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Thanks! My neck measurement is 15", my chest is 36" and my sleeve lenght is about 35". A custom fit RL shirt in 15 38 is too large for me in chest and waist. should I go with 15 35 then?
Great sale! How does the extra slim fit shirt compare to the ralph lauren custom fit in size? thanks.
I will buy these http://www.brooksbrothers.com/on/demandware.store/Sites-brooksbrothers-Site/default/Product-Variation?pid=MR00182&dwvar_MR00182_Color=CREM&dwvar_MR00182_Size=33_34&dfltsize=1 and these  http://www.brooksbrothers.com/on/demandware.store/Sites-brooksbrothers-Site/default/Product-Variation?pid=345R&dwvar_345R_Color=BTAN&dwvar_345R_Size=30_29&dfltsize=1 then.   Thanks a lot!   oh btw, are they considered formal? I will use them with a barbour...
Thank you! Where do you reccomend buying from? I was thinking about brooks brothers.
which is the more versatile? Navy blue or charcoal chinos?  I'm worried charcoal would be too "dull". thanks.
Thanks. That was a neat solution although I'll rather punch new holes.  Do you know how much that would cost?
looks great,Winston.     how can I make new holes in the strap so that I can wear the bag higher?
I need a pea coat, and I think I will uy one from sterlingwear. Which model do i choose? There are 4 moedls that looks almost identiacal to me. I will use it for casual wear, and it need to be as warm as possible and in the color navy. thanks.
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