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Hi All,   For those of you who have ordered trousers in both cotton and wool respectively, did you have to make any minor measurement adjustments to compensate the properties of each fabric? I have a pair of cotton twill trousers which fit comfortably well and I'm wondering if I can just order a pair of wool trousers with the same exact measurements and expect a similar fit.   Thanks :)
What color would the edge dressing be on these boots?
For @Cleav . And no my pants aren't that high watered in real life lol
In honor of all this cherry talk, I think I will wear mine tonight....
 It's a bit rakish, but I personally wouldn't do it. I feel oxblood would be a better fit due its darker tones.
 Holy smokes those are AWESOME. I think my wife would love those. How does US Women's Sizes translate to UK? EDIT: I should have just used Google lol smh
Where can one find RTW Vass besides No Man Walks Alone and Shibumi? Just curious, thanks.
 Perhaps you should just contact them directly.
@hazwanazani What is Vass' selection like at their Budapest shop? Were there a lot of boots?
 Not sure if you're being sarcastic...
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