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Did the retail prices increase on AFPOS?
 As always, you have two options: 1. Buy a pair of inexpensive pants and have them tailored to your liking and then record the measurements or send the pants in. That's what I did. 2. Have a pair of bespoke pants made for you locally and then follow suit in option 1.
Suitsupply analyzes the volume of online sales from a particular city to determine where open their upcoming stores will be built.
SUBSCRIBED. Thanks @sprout2 
Is it me, or can you actually still purchase a shoe from their crowd-sourced MTOs even after the MTO window has closed and been completed? I noticed with those suede/calf bal boots that Carmina lets me "add to bag".
  Man this is awesome. Plus that is the exactly style and fabric I was considering having made. Concerning your measurements, what things would you change? For me I can always find overcoats that fit well in the shoulders but they are usually too baggy/boxy in the waist. I'm hoping to get a nice shape going the Luxire route. Thanks for the photo!
Has anyone had a winter overcoat made by Luxire? I'm tempted to have one designed for the colder months.
Question: Is the MTO service on Vass' site open the public now or is it only for returning customers? Thanks
 That might actually be the shade/tone of brown I've been looking for all along in my quest to finalize a EB MTO idea. Thanks @Leaves 
 9cm is my vote as with all my current MTM sportcoats.
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