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 I'm assuming the name brand fabrics (Albini, G&R, etc) run a higher chance of delays due to ordering from their respective mills, than the luxire "house" fabrics correct?
 My most recent order was two weeks, but typically I've been experiencing four.
Gentle reminder for tomorrow evening's meetup   What: Chicago Styleforum Meetup Location: GT Fish & Oyster Date: Tuesday 8/16 Time: 5:30pm – Open Ended   No need to take roll call here, simply stop by if you can.
How does one communicate to their dry cleaners in regards to maintaining the 3/2 roll on a jacket? I've had cleaners in the past press a jacket thinking it was a hard 3 button. Thanks in advance
 Lovely! I have a jacket made that fabric.
Hush money comes in all forms. Including designer shoes and bags.
  This is the wool version. Picked up the fabric last summer from Caccippoli.
I plan to spend hours meticulously and carefully considering my outfit...to appear as #sprezzatura as possible.
Blowing the conch shell for all interested participants, as next week will be here soon.   What: Chicago Styleforum Meetup Location: GT Fish & Oyster Date: Tuesday 8/16 Time: 5:30pm – Open Ended   I prefer not to make a reservation since most places will probably require some sort of deposit or minimum. This may cause some issues in regards to space but I can’t imagine a Tuesday evening being overly crowded at the bar. We can just keep our time together casual and...
Always nice to see the Natural Ecru Hopsack out in the wild.
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