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 Excellent choices sir! I regret not purchasing more from the BF sale, especially since I woke up early for the specials. However my rotation of office attire is filled so I passed on the hourly deals :(
 Looking at these MTOs for inspiration...my money will be gone in 60 seconds. Sorry, I had to use that terrible pun eventually. From one Chicago gentleman to another.
Your efforts are well appreciated!
@saurabh You are on fire this week! How do you like the fit?
A failed attempted at matching 0533 Minnis Fresco from two different tailoring companies. It's a rather long story but never again    MTM Fresco Jacket - Local Tailor MTM Fresco Trousers - Luxire MTM Shirt - Luxire Shantung Tie - Conrad Wu Shell Bal Boots - Carmina  
@saurabh What size are the shell chelsea boots? I'm just trying to get a visual. Also what size and width are you in G&G MH71?   Thanks
I noticed the Burger last isn't available in the Carmina Customization Tool. I wonder if one could simply include those details in the notes.
Good god almighty those chelsea boots are terrific.
Not sure how those passed QC.
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