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That is a great looking popover shirt. I'm strongly considering having one or two of those made on my next order.
LoL my last 5 or 6 pairs of shoes have been MTO, so no complaints over here. I was simply commenting on the fact of how few F width people there actually are. So few that there's no economic sense for shops to regularly stock them.
 The photos I've seen have been unlined suede chukkas on the rain last. Can't remember if they were 3 or 5 eyelet configuration. Unfortunately they were a MTO or GMTO and I have not seen Carmina directly carry them in stock.
I'm honestly amazed how few F-width people there are in the world. It's shame I can essentially only get an F width GG shoe by way of MTO.
 100% yes. All my Luxire trouser including the pair I'm currently wearing today have side tabs and they work very well on all fabrics from wool, cotton, and even thick tweed. Originally I also included belt loops as back up plan but now a year later, I still have not worn a belt once. 
Thought so. Thank you sir.
 May I ask where this fabric is from? I believe I have the same. Thanks!
 Nice! Can you kindly explain how you rectified these issues? My next order will include a popover and I just assumed to use my same standard shirt measurements. Or is the challenge specifically for pique fabrics? Thanks
@luxire Any updates? The two examples on your site are confusing in color. Thanks!
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