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 Rain Last.
My vote in order of what I myself would actually purchase...    Style: 1. Vertical Wallet 2. Passport Holder 3. Cardholder Color: 1. Cognac 2. Navy 3. Brown   The dark brown Coach cardholder I am currently using has been holding up very well after 5 years with daily use and a lovely patina. Because it was a gift from the wife I probably wouldnt give it up unless I bought something that could compliment rather than replace it,
 Hiro runs slightly bigger for me in the heel. I can wear normal to thicker socks but I wouldn' be able to go sockless without some sort of extra insole.
I'm not sure if this helps but I wear a 9.5UK in both Hiro (Suede Double Monks) and Rain (Cap Toe). I have flat feet and a higher instep.
 Lovely! I contacted Skoat as well as I think I'm going order something very similar to that except with a suede upper, cap toe, no speek hooks, and some sort of rubber sole. I just have to figure which last looks and fits best for me.
 EDIT: I probably was just venting. My main concern is how can factory to vendor communications improve going forward to avoid mishaps like these from occurring again?
Any updates on the Museum U-Wing GMTO? Sorry if this has already been addressed. Tried my best to search in previous threads. Thanks!
 Lovely sir! Is there a price difference between 3-Fold and a true 7-fold? I couldn't tell on Sam Hober's website. Thanks EDIT: Ah I see. You have to combine the price of the fabric with the price of the chosen construction option.
Hi All, I have a couple of questions:   1. So if I'm understanding correctly US customers get a VAT reduction plus SF members get an additional 10%?   2. What has been the typical turn around from the time of purchase to delivery? I'm in the Midwest.   Many Thanks.
Rain Last.
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