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how'd you build them
HahaVery nice!You rock!No cost of entry. Just an appreciation for fine eye wear.
Detail from the matsuda
Yes,.apparently Depp does wear them.I actually saw them in an online magazine and then found out Johnny wears them too.I've never seen this shade and color combination of the tortoise shell color pattern. Its reminiscent of an aged oak barrel in a very old cellar whereas newer or more modern tortoise shell color patterns seem very clinical or deliberate in design.
Moscot - Lemtosh in 49-24
coincidentally i just shaved with the cade shaving cream. I've been using it for a few users. admittedly i haven't used too many shaving crabs, maybe 5-6 different ones, but this cream is amazing. the after shave balm is superior though. I've tried many after shave balm and most are watery and just bland. the l'O balm literally moisturizes my face for a good 14 hours. because its a moisturizer also.
vertically elongated
Matsuda - old Japanese brand. notice the design on the temple and frame edges. designed to look vintage steel
Linda Farrow for Alexander Wang   [img]http://distilleryimage11.s3.amazonaws.com/dba1a6b204b411e2b0a81231381f24bf_7.jpg[/img]
They're en route. A friend is on a trip in London and will be back soon.I have contemporary styles too. Variety is the spice of life.
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