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Quick question...does frangrancenet.com and scentiments.com sell authentic cologne and perfume or should I stay away from that place. Anyone have any dealings with either websites. Thx
Thx KitAkira
Is there a thread that list discount codes to the affliates and various online retail stores? If not then should someone start one???
Thanks clausc. Very helpful!!
Well what I'm saying is I have tried to search for Lanvin sneakers by picking the designer and I didnt get any results.....yet I have recently seen a link that displayed Lanvin sneakers on Yoox.com.....Whats up with that....
I have tried to search on YOOX and cant seem to find products that I know are on there website. I have seen links to various designers that show a product being sold on yoox....but when I go directly to the URL I cant manipulate the website to find the product. Whats the deal with this.....
Quote: Originally Posted by CharlieAngel I like the color on these.. what are they? Kenneth Cole
How do levis 1947 501 fit compared to current market levi 501
Just kopped a pair of the Protege Slim Straights 5yr wash. $74 bucks from Nords Rack....honestly the cut is nice. Great for a medium to large frame guy. They wash is really nice (not to extreme) and the fit again is awesome. Not bad for the price IMO!!
How do Nudie Average Joe fit compared to Levis 501?
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