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 I'm thinking SS has started to become too big and so they are cutting corners. They have been using plastic buttons instead of horn in their mid-range suits. They introduced "polymaid" blends intro their fabrics and yes the suit bags are a step down. I'd venture even to say their store experience and sales associates have gotten more "trendy" but this of course is subjective. All in all for me personally this doesn't really change much seeing that outside of MTO they are...
Lapel width proportion really depends on body type/size, jacket size, and taste. I wear a 38R and Havana's lapel width just barely passes for what I would consider "not slim". As mentioned though, I would prefer the width of the Hudson but the fabric selection so far is way better on the Havanas.
So the consensus is to avoid PayPal and use your credit card. Got it. I have 17 more days to make a decision about a EB makeup ha.
Which is of the EB lasts fits closest to Carmina Rain last? I despise my wide feet :(   Thanks.
Yaaay only two more weeks!
Can Skoat do multiple widths on GMTOs and not just on Pre Orders? I need F width. Thanks.
Hi All! I need some collar sizing advise. I'm looking to purchase a white shirt that can pull duty with a tie but mostly with a tailored sportcoat w/o a tie. I really want a nice collar that will stand on its own when unbutton. I'm 6'0", Athletic/Slim, Have a slightly longer neck, and typically the lapels I wear are 3.5" wide. Should I go for a hidden button down collar OR a collar that is fused in both the band and collars along with collar stays? Thanks
How does the RON (loafer) last compare to HIRO in terms of width? I have wider feet and a 9.5UK on HIRO fits pretty well. Thanks
Does Carmina offer any "loafer" lasts for wider widths? I will soon need a summer loafer shoe but most loafers are too narrow to look decent on my feet :(
I noticed the option to sort by prices specifically for shirts has disappeared?
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