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I am looking for a new brand of raws...i really like the cut of Nudie Average Joes. Can anyone recommend something other than APC NS or Rescues. Also would prefer Raw and Seledge. Considering the Japan Blue x Momotara colab
quick question....where are lanvin sneakers made??
Where is the best place to find discounted Nudies?? Thx
Quote: Originally Posted by tomorrowstars So... you got an answer here, and then decided that wasn't enough, so you made your own thread? LMAO....WOW....way to call him out!!!! ROTFLMAO!!
@wogbog....do you know if they run big? they are on gilt for cheap....
Quote: Originally Posted by m8s Would you like surface to air Italian sneakers? ...anyone know how these run in terms of sizing?? Do they run big....thanks
I have a pair of KMW 2010....what is the chance that I can find a tailor in Washington DC area to take in the jeans from the knee down. The leg opening is too wide. Does anyone know a good tailor who could do the job. Thanks
Quote: Originally Posted by envision Just picked up a pair of their barracuda raw selvege from the Gilt sale. This will be my first pair of selvege denim and I had a question. I normally wear a size 34, but always get relaxed fits. I spent about half an hour going back and forth between a 34 and a 36. I have large thighs and like to have room around the legs. I know the waist still stretch out even more, but I was more concerned with the fit...
Question.....Whats closet to a Nudie Average Joe fit....Levis 501 or Levis 514...Thanks
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