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My dress pants have a fuller cut for drape and a higher rise to balance out my sportcoats. They would look completely like "dad jeans" if worn them with basic white sneakers and a t-shirt.My plan is a more tapered fit. Perhaps decrease the rise, hip, thigh, and knee measurements ever so slightly.
 I'm the same exact position you are with only having a dress pattern dialed in. Today I've been looking at some linen blends as well however I still need to have a pattern made for casual pants. 
 What collar is that sir? Thanks
May I ask why you take your shirts to the dry cleaners?
 Interesting. I never knew that was the case but then again I've been wearing leather soled shoes since forever.
 I've noticed the 946 last looks much better on larger sizes. In that photo I think the smaller size and wider welt makes them look 90s-ish I agree.
 To be honest the color representation on Luxire's site is quite acurate.
 http://custom.luxire.com/products/light-tan-twill-chino Good 4 season weight (in the midwest) and slightly lighter than the standard khaki in real life.
EDIT: My question has been answered privately, thanks.
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