broguing and punched holes I'd say too much wax was applied.
 Lovely! What size suit are you? I'm trying guage the proportions of the lapel width.
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