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Surprised no one else has chimed in here....   whats going on, gents.
While I work for a company that owns a few oil wells, alas, none are mine. Thanks for talking me out of it.
I chanced upon this pair at the boutique today. Jaw droppingly Breathtakingly Track stopping Beautiful Looks bespoke imo Someone talk me about of it. Cannot afford... $1,666
If only I weren't size 10 UK
LovelyWhat color is that pair?
My Hayes creased from day one. And this is with me going about my day not doing any footwork that would prematurely crease my shoes. Nothing abnormal. I wouldn't rest my feet on my toes while sitting upright & forward for example. I bet you see a ton of guys do that. Heck, I've done it with cheaper shoes.
Gaziano & Girling Hayes in vintage rioja Bresciani socks
Absolutely stunning combination of colors.
Santoni Bresciani socks Apologize for the conformist/clinical photo. Did not get a chance to be outdoors today.
I insert shoe trees & then store them in their bag.26 degrees Celsius is a quiete a few degrees warmer than 'room temperature'. I think 21 to 24 degrees are generally accepted as room temperature.Shoes you've worn have warmed up & the leather last molded to your feet shape.By inserting, you're returning the last to it's original condition, the cooler temps help the last 'cure' or freeze in that shape.I doubt 26 degrees will prevent the curing.
New Posts  All Forums: