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I would say it's not so much Balmoral vs BLutcher as much as it is COLOR!!A pair of walnut Mcallister or Strands can be dressed up or down. Jeans, t shirts, polos, chinos you name it. Darker colors like burgundy or merlot become more dressy or formal.
These look brand new???? When did you get them?
Which Burlingtons? I'm in DC also...how where the pricing and sizes?
How did you size this compared to a 5 last shoe if you have one for comparison. Thx
AE is superior in terms of quality leather and comfort. Magnanni may be a tad more stylish but that's up to your taste.
Does anyone know what the AE version of the Ralph Lauren Singleton loafer is?
What is the AE version of the Ralph Lauren Singleton loafer?
What is the AE version of the Singleton loafer?
@kahuna75 thx Funny you guys are discussing pads. My Fifth Avenues are a 12.5 D. After 1 day of use I realized I bought then a .5 size too large. So I put tongue pads in to push the foot back into the heel a tad and they feel perfect. I have really flat feet so they tend to become a tad wide at the front of the foot. I should've went with the 12D and let them either break in naturally or had them stretched a tad. But in some instance tongue pads are of great value...
Brown Fifth Avenues. $200 grabbed them up from the bank. Not perfect but I'm satisfied and they are very comfortable. My 1st pr of AE's btw..
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