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 I also would like to know the same thing as well. I am strongly considering being an early campaign backer but I wanted to at least know when we could expect delivery, Thanks!
I have a similar issue myself where I have a high instep and flat (but normal width) feet. I have a pair a AE Strands on the 5 last which initally had a wide 'V" gap but the shoes themselves overall felt comfortable. Over time while not completely closed, the gap has decreased substantially once the shoes broke in. I'd rather have a comfortable shoe and a larger V-gap than a going up a size which would cause an ill fit yet a truly closed lacing.   Next up I bought a pair...
 Hi Rach, thank you for your review but I'm a bit confused. You mentioned what you don't like about the bag but your actual explanation seemed positive rather than negative. Thanks
I 100% agree with this. I have a pair of bal boots on the Forest which I love, but I don't like the asthetics on a dress shoe.
Their Madrid shop had a good selection of women's shoes. Your best bet is to just contact them directly.
My first vote is Dainite but I'm down for leather too. Chances are delivery will be in the middle of winter. Do we have prices yet?
I actually was wondering the same thing when I saw those Enzo boots.
Good lord! 
80387, Rain last in burgundy museum!
 Excellent makeups especially the Museum Calf. I just picked up a pair of 10051 in Marron at the Carmina's boutique last week and the ungrateful side of me is very slightly wishing I had held out for those. I guess you really can't go wrong with either one LoL.
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