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quick question....where are lanvin sneakers made??
Where is the best place to find discounted Nudies?? Thx
Quote: Originally Posted by tomorrowstars So... you got an answer here, and then decided that wasn't enough, so you made your own thread? LMAO....WOW....way to call him out!!!! ROTFLMAO!!
@wogbog....do you know if they run big? they are on gilt for cheap....
Quote: Originally Posted by m8s Would you like surface to air Italian sneakers? ...anyone know how these run in terms of sizing?? Do they run big....thanks
I have a pair of KMW 2010....what is the chance that I can find a tailor in Washington DC area to take in the jeans from the knee down. The leg opening is too wide. Does anyone know a good tailor who could do the job. Thanks
Quote: Originally Posted by envision Just picked up a pair of their barracuda raw selvege from the Gilt sale. This will be my first pair of selvege denim and I had a question. I normally wear a size 34, but always get relaxed fits. I spent about half an hour going back and forth between a 34 and a 36. I have large thighs and like to have room around the legs. I know the waist still stretch out even more, but I was more concerned with the fit...
Question.....Whats closet to a Nudie Average Joe fit....Levis 501 or Levis 514...Thanks
Quote: Originally Posted by gdl203 Are you sure you're a 44? There's a 43 and a 45 on yoox. You could always get thin insoles I looked on Yoox for the MMM 45's...didnt see them. How did you find them? Thx
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