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I develop and source workwear for a living, buy millions of high quality sweatshirts a year, a £300 jersey sweat? I'm lucky I can stretch to Cabourn at sales time, and can just about (though it gets harder every year with the increases) justify most of the range at 50% off, but this pricing is laughable.
My thoughts on the tobacco/brown/tan/leather (delete as appropriate depending on where you purchased!) Mallory are that it's an excellent addition to the colours available that, as always, looks better in the flesh than the store pictures portray. I'd say the same for the RAF, lovely flecks of greys and blues in the tweed and both will get plenty of wear over the coming years.
I'm also rather partial to a Mallory and have bought one or two every A/W since 2010/11. It has to be in Harris tweed though, I've no interest whatsoever in any of the S/S releases. My current rotation pictured, wearing this seasons tobacco the most, really nice in the flesh
Thanks for the heads up, just purchased the RAF grey Mallory for £285, an absolute steal. I almost paid £419 for this colourway in the End sale but opted for the leather/tobacco brown instead (which has arrived and is a beautiful shade). Really pleased with the tweed after being disappointed with my indigo Mallory from last season. I've bought a Mallory every year since winter 2009/10 and didn't rate the looser weave on last years which hasn't worn very well. As no size...
Geddes jacket fits a size big guys, no doubt about it.
    I'm in the market for a new pair of boots, liking the shape of the Redwing & Cabourn Munson collab. If these hit the sales I'm in. Nothing ground breaking, just a solid pair of boots. Really regret sleeping on the Viberg & Cabourn service boot collab below, price put me off at the time, would happily pay it now if they released them again.      
Wow, that takes some balls, making a two grand coat your first retail buy to test the water! Fortune favours the brave I guess...   I'd love an everest parka but the pricing is insane, 4 years ago they were giving them away in the sales at some stores, along with the cameraman. 
My 2 cents on the MARRKT sale, nothing we haven't already seen at similar or better discounts over the past few months. A few pieces I'll consider if the price drops further (Peak lapel jacket being one) but only a handful. Always wary of sample sales online, as samples can be made up of whatever fabric is available in the factory at the time, often using standard trims, I prefer to see them in the flesh to know exactly what I'm getting.   Of the new season gear,...
Great shout and post Seanrosas! You'll be fine with a 48 in the BD shirt, I bought the 50 recently and though fitted, it isn't too tight. Great shirt, thought I got a bargain this year on mine at £200 until you posted this, tempted to get the other version at that price...... I usually time the Cabourn sales perfectly every year and pick up most of what I want at the lowest discount possible. This year though, the prices just continue to drop, tough time for retail. 
It'll only come with the Scott expedition pieces for sure, read on a blog 2,000 copies had been printed, sounds about right if one ships with every piece sold.   I think the expedition collection is the only A/W collection, I haven't seen anything else yet, would've thought something would be out by now if so.
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