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ManofKent, the new jacket looks good and goes well with those pants. I think the fit could look a bit better if the shirt/shoes/hat color were different, it seems like one of those is just not right. Cheers.
It means that you're probably married.
Lose the scarf, and I'd recommend not wearing that fit on a first date. I've worn a similar douche fit as others called it, but it was to go out drinking at cafes and strip clubs. Plus I acted like a douche(notice pose) so it was a successful night:
What will you do for an entire summer in France? I've been there 3 times for much shorter periods of time and it was "okay", but not a place I intend to visit for leisure. Haha
  I think your shirt choices combined with jeans will not go well with *most* loafers.  You stated that you did not want to look informal, but most of those shirts do appear informal in my opinion.  The sperry topsiders might be a good option as mtheory8 suggested.  I can't think of much else unless you switch to more formal polo shirts.
The color almost appears charcoal in some of the photos... is that due to the lighting?  I'm interested in the shoes either way.   *Edit* My crappy work monitor caused that color issue I was seeing.  Thanks for the PM though! Apparently I like your style since this is the 2nd pair I'm considering to purchase today.  
    I've traveled extensively around the world, and you guys chose my favorite areas! #1 Interlaken, Switzerland  --  proximity to the most beautiful alps and it has decently priced food for Switzerland (the resort towns nearby are expensive) #2 Como, Italy -- small, but located on my favorite lake in the world and has great food/transportation nearby via Milan and Bergamo #3 Budapest, Hungary -- It's not as scenic as the above 2, but I <3 its famous baths, ice skating...
  I'm a newbie and currently don't own a sportcoat.  What are you guys thoughts on that one?  Do you think it would be more wise to find a navy color sportcoat for versatility?   If this helps any -- I'm 26 and go out almost nightly in Italy (dinners, nightclubs, upscale cafes/bars, etc.). Thanks for any input!
Disregard -- PM sent.
I've got the ADH-AD700 headphones as well and love 'em.  The enormous size can be annoying, but the quality is good for the price.   My other headphone is the Logitech H800 wireless headset.  I find myself using the H800 more than my other set because of the convenience and microphone.  It's nice to go grab a beer or walk around the house and talk using gmail/google voice for free.
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