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Brooks Brothers Strand vs Allen Edmonds Strand? What's the difference? Visual and physical... Thx
$400...REALLY???? SMH....
FML...SUGGESTIONS NEEDED!! 36 yr old...need and want a walnut shoe. The Player would be perfect but its discontinued. Options now are the Clifton, Strand and the McAllister. I want them for mainly business casual put want to pair them occasionally with jeans and a suit. Business Casual im referring to slacks, chinos and a tie. The Clifton is just so bright and loud but of the lack of broguing. The medallion on the Strand kinda turns me off but I know its highly...
McTavish is more dressy than the Neumok if only by virtue of the leather - the distressed leather and unlined construction of the Neumok make it a very casual shoe. The McTavish isn't really a dressy shoe though, with its chunky double sole and dublin or wax leather. You might be able to pull off the McTavish for some business casual (the casual end of the business casual spectrum, perhaps), but I doubt the Neumok would ever be appropriate. [/quote] hmm...I would wear the...
Do you think the Mc Tavish is more dressy than the Neumok? Would the Neumok work for the same business casual attire?
Quick testimony about how funky the 5 last is Tried on the Strand, McGregor and the Macallister today. 12D in McGregor was very roomy but fit well. 12D in Macallister fit the best snug without being tight..would break in perfectly. The Strand in 12D was way too tight. Additionally I own the Fifth Ave in 12.5 D and it fits well. Just weird....
Funny you mention the Neumoks. I just got my brown leather Neumoks in from the bank. Tried them on with jeans, chinos and slacks and I liked the look. Just need something like the infamous "Players" that kinda worked with everything.
What would you guys say is the most versatile AE's. Suits, slacks, chinos, jeans.....Walnut Strands????
Yeah...you're right. The only other shoe I could see working was the walnut Jefferson. I'll try on the Mcgregor tomorrow
I never got to get my hands on the Players. What would be a good alternative to that shoe. The Mcgregor seems a bit to formal and stuffy. Thx
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