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 How was your experience with Proper Cloth?
 In terms of the suede Vass uses for their boot shafts I'll say it's good. Based on all day comfort I don't think I could go back to leather shafted boots going forward now. The suede is super soft, flexible, and is the motivating force behind my recent EB Derby purchase from Skoak  (suede shaft/leather upper) that should be here next week. I'll compare once they arrive. Keep in mind most brands use thinner leather and suede for their shafts than uppers. I also own a pair...
 Thank you sir. Vass - Navy Suede and Grey Museum
 I personally would wear commando soles with everything except a full suit, but I think the design of the boot has more influence than the sole itself regarding dressy.
I'm curious to know did you discover the defects before or after you wore them? 
First day back at the office.    
I purchased a 9.5UK which is what I wear in basically all popular brands (EE/F width) although I do own a pair of Carmina NST on Soller last size 9UK. Skoak's site does recommends sticking with my Soller size but my NSTs are bit too snug to wear with thicker socks and the instep is slightly problematic after a full day of wear.
Been eyeing those EB Derby boots since their release, but I told myself I was done buying shoes for the season...   …and then the Black Friday promo appeared. Just pulled the trigger.  
My last post a week and a half ago got 45 likes...and my photo is nowhere to be found in here. I guess I'm not popular LoL
 You can image how frustrating that is for people who need F width...like me 
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