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Thanks SkoAB.  
Care to elaborate on "pretty good" ?
I'm curious to know many orders we had for both field boots GMTOs.
 +1 They will be getting a lot of use from now through the rainy days of Spring.
Thought you didn't like crust???? Hehehe
 Thankfully weather patterns typically travel from the west to the east... ...and you are east of me 
We haven't had significant snow here in Chicago for two months and currently this has been the 3rd lowest snowfall on record. In fact there hasn't even been snow on the ground for well over 6 weeks.   I guess the field boot GMTO won't be getting as much use this season as I had planned...
Lol how the heck did that CS Field Boot GMTO finish before the brown grain/suede GMTO? I'm pretty sure the grain/suede GMTO was submitted before those...
And of course the only Biella jacket in Pre-Order is $639...   I still don't understand SS logic by not offering more of this style in other fabrics.
 And shipping is like $40 usd. Their ebay account has Vass selling for almost G&G prices.
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