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 Best decision I ever made...
CS Field Boots for the win!
 Correct. They are different weaves.
 I would love a war zone in black actually... EDIT: Whoops, found it lol - https://luxire.myshopify.com/products/warzone-black-twill
@unclesam099   I own the Chestnut Split toe derby / Soller / Leather Sole from the original GMTO.   They are an amazing spring to early fall shoe, but if I only had one pair of split toes I'd probably pick the brown scotch grain. Much more versatile and dainite sole for all season wear.
X-post from SkoAB   Style 645, BCK 076 Suede, Chiseled Last  
On the Herring Tregon, is the insole also lined in sheep fur?
Amazing! Can you comment on the color in regards to the shade and hue of brown IRL?
Incredible deal!
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