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I have a couple of XL Brioni shirts that I picked up on here a while back and never ended up wearing so I figured I'd pass them on to someone here at my cost ($25) plus shipping. 
I've got a few things ending soon that aren't getting much attention. Someone here can probably find themselves a good deal.   Here they are. New to eBay so feel free to let me know what I'm doing wrong or just any suggestions for the future. Thanks!
Haven't been on here in a while but I've been cleaning out my closet lately and haven't had a chance to throw these on eBay so I figured I'd offer them up here first.    AE Parkland Loafers in 14D       Also have a few things (46L) up on eBay already that may be of interest around here but I think I remember that being frowned upon. 
Any bigger guys looking for some corduroys? I picked up a pair from Adriano Goldschmied (size 42) and admitted they're just too big after wearing them once. I bought them new and wore them once fwiw.
Hey guys, Looking for a few things. Let me know if you can help me out.   OCBD's in 18.5 Repp stripe ties Chinos in 40x30-32 (Flat Front) Loafers or even oxfords that are on the casual side in 14
I thought I remembered someone on here posting a bunch of ribbon d ring belts. If anyone has any in a 38-40 please let me know.
I'm looking for a black tie outfit. Doesn't have to be anything excellent in quality, just something better than what I'd rent. I need a ~46L jacket ~40x30 pants and 18.5 shirt. Let me know what you have fairly soon. Thanks!
Looking for polo shirts in XL from Polo, Brooks Brothers, and similar makers. I know most of you guys don't pick these up but if anyone does, let me know.
I'd love to help you but everything I have is >30 BOC. I'll be on the lookout though.
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