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Hi all,   Is finding a non-shell NST boot on either the Aberdeen or Plaza last more of a MTO thing or can this be found online somewhere? I've searching for a week with no luck.   Thanks in advance.
 Agreed 100%. The lapels on the Madison are just too wide for my personal taste.
I'd like to think I am part of the "average" consumer crowd in that I'm not well informed on various brands besides the obvious ones, but I'd happily purchase something of greater quality once educated. With that said what I'd like to see personally in addition to the briefcase and wallet is perhaps a dress belt and gloves. If I were to walk into a "Linjer" store I'd want to see various items at different price points. A wallet, dress belt, gloves, messenger bag, and work...
Just discovered this brand on IG like 5 minutes ago so naturally I came hear to read reviews. Man those Louis boots look good and I am the market for a split toe shoe.
 Took me several minutes to realize what you were saying LoL. Yeah if you can wear Simpson last there's no reason to wear Rain. While I can't personally fit into Simpson I think that last is Carmina's best in terms of shape…with Rain being a VERY close second.
I think the Inca are on par with Rain. If you're comparing the Inca to the Simpson last, which most people have to go up a half size on Simpson, then it makes since why they are roomy.
 I've had stuff delivered to my office from Skoaktiebolaget and A Fine Pair Of Shoes with no duties charged. I'm not if the reasons is has to deal with the shipping carrier or the fact my shoes we sent to a big corporate office. Maybe a little of both???
I was actually interested in buying a tie from them, especially with free shipping.
How is the Uetam last compared other Carmina lasts? I'm a 9.5UK in Rain and 9UK in Forest. @RogerP @Shawl Lapel @NAMOR ?
Speaking of updates there appear to be at least two new Hudson jackets available on the US website.
New Posts  All Forums: