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 Half Hip Measurement.
 Coming from personal experience, I dealt with the same exact issue initially. So what I did was increase the knee measurement as well as the thigh measurement. Also increase the seat,
Any advice on how to prevent the tongues from squeaking on my St James II? Whenever the shoe flexes I can feel the tongues rubbing which causes the subsuquent noise. Been going on for about a year now.   Thanks in advance.
  Nice!! Which lapel width option is that and how tall are you? The proportions are great sir,
 Just now discovering this brand after seeing your photo. The matte blue is just splendid. Thanks for sharing man.
 Wicked sportcoat and fit sir! Seen this on your IG.
 Indeed sir. The weight is appropiate for late spring through mid fall and creasing is moderate for what you'd expect from cotton. When I originally purchased them I incorrectly was assuming off-white meant cream LoL. They are definitely white in real life.
 Is the current website layout hindering you from searching fabrics or making purchases?
That is a great looking popover shirt. I'm strongly considering having one or two of those made on my next order.
LoL my last 5 or 6 pairs of shoes have been MTO, so no complaints over here. I was simply commenting on the fact of how few F width people there actually are. So few that there's no economic sense for shops to regularly stock them.
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