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No one should ever wear "risers" or heightening shoes. Except chicks.   Ever.
I know this is old but I hope OP figured out that Blank Label (or whatever MTM) is the solution to his problems...
@PHX are you the/an owner of Proper Cloth?
Man there's a plethora of great info on these old threads. Really considering a TaT suit now...
Hey,   I have some crossover in my wardrobe too. I think that's fine, but I hear ya on the collars. Some of mine look great with a tie or buttoned up, but then worn casually get a little unruly. I like slimmer collars for casual wear and even button collars.    Are you using collar stays to keep them weighed down?     -B
Not happy with that?
What if you get robbed? I live in a city and like to travel, so generally don't like to carry expensive accessories (except my iPhone, which I ditch before going anywhere overseas). Anyone who has been jumped or robbed wouldn't consider buying a designer wallet.   -B
Exactly what I was looking for. This is too bad, though. I have 2 jackets - a sports coast and classic blazer - made custom by my dad's tailor when I graduated from college. I didn't know better back then, but this guy makes some of the best clothes in DC. Problem is, he's very old school. He made me these broad jackets with extra padding. I have an athletic frame and don't need any padding.    I can't even wear these jackets now, and I'm afraid (after reading this)...
This thread suggests otherwise:   http://www.styleforum.net/t/245858/shoulder-expression
The guy's telling you to start with a custom shirt from a local clothier are right. Listen to them. It'll cost you around $150 but it's totally worth it. Most of the online MTMs will even let you ship them that shirt and copy its measurements.   That's the way to go!   -B
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