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I'm a 10US/9UK and I took a 9.5 on the hiro last.
Any restocks coming in either the benchgrade or handgrade lines? Thanks in advance.
Hi All,   Besides Carmina, any other decent mens shoe boutiques/shops in Barcelona? My wife and I are here visiting for the next 3 nights thanks!
I just arrived in Barcelona like 3 hours ago LoL. The wife and I will pay a visit there tomorrow. The Madrid store already drained me but hopefully I can scrounge up some of my remaining spending money on another pair of shoes. Will report back to you shortly.
  Stopped by Meermin in Madrid while here on vacation. On the right is the 101341 Rapello Verde on the Hiro last UK9.5. Rather than going a full size down from my normal US10 size I only went down a HALF size. Quality is good for a 160 euro shoe before the VAT deduction but it does look like they sanded down the suede a bit too far in some areas of the shoe. I know I'm not the first person to experience this but I just wanted to point that out. For the price and the...
  Stopped by Carmina in Madrid while here on vacation. On the left is the 10051 Marron on the Rain last. When I got fitted at the Leatherfoot in Toronto I swore I was a UK 9 in Rain but apparently I'm a UK9.5 in order to accommodate my flat feet and higher than average instep. I was able to get the lacing more "closed" with the 9.5 over the 9. Just to clarify, I only had to go a HALF size down from my normal US size. On the right is a shoe I picked up from Meermin (Hiro...
Currently in Madrid. Our apartment we rented is about a 15 min walk from Carimina. I have all my ducks in a row ha...
I tuck the flap of the ticket pocket into the pocket itself on my two Washingtons. Now the third pocket just looks jetted. Problem solved. Well almost ha.
Shoe polish.
I know Meermin used to source from Ilcea Radica but last I checked they haven't mentioned where their latest museum calf was being sourced from. To be fair John Lobb and even Kent Wang mentions in their shoe descriptions where they source. I just assume if a brand doesn't reveal their source then chances are it's probably not from Ilcea Radica. Only when it comes to shell cordovan am I very picky where it's sourced. Pretty much it has to come from Horween LoL
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