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Cool - I'll wait for the 10% off sale. Thanks for all the replies.   Would you guys suggest the Olive colour or the Rustic one? For the Ashby, all of the colours come in sylkoil on countryattire, and only the olive bedale comes in sylkoil. I'm partial to the sylkoil coating, because I heard it wears better. Anyways, I'm pretty much debating between those two colours right now, and I'm not sure which I'm going to go with. I know the olive bedale is as classic as...
Does anyone have any experience with the barbour ashby? It says on their site that it's a modern rework of the bedale, and I've read around that that just means it is a slimmer cut. Would it be a good idea for a skinny guy to go with the ashby over the bedale?   Also, does anyone know if is legit? they have barbour stuff among a wide range of other items and brands, and I don't see them on the counterfeit list on barbour's site.   Thanks!
Hey I may be interested in the sportcoat. What material is it/could you give me the item number to look it up with on Thanks!
Hey I may be interested in the linen suit jacket. Is it from this season?
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