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 Friend, what last are these on? The toe box looks too elongated to be U-Last. Thanks
Thick ones take more effort to fasten but have less risk of becoming unbuttoned unlike thin ones. Thin buttons look more visually appealing though IMO.
9cm all day...
 I get my shirts with Thin MOP Buttons. Doesn't cost anything extra.
 I'm not sure so I can't comment honestly. But even still, I imagine the price increases among other brands are specifically for US customers ordering online with US shipping addresses. I can't imagine EU retail shops offering a separate price sheet in-store for US travelers.
"But but but...Free Market Trade is the best system!" Until it back-fires.   Thanks Skoak Team for keeping us in the loop. I've been considering doing a EB MTM and it appears now is a better time than ever. Cheers
 Thank you sir. Yeah Carmina gave me the forms when I picked up some shoes in Spain last year. With the price increases for US customers I'm hoping to grab some Vass very soon. I'll be in Budapest in 4 weeks.
One last question regarding purchasing Vass at their Budapest shop, do they offer VAT deduction forms for those visiting outside of the EU? Thanks in advance.
 I haven't tried on or seen the TG73 in person so I can't comment, sorry. Perhaps one the GG heavyweights can chime in. 
^^^^Holy moly. And the MH71 last in F fits me extremely well. What is the closing date if there is one? @Ironist 
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