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Brad...from want I have seen and heard you should have no problems meeting black girls. Black women cry about the lack of strong men in the black community and express that they are more than willing to try dating a white man if he is serious. Black women are easy to meet. I am telling you...Just make eye contact, walk up to them, extend your hand and introduce yourself. They will be so taken back that a white guy actually takes note of them they will melt right away....
I am interested in this one also. What brands would you guys recommend. I would imagine you dont want to spend to much since he is buying more than one. What brands offer the best bang for buck as far as looks, quality, and durability.
yeah this is hilarious....but really this is something that has stumped me for awhile. I am just curious to know what is it that white girl want from us brotha's
Sorry cant rap. Dress like Obama.....dont think so. Not my style. I dont dress "hip hop". Been there done that. Grew up in that era...I am a professional law enforcement agent....COP! I dress nice. Prada, Gucci, Cole Haan, Faconable, Banana Republic, Polo, Hugo Boss. I never claimed to be Tyson Bedford, but I am a decent looking guy in good shape. It just seems that I havent cracked the world of white woman yet. It i can get some instructions on how to post...
I have a question for the fellas. I am a black guy from the DC metro area. Actually I was born and raised in DC. I am 6'2" 215-220lbs (athletically built). I played basketball in college and spent some time in the army. In my travels I have meet some beautiful women, but I have never dated a white woman. There are some very attractive white girls in DC but I dont know how and where to approach. Black girls are different. You could casually bump into a black chick at...
prps has a higher rise
http://www.virtualclotheshorse.com/i...87bcbe86ed6007 is this a legit on line clothing store. are the products authentic and is the service good. they have the lowest prices of prps i have seen and if they are legit would like to order some.
no doubt, I have two pair of PRPS prewashed and one pair of PRPS classic selvage prewashed denim. The quality of these jeans are superb. Pricey but you wont see to many others wearing them and they should last for quite awhile.
what are PBJ's
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