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 EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEKS!!!!! Congrats sir. Deets on last and model?
Silly question but is "Chocolate" suede lighter/darker/same as "Dark Brown" suede? I'm trying to compare the various suede descriptions on GF's website. Thanks
 Antique Chestnut
 Carmina's NST isn't available on Rain. Sadly this request was shut down a several months ago along with a long winded debate on heel counters. It's only available on Simpson, Queens, Forest, and Soller last time I checked.
 Eff that jacket is SICK! I've been becoming addicted to this whole CMT thing. Perhaps my next jacket should be in something similar...
  Length wise they are about the same. Width wise Soller is slightly more narrow in the mid-foot but if anything they just feel more "snug" than "tight". 
Maiden Voyage. I wear a 9.5UK very well in Rain last and was suggested to get a 9UK in Soller last as it's more forgiving. The fit is definitely more snug than what I'm used to but thankfully the open lacing helps tremendously with my high instep. I think a 9.5UK in Soller would have been a tad to big.   
XPost from GF Thread  
100% Agree.
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