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How is the sleeve and hem length on their casual button up shirts (worn untucked)? Also, how tall are you again (if you don't mind me asking)?
Great post!
Did you get this suit? I'd love to see pictures.   About the jacket length, I was going to say - make sure it JUST covers your butt. No longer or shorter. A lot of shorter guys think a super short jacket will make them look taller, but it doesn't.   Here's a great article on the topic:   http://tsbmen.com/30655/tailoring-for-a-small-frame-feat-dennis-thompson/
keithdryon - Re: Peter Manning vs. J. Crew chinos:   They fit me better than the 484s. Slightly more narrow leg opening but straight all the way through (maybe a slight taper, nothing too aggressive). It's a classic fit but for smaller/thinner legs. Compared to J. Crew which is too baggy for me, especially after breaking in.   They're somewhere in between the Banana Republic Emerson and Aiden, but the rise isn't as low. And the material is stiffer, at least before...
Definitely annoying.   Are you on the west coast? Jimmy Au makes suits exclusively for short men. Higher end and only in LA, but worth checking out.   http://www.yelp.com/biz/jimmy-aus-for-men-5-8-and-under-beverly-hills   http://www.jimmyaus.com/jimmyaus/dept.asp?s_id=0&dept_name=Suits&dept_id=3008&WT.svl=deptnav1   Also, Peter Manning NYC has jackets and trousers now.   http://www.petermanningnyc.com/   Personally, I've been going with made-to-measure or even...
max619 -    Some good suggestions here already.... here's my two cents:   I'd stay away from low rise, in general. Stay away from boot cut or anything "relaxed". The J. Crew 484s are too relaxed, in my opinion, for your body type.   Highly recommend trying EXPRESS jeans. The Alec (very slim) or Rocco (slim) are awesome for shorter guys. Make sure to get the "skinny leg" cut (it's not skinny).   Also, Lucky Brand "Dean" cut is good.   Banana Republic Heritage Slim...
I have to say, J. Crew is disappointing for me every time I go in there (I'm 5'6" and 130 lbs). Even the small slim shirts are too long and go way past my waist line.    Their slimmest pants (484) aren't "slim fit" in my opinion. I much prefer the Banana Republic Emerson Chinos.   I haven't tried on a Ludlow suit, so I can't comment on fit. Some people (like Joe from Dappered...and everyone who reads Dappered, apparently) swear by the Ludlow. I'd love to give it a...
Hey,   I've had a lot of luck with Banana Republic and H&M for sweaters. The arms are almost always too long. I usually just push them up a little bit. H&M is better than BR if you have short arms, but BR obviously makes a higher quality garment.   Also, I just got a sweater (almost like a henley with a collar, actually, or like a rugby shirt) from ASOS that fits very well (XS).   -Brock
Did you buy these? Just wondering because at 120 lbs you might be too thin for his stuff, which seems to be constructed for more of an average build. (I had to get his weekend shirt taken in, for example.)   -B
Also, Peter Manning NYC now has a blazer. I know it's not a suit, but still a great jacket option for guys under 5'8".   -B  
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