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Subscribed.   Are shoe trees included?
 For starters, pictures would be helpful to determine if the issue is related to fit. But chances are it's simply the leather that Meermin uses...which isn't known to be very great. But then again it's a $200 shoe.
Has anyone tried ordering a Dainite sole with a stacked leather heel and rubber bottom, instead of a rull rubber heel?
 Hmmmm...I think I would be quite interested in this make up.  @Leaves Does CS provide an approx completion time for such a orders? I know their patina service is a month.
Based on my own similar fit issues (with other brands) in the past the problem appears to be perhaps two things : -The width is too narrow -Pronation
Is the current website really that bad? Granted, this is coming from someone whose shirt and trouser measurements are dialed in so ordering is amazingly easy.
 Lovely! Will you be taking measurements from a pair of your wife's best fitting trousers? That is probably the approach I plan to take myself along with whatever personal adjustments my wife would like.
 I'd like to think most if not all trouser fabrics are gender neutral. With that being said, I've thought about having a couple pair made up for my wife. You can't go wrong with twill cotton or worsted wool. The difficult part though will be getting proper fit I imagine.
 Best decision I ever made...
CS Field Boots for the win!
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