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Quote: Originally Posted by gdl203 Are you sure you're a 44? There's a 43 and a 45 on yoox. You could always get thin insoles I looked on Yoox for the MMM 45's...didnt see them. How did you find them? Thx
Quick question...does frangrancenet.com and scentiments.com sell authentic cologne and perfume or should I stay away from that place. Anyone have any dealings with either websites. Thx
Thx KitAkira
Is there a thread that list discount codes to the affliates and various online retail stores? If not then should someone start one???
Thanks clausc. Very helpful!!
Well what I'm saying is I have tried to search for Lanvin sneakers by picking the designer and I didnt get any results.....yet I have recently seen a link that displayed Lanvin sneakers on Yoox.com.....Whats up with that....
I have tried to search on YOOX and cant seem to find products that I know are on there website. I have seen links to various designers that show a product being sold on yoox....but when I go directly to the URL I cant manipulate the website to find the product. Whats the deal with this.....
Quote: Originally Posted by CharlieAngel I like the color on these.. what are they? Kenneth Cole
How do levis 1947 501 fit compared to current market levi 501
Just kopped a pair of the Protege Slim Straights 5yr wash. $74 bucks from Nords Rack....honestly the cut is nice. Great for a medium to large frame guy. They wash is really nice (not to extreme) and the fit again is awesome. Not bad for the price IMO!!
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