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I was afraid they would get burned, but it went fine. thanks   they are in camel, do you know which colors (sweater) would look good with them? the are a bit darker than I thought.   thanks
Can I iron my moleskin trousers? I dont want the creases.
Hi, can anyone please send me the shoulder measurements for collar size  14 1/2 ? thanks
thanks collar size 14 1/2
hello,   how wide are the BB extra slim fit shirts' shoulders?
I'm not sure about the hue of this shirt http://www.brooksbrothers.com/Classic-All-Cotton-Extra-Slim-Fit-Supima%C2%AE-Oxford-Dress-Shirt/529Q________YELL_14H__32__,default,pd.html what do you think?
Im going to order some pants, but im not sure about the sizes.  I usually wear 30 30 pants. should i go for size 28 or 30? btw, I wear brooks brother sweaters in small, aer HY sweatersin XS too large?   thanks!
great, thanks
Im going to buy some moleskin pants from howard yount, but im not sure which colour to choose. buff or camel? http://www.howardyount.com/collections/cotton-pants btw I usually wear 30 30 pants. should i go for size 28 or 30? thanks!
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