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Does anyone have and good pics of there KMW 2010's as they have faded or already faded. I purchased a pair not to long ago and would like to start working on them. How do these fade and what should I expect out of these jeans. thanks
I dont get y so many people here were h&m shirts. is it the low price. there stuff looks kinda cheap imo. and they dont sale anything over a xl.
RRL makes a nice pair of washed selvege denim, PRPS makes a great pair of selvedge and none selvedge denim (the washes are sick as sh@t). And I am a big fan of Nudie products.
1. Good Society Relaxed 2. KMW 2010 3. Nudie Average Joe 4. Rag & Bone RB6 Unsure about the other two fits. Good Society fits fairly large. KMW 2010 and the Nudie Average Joe sized up 1, is a comfortable fit.
? What are you guys preference....Regular Ralf or Average Joe? Sometimes I find the boot cut of the RR to be a bit overwhelming when worn with a casual shoe. I like the slight taper and silhouette of the AJ on a casual shoe. Is it just me or does anyone else feel the same way?
Quote: Originally Posted by berlin report since my bruder who is still posting pics... Those loafers are sick. Nice!
this is bs...119 view and no reply. i guess i know the answer. thanks
dag! can i get alittle help here?
Has anyone had any experience or heard anything about Emanuel Ungaro suits and Massimo Emporio shoes. I say a couple of there items at Filenes Basement and was curious about there quality.
I picked up a pr of Average Joe "clean steel" jeans and a zip military style shirt made by Rag n Bone yesterday. Shirt was originally $230, got it for $115 and jeans were $249, paid $175. Took advantage of the denimbar sale.
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