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 I've had stuff delivered to my office from Skoaktiebolaget and A Fine Pair Of Shoes with no duties charged. I'm not if the reasons is has to deal with the shipping carrier or the fact my shoes we sent to a big corporate office. Maybe a little of both???
I was actually interested in buying a tie from them, especially with free shipping.
How is the Uetam last compared other Carmina lasts? I'm a 9.5UK in Rain and 9UK in Forest. @RogerP @Shawl Lapel @NAMOR ?
Speaking of updates there appear to be at least two new Hudson jackets available on the US website.
 This would be my 2nd choice behind cognac. In fact if this color was "unlocked" I might consider change my color preference to this.
 They've been on their website for a couple weeks now but I guess SS finally made an official announcement. I don't think they look that good IMO and considering typical quality 7-fold ties can start well above $100+ I doubt the silk on these ones are all that great. Makes me wonder if some of their regular 3-fold silk ties cost $65 and in theory use less silk fabric, they probably had to cut cost somewhere to make the 7-fold ties more affordable.
My Armfields broke in after the 2nd or 3rd wear. Very comfy shoes even despite the last not fitting me perfectly.
 I 100% agree. 
 Same with Carmina's Split Toe Derby....only offered on Simpson last :(
So now that the $50,000 has been raised does this mean the initial production (purchasing raw materials, assembly, and fulfilling early backers) will now begin? Or is not quite that simple?   I probably should avoid this thread going forward this way I'll forget about the bag and just be magically surprised when I see the "Your Order Has Been Shipped" email a few months down the road.
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