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Finally,after waiting for 3 weeks Brand: FlutterbyShoes Indonesia Model: Custom Wingtip Brogue Boots Influence: Alden Wingtip Boot Upper:Black Full Grain Cowhide Lining:Red Lambskin Construction: Norwegian Welt Sole: Double Layer Leather+Welt Edge Trim: Antique Redwood Eyelet: 9 silver Eyelet Heel: 1/4 rubber Bonus: Certificate,2 years warranty card Price: US $210 They build this boots,as good as my expectation
5 months,FlutterbyShoes
FlutterbyShoes,Custom,Semi Dress,Captoe,Black Calf Leather,Red Lambskin,Goodyear Welt,double midsole,$150 Outdoor Indoor
Yes,maybe it's like promoting the brand,but I don't have any connection/work with them I'm just helping them,to know about all of your opinion,are they have good enough to build the shoes/boots or not,worth it or not Because they just a brand new and need your critics and your comments So,what you think about this boots,just post it About the link maybe you can search on Facebook "Flutterbyshoes"
thanks for ur comments :) the flutterbyshoes can build a double row stichdown and goodyear welt for the construction,but the norwegian construction maybe can be accept for their next project if you interest about their product you can look on their facebook
hi i'm ario,looking for boots or leather shoes
just share my FlutterbyShoes Custom Boots   i just picked up these for $120 and i got redwine pull up leather,lamb skin lining,gusseted tounge+lining,double row stitchdown,vibram 1253 half sole,toe guards,4eyelet+3hook they're build this boots for 2 weeks so,what do you guys think about this boots? are these boots worth by price,looks and material?
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