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I've seen the other thread, but there's definitely value in new pics and feedback about size...
I don't know...you can't lose a suit. But who hasn't lost a wallet? Buy some shoes. It's hard to lose those!
If you wear light blue socks, might want to try to match that pocket square with them, rather than just making it the color of the shirt. Sounds like a nice getup though!
Went with a tux, huh?
If you have one shirt you like already, you can use that for measurements. Otherwise, but one MTM shirt from a local clothier with a good rep (it'll cost you but it's worth it) and use that for ordering from online suppliers. You can't go wrong with Proper Cloth, Blank Label, etc. Just depends on how much you want to spend.
OP - you could also buy a MTM from a brick and mortar local guy (probably run you around $150) then use that to send to companies like Blank Label. They'll copy it to get your measurements and send it back for free. I can't compare their quality to Indochino or Proper Cloth, but I've been enjoying their shirts for a while now.
Awesome detailed review! I've been looking for comparisons between these guys, Blank Label, Indochino, Proper Cloth and a handful of others. Actually thinking about doing a "battle of the MTMs" post on my blog. Could be kinda expensive, though... I'll post on SF if it happens.
Those pants look fine to me.   Collllege!
That's nice of them. Haven't been there yet but it's on my list.  
Nice. Thanks for sharing. I was going to suggest Indochino, which is a very affordable MTM solution. If you can, post a pic of your new suit!   -B  
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