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I am in need of some casual/ dressie attire. Something that I can go to a nice dinner in or to a play.... I dont want to spend to much money on the clothes because i dont dress up much. I was thinking Banana Republic as they usually have good sales and there stuff can be paired with a nice pair of shoes and look alot nicer than it really is. Any suggestions....Thanks.
Well still no luck fellas. Havent given up yet.
FYI....barneys in Georgetown is now carrying Nudie Bootcut Barry in dry models if any of you are interested. Full run of sizes, up to a 38x34.
Hugo Boss HB1 x3 Hugo Boss HB67 Hugo Boss HB83 x2 PRPS Classic Selvage PRPS Pre wash x2 Nudie RRDJ Nudie RR orange selvage Nudie AJ clean steel True Religion x2 KMW 2010 J. Lindberg (Dry Coated) Earnest Sewn (Fulton...i think?) Taverniti 7 for all mankind x2 Lucky Brand 181 bootleg Guess pre wash bootcut .....thats all i can think of off the top of my head.
Keep them. You stated that they are a starter jean, well wear them, get a feel for how they stretch and how you like raw denim. They are not really expensive, so in a way they are expenable. Personally i like the fit of the first set of pics, dont prefer the sized down look. The first look appears more comfortable, versatile and doesnt look as if you are trying.
No doubt KMW are of great quality. The denim is heavy, and jeans are well put together. The only other pair I own that I would say are equal are a pair of PRPS purple selvage. The selvage models are top of the line imo.
I didnt tailor mine. I am tall and wear a 12/13 shoe. So the leg opening is ok for me. I usually wear them with loafers or a sneaker. Plus I have about 30 pairs of jeans so it doesnt bother me. But if anyone has any pics of some well worn in KMW please post.
Does anyone have and good pics of there KMW 2010's as they have faded or already faded. I purchased a pair not to long ago and would like to start working on them. How do these fade and what should I expect out of these jeans. thanks
I dont get y so many people here were h&m shirts. is it the low price. there stuff looks kinda cheap imo. and they dont sale anything over a xl.
RRL makes a nice pair of washed selvege denim, PRPS makes a great pair of selvedge and none selvedge denim (the washes are sick as sh@t). And I am a big fan of Nudie products.
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