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Thought so. Thank you sir.
 May I ask where this fabric is from? I believe I have the same. Thanks!
 Nice! Can you kindly explain how you rectified these issues? My next order will include a popover and I just assumed to use my same standard shirt measurements. Or is the challenge specifically for pique fabrics? Thanks
@luxire Any updates? The two examples on your site are confusing in color. Thanks!
Indeed. They are in the regular rotation.
 Indeed! Wifey already knows that any international trip we take requires me to stop at least one (or two) shoe boutiques. Regardless of the price breaks or not I'm looking forward the in the in-person service 
Gentlemen,   For U.S. visitors visiting SkoAB in person are there any "potential" price benefits to making purchases in person rather than online? For example if I assume the SEK prices listed on the site to be consistent in shop, would I still get a VAT deduction form? I'm looking forward to trying on StC. Thanks
@luxire @LuxireStudio   Is this shirt blue stripes with grey stripes, OR is it blue-ish grey stripes with white stripes?:   http://custom.luxire.com/products/indigo_bengal_stripes     Thanks
 Holy smokes, I'm doing that on my next order thanks. SF never ceases to inspire me.
Thank you sir. I did have Vass burnish them, a last minute request which Rezso accommodated about 2 weeks prior to completion. Gotta love the service.
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