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Chicago here: 5 business days
Of all the Suitsupplys I've been to which has been many, Houston was the least impressive.
Alfred Sargent Armfields. This is my first wear, but not before I gave them a good shine at the captoes. Beautiful 80 degree weather today in Chicago   
What about the Simpson last don't work for you and which lasts do work for you? I'm curious because I love the simpson last but I was told that last may not work for me either. I haven't been able to try on a pair.
Nice! Where from???
 Kent Wang??? Looks good!
 Thanks mate! I am 6'0" and 175lbs athletic build. I have slightly longer arms than the "average" but I personally like a little more shirt cuff showing so no adjustments on the sleeves. I'm a 30/31 waist but I have bigger athletic thighs yet the pants on the Havana fit very well off the rack. I just needed the waist taken about an inch.I also own two Washington cuts and oddly enough I had to do more alterations and slimming on those suits than the Havana. There was collar...
Ha thanks, I'm already married and so I'm just a mere groomsmen. The groom requested us all to wear our own black suits and of the brown/tan/burgundy dress shoes I own, I did not have a decent pair of black shoes.
Havana Houndstooth Linen Size 38R. I had the waist taken in, the pants hemmed and tapered, and the jacket slimmed just slightly from the back center seam rather than the sides. Button stance does not bother me at all.    
  VERY happy purchase. The leather is buttery soft and construction is SOLID. May 15th wedding here I come 
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