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Is it just me......501 seem to have very baggy/wide hips on there jeans. Has anyone else had this issue?
I'm a police officer. I used to wear uniforms all the time but now I work in a non uniformed section (narcotics). But when i was wearing i didn't waste time or money trying to stand out. Too busy working ot! !
how do common projects run in terms of size. I am an 11 1/2 or 12 in chuck taylors. thx
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Just an FYI....Solbiato in Georgetown, Washington DC has a great sale on lanvins and some other baller sneaks. Half price on the lanvins...if you're in the area, it might be worth looking into.
@JD May...the question was not wether or not you like colehaan. I just wanted to know are high end sneakers really worth their price tag in terms of durability. obviously the style in unique, but leather is leather and it will scratch, stretch, and crease...no matter who makes it.
I agree that some that quality = durability...but my question is to what degree. how much more durable is the $700 lanvins vs my $200 colehaans. Although must on here probably frown upon Prada. But I have a pair of American Cups that I have had for 4yrs. I have worn them casually, to the club, even washed the car in them. I must admit they have held up well beyond my expectations and still look good. I currently own several pr's of Prada's, Gucci, Ferragamo, 1...
A couple of questions...how much of a difference does is there in the real expensive high end sneakers (RAF, Lanvin, Common Projects) vs say Colehaan sneakers. I own a few nice italian sneakers and some mid-low end sneakers like colehaan and have gotten just as much wear out of both products. Obviously the more expensive tend to be more exclusive and sometimes more fashionable. Any comments....
I really want a pair of Lanvins...but at 700 a pr i cant afford. Anyone know of an online site or outlet that I may be able to find them. Thx for your help
I've tried to catch up...but I'm still lost...Are yall saying 2500 bi weekly is poor?
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