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So the weekenders will be around $500 you say?
Can anyone please recommend an off white fabric from Luxire for S/S khakis? I'm looking to have a pair made to wear with sportcoats. Thanks in advance.
Chestnut weekender for sure.
I think that's normal actually.
I wish Carmina made a mid brown calf similar to EG's and GG's Vintage Oak or Cedar. Carmina's Antique Brown Calf is still too dark versus their Vegano Marron and their Cognac/Chestnut is too light.
 Being that I am also in Chicago, this makes me very happy to know.
Hi All, I'm headed to NYC next weekend. Any spots in the city where I can find Alden specifically an NST boot or shoe on the Plaza last?   Thanks in advance.
Does anyone know what the standard width is for Rain last? Is it E or F? There are some shoes on their site on the Rain last but is an EE width. Are these wider or more narrow?   Thanks
 Anyone know the collar length on the "Mercer" collar and is this collar listed on the spreadsheet? Thanks EDIT: Found it. Sorry, I should have used the search function.
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