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I wear a 9.5F in MH71. Last summer I tried on a 10E during a visit to SkoAB and it was certainly a no go. Too much volume especially in the forefoot which would cause excessive creasing over the vamp. Not worth the risk for a $1000+ shoe.
Such a shame indeed.   I purchased a navy grenadine tie (in-house brand) over a year ago and it has been my favorite and most worn tie
 I sized down a half size from my typical UK size with no issues. Chelsea boots will be looser since you cant lace them down.
 The key phrase was "particular tricks to reduce travel cost". I must be in the minority of individuals who doesn't have a RyanAir horror story. With that said, I still wouldn't use them again LoL.
  (From Chicago) flying to Dublin or Stockholm is dirt cheap and then you can then use an affordable EU airline like Ryan Air to connect.
 And let's not forget about the women... But then again I'm married so that's that.
 Glad to help, it's the least I could do.I've been using your Timotune BD V2 design as my go-to button down collar for the past two years.
Light Tan Twill Chino
Reporting in for duty !
@Leaves What shoe size is typically used for the website photos? I'm trying to get a better idea of proportions.   Thanks
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