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 I also co-sign this.
@luxire    Is there a default white shirting fabric when ordering a French-styled (?) shirt or could I choose a specific fabric? For example, if I wanted to order business blue pin-point shirt with a white collar and white cuffs.Thanks
 What size did you take on these and what is your size in EB and Carmina?
Can anyone recommend a smart fabric for a pop-over shirt? Will be worn both casually and with a sportcoat, however I'm not a fan of pique fabric just yet. Thanks.
 I use the Lux supplied metal collar stays for my NOBD II specifically for when I'm not wearing a tie and they work pretty well to tame the collars. It's worth mentioning that I have modified the collar points (3.75" from the default 3.5") which also help significantly.
 I was gonna comment on the fact I was specifically looking for VNA calf but thankfully my question was answered yesterday by @Stefan88 
For the F-width folks:   Any success with going up half a size on E width, or is this inadvisable?
 +1 in the G&G wishing well.
  Here is my default preference for NOBDII: Collar Band: Light Unfused LiningCollar Points: Light Unfused Lining I’ve used this combo for all my NOBDII shirts including a white twill for business suits.  The thickness (or thinness) of the shirt fabric more or less plays a factor into how robust the collar is, but I’ve found the lining setup above to be a fine medium for both ties and tie less with a sportcoat. No flaccid collars over here.
Anyone here have any insight to the colors StC offers in aniline calf?   EDIT: Looking for something close to Oak or Cedar. Yes I'm aware those are typical British finishes LoL
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