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Can anyone recommend a nice heavy duty brogue boot?   These are perfect:   ....but don't have my size.  Really like the solid sole and need brown brogue.  Thanks for the tips.
How about spring trench coats, mid-thigh length....   any recommendations in the <$300 range?   gracias.
Can anyone recommend a pair of jeans that fit similar to Joe's Super-Slim Fit?     Joe's fit is perfect, but I'm not a fan of the lycra/cotton material.
Any recommendations for spring/summer coats....something like this:     I would like some option for colors as well....
what are some great menswear shops in NYC?  suggestions similar to Steven Alan and Saturday's NYC would be appreciated.   Looking for skinny jeans and chinos, assorted tops, shoes/sneakers, accessories, etc.     Also, does anybody have one of those miansai hook bracelets? Do they come off as feminine?
any suggestions?
Not sure if something like this exists, if there is, please just direct me with a link.   I'm overwhelmed by all the shopping options in Manhattan and would prefer to shop in stores, rather than online.  I also find the amount of info. on the internet to be ridiculous, too many recommendations from random sources.  I really just want to start a thread about shopping in Manhattan/Brooklyn for streetwear and work clothing.   I've found that Steven Alan is a great...
What is the best brand for high quality skinny jeans?  Nudies look amazing but they don't have a physical store in is ideal as it appears online though and I'm looking for something similar...thanks.
please do!...specifically of the leg opening...thanks
Yeah...skinny throughout the pant leg and tapered at the opening....with very little break....kinda GQ/euro style   any success in achieving this look via indochino?
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