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Reminds me of American Apparel. They city I live in got one a few years back, and the residents actually petitioned to make them take down the ridiculous signage on the windows (it was as close to porn as you can get in public).
Yeah, I wouldn't say he's discussing fashion at the same level you guys are, but he's definitely helping a lot of guys who are completely lost. Or at the very least inspiring them to care more about how they look.   But I don't want to hijack this thread. Good luck with the pants, OP! Post some "after" pics if you can.
But yeah...I'm not here to judge. Much respect for SF and the long-standing members and whatever "thangs" you've got going!
  Gotcha...I guess I associate it mostly with pickup artist types, who tend to be overcompensating and generally trying way too hard. I think being "alpha" is like being cool...people who are don't realize it. It's the people trying to figure out the labels that clearly are not.
This is hilarious... he's about 5'4" btw.
The whole alpha/beta thing is retarded.
Ah gotcha. Nice quote in your sig btw.
Yeah I wouldn't put anything too fancy in there...you might lose it or want to take it out (after the party there's the after party...).
Hey now...Effortless Gent is not "awful" and the content isn't empty and poorly written. Barron offers a lot of good advice. But you shouldn't buy an entire MTM suit based on one guy's blog post about pant length, especially when you know about resources like this forum. Plus the pants on the EG post weren't even suit pants...
Photos look great! I'm afraid to visit the site now though (at work). How much are these suits?
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