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Quote: Originally Posted by CharlieAngel I like the color on these.. what are they? Kenneth Cole
How do levis 1947 501 fit compared to current market levi 501
Just kopped a pair of the Protege Slim Straights 5yr wash. $74 bucks from Nords Rack....honestly the cut is nice. Great for a medium to large frame guy. They wash is really nice (not to extreme) and the fit again is awesome. Not bad for the price IMO!!
How do Nudie Average Joe fit compared to Levis 501?
Quote: Originally Posted by e0d9n0b5 just sent out my black patent juunboks trading for these pretty lil babies second par, lets hope they fit. Who makes these?
http://www.leaders1354.com/blog/?p=5182 ...check out some of the adidas. Sick!!
Quote: Originally Posted by RFX45 Adidas GATs Lows Where did you find this pic....where can i kop the black joints?
OK I'm still confused.....I have read thread upon thread and looked at tons of pics. Cant figure out "my look". Looking for a Will Smith thing kinda sorta. Im 6'2...210lbs, athletically built. 44l sport coat...35 inch waist (but sometimes have to size up because of athletic glutes and thighs). I am lean but built...you can tell i work out. Can you all make some suggestions for Jeans/t-shirts/polos/shoes. Dont wanna break the back so please suggest moderately...
Quote: Originally Posted by catlettsl whats sf opinion? i kinda like them..... http://www.gilt.com/s/sneakers/product/35924432 http://www.gilt.com/s/sneakers/product/35924489 no comments....
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