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Bresciani Breathtaking if I may say so myself.
Thank you dear.
Berluti Andy in demesures last Bresciani socks Brown & green - it's a safari kind of day
Thank you.
Zilli Bresciani
Stunning, urban composition.
Santoni Bresciani socks
Our traditional wear entails sandals. We're Arabs.I therefore use this to my advantage.Most of my shoes are in a closet in my office -that I've converted into a shoe valet.I'll wear sandals from home to work.Then at work, I'll wear whichever shoes I feel like wearing.Therefore my shoes will rarely ever be worn outside the office building.So basically, carpet & marble.
Other than wipe your shoes with a cloth & pack a shoe tree into the pair, anything else you gents do?
Berluti Andy in Demesures -tobacco. Venezia leather from 2013. Zilli socks. I like that the socks brightness adapt to my environment. In a boardroom, they're darker, in sunlight they're brighter.
New Posts  All Forums: