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Exactly what I was looking for. This is too bad, though. I have 2 jackets - a sports coast and classic blazer - made custom by my dad's tailor when I graduated from college. I didn't know better back then, but this guy makes some of the best clothes in DC. Problem is, he's very old school. He made me these broad jackets with extra padding. I have an athletic frame and don't need any padding.    I can't even wear these jackets now, and I'm afraid (after reading this)...
This thread suggests otherwise:
The guy's telling you to start with a custom shirt from a local clothier are right. Listen to them. It'll cost you around $150 but it's totally worth it. Most of the online MTMs will even let you ship them that shirt and copy its measurements.   That's the way to go!   -B
5'6" and doing just fine. Of course, it helps to also be handsome and athletic.   Just kidding.   No really, though.
I'd also love to hear any experiences with him. Great reviews on Yelp, great prices...but not much out there or on SF in terms of actual pics and experiences.   -B
Yeah, Foxler is way hotter than the bar chicks. Don will definitely revert to his old ways. It was always just a matter of time. He's a douche...can't change that. I watch the show for Roger.   -B
Banana Republic, except the arms may be too long if you have short arms like me. Alternatively, Blank Label. Perfect for dress shirts or casual button downs. They're cheaper ones aren't any more expensive than Bonobos or department stores, and they're MTM.   -B
I totally agree with one of the previous posters about the baggy fit of Bonobos pants. I tried the slimmest available chinos and bull denim, and they were both way too baggy. Not anything like the pics. Of course, I'm 5'6", not a 6' plus model. But still, the whole selling point is the fit.   But, yeah, the customer service is amazing. Returns are a breeze. I almost took store credit 'cause I need swim trunks...but $60+ for trunks? Come on...   -B
May I ask why you returned the suit?
I've seen the other thread, but there's definitely value in new pics and feedback about size...
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