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 I'm bit confused as well and haven't received a clear answer (yet). I'm traveling to Budapest in a couple weeks so I'm planning to purchase a couple of MTOs in store but I'm concerned about future orders. Originally I thought the deal was as long as your initial MTO was purchased in person you could then, going forward, use their online site for future MTOs. Can anyone clarify?
You and me both actually. I'm just trying determine my budget based on all factors. Thanks
For U.S. customers,   If one purchases a shoe through their MTO program in person in Budapest, does this open the option to order future purchases directly from their site? Or are we still limited to using Vass' 3rd party retailers?
Hi All,   I'm traveling to Dublin in a couple weeks and wondering are there any good shops in the city to pickup a nice wool overcoat. Preferably double breasted. Thanks
 Thanks @TtownMD . You have been on fire with your helpful responses and I appreciate it. I'll assume you are simply taking the standard widths in U, F, and K last. I should be a 43.5 then as I'm a 9.5UK for Rain. Thanks
What widths are people taking in Vass for boots and oxfords in relation to other brands? I'm an F width in GG and AS, and Carmina Rain last fits me very well. Thanks
 Ouch that's steep for import taxes. Did you order shell boots? Usually FedEx charges about 7 or 8 percent, at least that what it was from Carmina direct.
Does anyone recall how much shipping is (to the US) when ordering MTO directly from the Budapest shop and which carrier they use? I'm assuming if they use FedEx that also comes with the standard import fees as well yes? Thanks
 Only in E width can they pull, and I wear an F    EDIT: My bad I was thinking you said SKOAK instead of "VOAK" lol
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