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Any suggestions?
I am a medical professional who will soon be starting a residency that requires formal wear as dress code. I will typically be working about 10-14 hours per day 5-6 days per week, mostly on my feet, moving around very quickly trying to get my tasks accomplished. I want something that is comfortable, professional, and can withstand the grind of a 3-year residency. The location that I am going has four seasons, but typically the temperature is regulated in-doors around 68...
Last night I added for show trees, a track, and two sets of shoes strings to my cart on the Jos A. Bank mobile webpage (I just about exclusively use my phone for internet now days). This AM I woke up and got the ok from the wife for the purchase (no matter how much money we make, that is the agreement). Went to my cart and they were still discounted, then went to checkout the products, however the prices were not at the discounted prices. So I went to their mobile website...
I did. I haven't received them yet, but I bought a pair of Totes stretch geometric loafer overshoes for $22 after shipping and tax. The Swims look great but are way to expensive for how infrequently I plan to wear them. Only time will if the Totes strip my finish. For the most parer the reviews are great. I'll let you know after I wear them.
Depends in your taste in style and the type of clothes you wear. If you could coordinate based on the color of your suit, shoes, or if your suit is neutral and you are in a dress casual setting...your tie. I have a beige suit...pretty I often color match the socks to my tie. I like purple undershirts and I have a few pairs of purple socks. Just don't wear socks that look stupid...socks are probably the least important article of clothing outside of...
I wear brown with Navy as well. But not dark Navy or dark charcoal. The shoes stand out to much and don't compliment the outfit. I think that his shoes are way to lite for his suit. Just a preference.
And why people wear brown shoes with black suit. ? Even dark navy is questionable.
For my fellow military patrons...the exchange catalog (AAFES) came out and in it there were coupons you may be interested in using. They have one coupon for $20 off (July 11-24) and $15 off (July 25-Aug7). Code: x2088fq for both Not sure if it works for shoes...but it is worth a try.
Hey guys. Any recommendation for an overshoe that fits great with AE. I Have a pair of strands in 9.5e and new orleans in 9.5d. Any overshoe and size recommendations for less than $30? Thank you.
Just as a heads up. I was at the Destin outlet on Friday to pick up a pair of New Orleans walnut I purchased from the shoebank and the salesman told me that AE was having an unannounced sale for multiple shoes. I glanced at the list for a moment and they had lots of calf seconds for $199 and two cordovans seconds for $299. He told me the sale would start this weekend and end at the end of the week. Contact your local outlet or shoebank for more details.
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