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Hi, can anyone please send me the shoulder measurements for collar size  14 1/2 ? thanks
thanks collar size 14 1/2
hello,   how wide are the BB extra slim fit shirts' shoulders?
I'm not sure about the hue of this shirt http://www.brooksbrothers.com/Classic-All-Cotton-Extra-Slim-Fit-Supima%C2%AE-Oxford-Dress-Shirt/529Q________YELL_14H__32__,default,pd.html what do you think?
great, thanks
Im going to buy some moleskin pants from howard yount, but im not sure which colour to choose. buff or camel? http://www.howardyount.com/collections/cotton-pants btw I usually wear 30 30 pants. should i go for size 28 or 30? thanks!
Thanks! My neck measurement is 15", my chest is 36" and my sleeve lenght is about 35". A custom fit RL shirt in 15 38 is too large for me in chest and waist. should I go with 15 35 then?
Great sale! How does the extra slim fit shirt compare to the ralph lauren custom fit in size? thanks.
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