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Hey now...Effortless Gent is not "awful" and the content isn't empty and poorly written. Barron offers a lot of good advice. But you shouldn't buy an entire MTM suit based on one guy's blog post about pant length, especially when you know about resources like this forum. Plus the pants on the EG post weren't even suit pants...
Photos look great! I'm afraid to visit the site now though (at work). How much are these suits?
Wear that tie with a white shirt (like msulinski said). It will pop nicely. Then whatever funky pocket square you want. You already look better than most of the other guys that will be there and clearly have put more thought/care into your appearance. Now have fun!
No one should ever wear "risers" or heightening shoes. Except chicks.   Ever.
I know this is old but I hope OP figured out that Blank Label (or whatever MTM) is the solution to his problems...
@PHX are you the/an owner of Proper Cloth?
Man there's a plethora of great info on these old threads. Really considering a TaT suit now...
Hey,   I have some crossover in my wardrobe too. I think that's fine, but I hear ya on the collars. Some of mine look great with a tie or buttoned up, but then worn casually get a little unruly. I like slimmer collars for casual wear and even button collars.    Are you using collar stays to keep them weighed down?     -B
Not happy with that?
What if you get robbed? I live in a city and like to travel, so generally don't like to carry expensive accessories (except my iPhone, which I ditch before going anywhere overseas). Anyone who has been jumped or robbed wouldn't consider buying a designer wallet.   -B
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