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and about my other comment about you being brave. coming into a fashion forum, asking that question and then actualy posting up picsof yourself is pretty brave.[/quote] sorry west24 but you havent added anymore insight to your comment. but yeah ok i am brave. gotta have confidence in my line of work.
Quote: Originally Posted by bkk You've got a nice body (unlike some of us here), so wear clothes that show it off a bit. I'm not saying wear spandex, but you should get some jeans and shirts that accentuate your frame. Get some slimmer jeans that aren't so long. It is possible without getting something that gives you a moose knuckle or causes the highwater effect. And look for custom fit/modern fit/slim fit button down shirts. Instead of looking sort...
thomas pink...great shirts. www.thomaspink.com
Quote: Originally Posted by datasupa There was a hot blonde at 7 o'clock in the 2nd pic. If you didn't have your hands so full of non-whiteness you could've acquired that target. Blown opportunity. Also, dress better. I didnt know there was something wrong with what i wore......any comments? critique?
Quote: Originally Posted by West24 youre a brave man. why do you say that
why do you say that?
This pic was from this time last year. I have since bulked about ten lbs. No Denzel Washington, but not to shabby(IMO)
Brad...from want I have seen and heard you should have no problems meeting black girls. Black women cry about the lack of strong men in the black community and express that they are more than willing to try dating a white man if he is serious. Black women are easy to meet. I am telling you...Just make eye contact, walk up to them, extend your hand and introduce yourself. They will be so taken back that a white guy actually takes note of them they will melt right away....
I am interested in this one also. What brands would you guys recommend. I would imagine you dont want to spend to much since he is buying more than one. What brands offer the best bang for buck as far as looks, quality, and durability.
yeah this is hilarious....but really this is something that has stumped me for awhile. I am just curious to know what is it that white girl want from us brotha's
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