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I stand corrected, thanks for the info. I wonder if my Havana is half-lined because it's part of their S/S collection or because it's full linen?
My Havana linen suit is NOT fully lined. In fact none of the Havanas in both suiting and odd jackets are fully lined...they are half lined. Mine is half lined in cotton with the sleeves being lined in I think either poly or Bemberg.
I wear a 38R in the Havana and off the rack it fit me exactly how yours does. All I did was had them pinch the sides and nothing else. You should golden after that.
TRUTH. I remember going up a half size when trying on a pair of Carminas in their Simpson last which is narrow. The shoes were okay width wise but were now way too long in the toes. Just don't it.
 I wish the lacing on my Carmina shell bals closed as well as yours. I have a high instep :(
What is the typical turn around time for MTO? Sorry if I missed this info on previous pages. Thanks
Thanks all. I figured it was at least worth a shot.
 WELL…in theory there's already us three at the moment so we just need three more. For me the most important aspects would be a suede/calf combo bal boot on the rain last, closed lacing with speed hooks. I'm open to burgundy, ruby, or mid-brown. Details such as single/double soles, lining, etc I am completely open to :) Thoughts? Perhaps we can pose this idea in the Carmina section?
I would absolutely love a MTO bal boot on the rain last. Perhaps a suede and calf combo.
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