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Considering there is no upcharge for single MTOs that is a wicked price.
 You could always still do a single MTO...
 Thank you kind sir.
Once my first trouser order is fulfilled and initial pattern is made/saved, what has been the typical turn around time assuming the fabric is in stock? I have plans to order more summer weight pants however I'm waiting for my initial order (and measurements) to be fulfilled. Thanks!
 Nice! I am wearing mine as we speak. I have a solid month left before I'll need to pack them away till Sept. 
With FedEx being the only shipping option for US customers when using the promo, does this also mean import duties are imminent?
@Leaves    Will the brown calf/polo suede version of these that are arriving in May be in a similar style/design? Also will the calf be a dark or mid brown? Many thanks.
It's such an interesting ommision. A deal breaker for some.
I wish my foot would could fit UETAM last. So many great loafers... 
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