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The 1035 Is for all intents and purposes the 2030 with a more rounded profile on the toe. So in terms of over the top views, just look at the 2030 but look at it as being less 'pointy'. The 2030/1035 is clearly a very well formed last, but is too aggressive in form compared to the 110, which imho is subtle and perfectly shaped to what a foot actually needs (and is shaped like). But hey, I'm just a guy on his in private crusade for the 110 and more importantly more 145...
Personally I think the 110 is pretty much my favourite last from any shoe maker. Maybe I've got slightly wider than average feet but I don't feel like I'm swimming around in it by any means. And the actual look of it for my sensibilities is perfect. I know there are a few of us who have mad love for the 110, but wish there more and then we might acually see some builds on it more often...one for the OG's I fear
This should be compulsory reading before anyone reads and participates in any (relevant) forum. So well put, thank you.
Superdenim with some new service boots for you 2030 fans
That didn't work then, this is my boot and the previous image is from Viberg.com
[IMG] Well I sent an email this morning raising the issue, so we will see what they say. To illustrate the issue, here is another picture of the stitching on my boot and a comparison image lifted from the Viberg site showing the wax flesh derby boot and attention to detail I've taken as a given from my previous purchases
Does sound a little strange. I've always found every last detail of my Vibergs to be stronger than a tank.
Maybe I'm being dim, but what do you mean by a later peals off? Which two layers?
I must have some fat/wide feet! The 2040 and 2045 are very tight for me when I out them on and wear them initially. After a bit of time, the leather must give a bit as the comfort is fine. But without the benefit of a shoe horn, I'm not sure id be able to out them on. The 110 on the other hand is comfortable instantly and I only use a shoe horn for ease and convenience (can you tell I'm on a one man mission to sway public opinion away from the 2030 to the 110?)
I couldn't agree more. I've invested a disgraceful amount of money in Viberg shoes as boots as I, and many clearly believe that they are finest of their kind available. For one, I think the 110 last is the best fitting and looking shape I've ever come across (I only wish they'd make more on it rather than the 2030 which does nothing for me personally look and fit wise). The build quality and attention to detail is unmatched. I held a pair oxfords next to a pair of...
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