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I like the way the Isham looks over the Hove personally. If I had to only have one split-toe it would be the Isham over the Dover
 What is your height and what size did you order? The lapel width looks great on you.
What is the sizing and width on the Uteam last? I wear a Rain UK9.5 thanks.
Those Edward Green Shannon in Coffee Suede are beautiful.
Those are incredible, happy MTO! I keep hearing Carmina won't do bal boots on Rain last but I've now seen two examples.
COSIGN. I feel so alone here in Chicago.
Purchased these 2 years ago. The leather used on these is excellent.
Bench grade Mid-Brown Captoes are back in stock!... ...and of course I just used up the rest of my shoe budget today, until 2015 :(
 He answered this for me last week: Order number is #9295, but I actually found the collar on tumblr here: http://notjustties.tumblr.com/post/93962980633/hi-there-impeccable-dressing-today-the-mtm-ss  I just quoted the number in the link but requested only 0.25 inch tie space and unfused medium lining.
I just placed my preorder for the G&G St James II Chestnut from Skoat. Looking forward to my first pair of G&G just in time for Spring. Thank you all for your help :)
New Posts  All Forums: