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Hi All,   What is Carmina's typical completion time for their web GMTOs? Is it the typical 3-4 months like single MTOs?   EDIT: Rather, is the 45 day production time legit?
 Vista blue stripes is such a great fabric. I actually need replace my current shirt in that same fabric, as it has become a wee bit tight due to recent strength training.
I must say the SF code and free shipping to the U.S. is such compelling offer. Such wonderful service by AFPOS
 As I look down at my Luxire trousers I'm currently wearing here at the office, I 100% see your point LoL
Are there practical benefits with 2 rows of buttons for the fly closure rather than a zipper, or is it strictly aesthetics? I feel like I would pee my pants by the time I finished unbuttoning all those buttons 
What month are we on now?
Hmmm interesting. I find the instep on U last higher than Rain.
 I'm a 9.5UK in Rain 43.5 in both U and F last
 Unequivocally false.
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