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Jacket - CMT/MTM Shirt - Luxire Trousers - Luxire Pocket Square - Kent Wang Tie - Throwback
Hi @Linjer ,   Which items and colors are currently in stock and available for immediate shipping? Specifically the passport holders.   Thanks!
Is everything on your site considered "stock"? Meaning you can pull another width without a surcharge? Thanks
 Interesting observation. I actually was sitting for all day for about 9 hours before I took this shot. I guess that explains it thank you. And thank you @venividivicibj and @LoKey 
I need some fit advice to fix the fabric bunching up around the knees on my Luxire trousers. I have athletic thighs so I like a more relaxed fit in the thighs and rear, but I also like a more aggressive fit in the ankles/leg openings. Any suggestions? Should I reduce the measurements near the knees or is this just the result such extreme tapering? Thanks  
@clapeyron Did you use the same measurements as you do for dress shirts? Length aside.   Thanks
I would wear loafers more often, if Carmina didnt make such narrow loafer lasts :(   How does Forest fit compared to Rain or Soller?
 Nice! How do they drape?
Hi All or @luxire ,   Can some some recommend a white shirt fabric or oxford that isn't too translucent (I have a darker complexion) and is decent at resisting wrinkles? I'm looking add a white shirt workhorse to my office rotation. Thanks in advance.
Cosign. Sweaters are probably the only piece of clothing left that I am forced to go to the mall for. 
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