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I've seen the neumoks with slacks and think they work decent. If I pick the kenilworth do you suggest the walnuts or bourbons? Thx
Want to get a pair of versatile shoes. Jeans, chinos, slacks for work. Laid back work environment. Thinking about walnut kenilworths, strands, or brown neumoks. What do you guys suggest? Thanks. Worried that the kenilworths have no brogueing and will make the shoe look too light.
What are these? Amazing
Byredo Oud Immortel!
Ready to pull the trigger on a pair of 5th Aves....not sure which color to go with. The Drk burnished chili or Brown? Both are versatile but does one color say something that the other wont. I can only assume the Brown is "more" dressy or formal than the Drk burnished chili. What is your advise guys....thanks
Where can I find them under $280
Thx for the quick replies. I think I will try the 12 E. The D would be fine for 4-5 hours but 8-10-12 hour days...my feet wouldn't like me much. Thank you
I have a sizing question. I'm about to purchase a pair of burnished chilli Park Avenues. The 12 D fits snug. Length is fine but there is a tad of tightness in the width along the forefoot. The 13D feel very comfortable, basically how I would want a pair to break in but the AE rep said they would stretch out and look bad and maybe even not fit so good. He advised me to go with the 12D and it should break in fine. What are your guys recommendation and experience. I work...
I have an AE sizing question. Should I post here or is there a separate thread? Thx
Hello, Picked up these from N-rack. Merlot AR Clifton for $150 and Magnanni for $200. My question is should I keep both or take one back? If so which and why? I know the AE is of higher quality but I'm not sure if Merlot is a versatile color. The Magnanni is brown and I thought would be more versatile a color and style. ....be easy guys I'm new to this. Thanks
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