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Thank you Steve. Cheers!
Any updates in the Burgundy U-Wing GMTO?
 I'm curious as to why you decided to button the top button of your jacket.
Chicago reporting in. My cognac briefcase just arrived here at the office. Will unbox in a bit 
Hi All, In terms of width where does "EE" fall based on E or F widths? Also, what width is RAIN in general considered? Thanks.
 Excellent post right here. I'm thinking about going joining the Galway Preorder. So I'm a 9.5UK in Rain, and a 9F in other British brands like Alfred Sargent....I'm guessing I would need to order a 9F. Thanks for your insight.
 Eeeep! I wear a 9.5 in Rain, but I chose a 9 in Soller in a separate GMTO based on other people recommendations. I haven't received them yet so I don't know how they will fit. I do however wear a 9 in Robert.
Are people typically sizing down a half size from Rain to Soller? Just wanted to make sure I wasn't the only one.
Hi All,    This might be a silly (and obvious) question but how would you compare the quality of Ezno B's leather versus Carmina? Better/Worse/Same?   Thanks in advance.
 @Spandexter @Oscar Hunt What fabric is this called? Birdseye? Pick? I'm asking because I'm looking to have a suit made in a similar texture. Thanks guys.
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