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For reals! Height doesn't matter. Of course, finding clothes that fit sucks even more for us shorter or taller gents. Funny - I run a website/blog about clothing for men under 5'8", and the other day I found a guy doing the same thing on the other end of the spectrum (therearegiants.com). Nice to see that the clothing industry ignores both extremes and not just us smaller men.
Those pants look very slim... is that their standard "slim fit" or did you specify measurements? Looks good though!
I've found that REI has some great rain jackets. Pretty slim fitting and hey keep the water out. The store's brand is less expensive than most of the other brands they carry (Marmot, etc.).
Yeah, I think navy is great. Not exactly dressy, but I really like dark blue boat shoes. They go with anything.   -B
Hey,   Congrats on the business venture! I have seen excellent customer service from most suppliers (Blank Label, Indochino, etc.). One thing that I'd like to see from every online MTM (some already do this) is complete transparency when it comes to materials, thread count, fabric quality, etc.   Also, it would be great if body type was taken into account. It's great to be able to measure yourself (or have someone else do this), but it would be nice if there were...
I heard Betty is pregnant in real life, and that's why they wrote her getting fat into the show. What a shame...
Yeah true. They definitely could have ended with the second to last episode. But that's how Mad Men is...realistic. Big things don't happen in every episode. Rarely, in fact. And it still manages to be just as dramatic, if not more, than the most action packed, twist filled shows on TV.
Fair enough. I actually thought last season was the end until I saw the preview last week. I guess we'll see. It was definitely good enough to just end there, so hopefully they don't ruin it.   I have faith.  
I detect a hint of sarcasm...
No one else thought it was a little boring? Then again, after watching the Game of Thrones finale, anything seems boring (I know, I know, two completely different shows).   Can't wait for Breaking Bad to come back on.
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