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Sorry to be off topic, but I'm looking at getting a Barbour Norton & Sons St Kilda, and I can't seem to find good info on the fit... Anyone own a St Kilda and can compare it to fits of other barbours? I'm a pretty solid fit in to ki to mediums if anyone can compare it to that. Thanks.
Hey guys - was just wondering if I could get some specific sizing help. I'm pretty much a standard US 9 EU42... I've got an option to get a pair of leydon last unlined chukkas in size 9E at a decent discount. I've heard a bit about the Leydon last fitting a bit narrow. Is that true? Do you think I'd be comfortable enough in the E width to justify buying them at a healthy discount? Thanks much for the help
Can you post pics if these are still available?   Thanks
Are these still up for sale? Also, could you post pics?   Thanks
I have a pre-ordered Barbout to Ki to Sports jacket (the one from skyfall), and I'm looking into exchanging my small (when it gets here) for a medium. I've also acquired the Barbout To Ki To Mount shirt, and I'm a perfect medium in it. If the sports jacket fits like the Mount shirt does, then I'll be looking to trade my small for a medium. I am not looking to sell this jacket, only to trade it for a different size. PM me.   Many thanks
For sale I have a 36r Ludlow Navy Wool J.crew Blazer from spring 2012 worn 3-4 times. It is this blazer, with double vent in navy, purchased spring 2012 - less than a year ago.   I also have a 3 button 2 roll Ludlow Navy Wool J.crew Suiting jacket in 36r purchased summer of 2012. This jacket has no tags, but has only been tried on, not worn.   Both jackets are...
Yeah, they are releasing more of them, and I've recently been notified that I can preorder one in the next couple of days. Problem is I can't try them on, because it's a preorder. I'd describe my build as lean but athletic (I do a bit of lifting and running), I think (read: hope) they fit like the originals. For clarification - you'd recommend a medium? I'm not planning to layer a ton, but I was wanting to have it fit well over a simple sweater and shirt two layer (as I...
Thanks! Specifically, I'm looking at the Sporting Jacket (one from skyfall movie). Would a small still be your recommendation? I'm trying to be able to layer maybe a shirt and sweater underneath, while still allowing for it to look fairly well fitting when not wearing a sweater as well. I really appreciate your quick response!
I'm looking into buying a Barbour X To Ki To jacket in the slimmer fit. I hear the sizing is pretty tricky for those. I'm 5'9, 150lbs, with a 36s chest size for suiting. Can anybody steer me in the right direction for what size I should get? Thanks much.
Oh, and I'm 5'8-9 and 150, 36" chest if anyone could help me with sizing. I'd like to go with a 34 bedale right now i think or a Small ashby..? Does that sound right?
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