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 Looks like either Lazio or La Spalla.
 What is "Timo's" SF profile name and does he have a blog? I want to reach out to him about SS's MTO Program. Thanks @Monkeyface 
@Kent Wang   Is the restock for your benchgrades and handgrades still on schedule for the end of August?    August seems to be a popular shoe month for a many individuals and I want to make sure I've put aside funds to purchase a pair.   Thank you sir!
When you compare the quality of service to other Affiliate Vendors it's a bit discouraging. Unless I can visit their shop in person I think I will just pay the higher price (and quality) of other brands.
While I don't think they will have a problem reaching their fulfillment goal for the bal boots, I wish they would provide a quantity goal amount rather than a status bar. 
 The good news is I think the price offered is full payment, however I don't think the shoes are made to LM standards. Rather, they must be based on their Classic Line which seems to coincide with the pricing. I hope I'm wrong about the ladder part. The description shows "GY-1" rather than "GY-2 Handwelted".
 You and me both sir, you and me both...
What would be the GMTO price on these, when is the 50% deposit due, and is it leather or dainite sole? Sorry if this was already addressed earlier. Thanks all. I'm trying to weigh all my boot options for this upcoming F/W
 @Leaves When you mention these will be similar to the ones stocked in the fall, do you mean similar in style, color, and last? Also, about much will the stock models be and what is the ETA of arrival? These look wonderful and I am looking for a black boot. I can of course email/message SkoatAB if need be. Many thanks sir.
THOUGHT SO, but I didn't want to assume. Can't wait for them to restock my size. Thanks
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