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O.o certainly wouldn't want to give my opinion on anything even if I cannot pull off a look as stylish as Sir Spoo because this was truly way too ad hominem. He is not in Spoo's leaque, quite frankly very few are but your response to him trying to give his opinion makes you sound like a douchebag. Give the guy a break geeesh
I am rather new to this as well and have spent two days going through all 1543 pages so I have picked up quite a few things from these gentlemen. Here I go, your tieknot could be a bit tighter as it seems to gap a bit. Your collar sits under your SC beautifully and your lapel sizes are fine for such an DV SC. I am not too fond of the PS however, as it goes with that tie IMHO. You could have also tried a different tie, with somewhat of a pattern and yes those socks are a...
Thanks alot!!! I will definately get my Linen on lol
I have been wondering the same thing for quite some time now, however I have concluded it is a "If I tell you, I will have to kill you" job. I wont ask, I rather enjoy being alive to see his posts
ssshhhhhhh man...well I never!!! Dont joke like that
What tips would you give a teen moving to a tropical country on casual wear? What should I adorn my closet with?
hmmm that is rather boxy in the link, however as you said you are faced with a dilema. I would not advise you to go with number 1 or 2 as even some items of our wardrobe are worth the pain, the extended damage to your feet surely outweigh the momentary "oohs and ahhs" that you would get on the streets. I took into consideration your price range however you are an extreme case so the best option would be to explore bespoke my dear friend. It may put a dent on your wallet...
I enjoy looking at this my good man, on the neatly tied bow tie. However the grunge facial hair, not so much.  
Quote: Originally Posted by acecow In a hurry today. Haven't had time to look at other fits, unfortunately. Played with my camera outside a little. Here's my entry: [SPOILER] Still a little cold for loafers without socks, but I'm not a pussy, unlike UC.     I would say this fit is perfect, the jacket, shirt  perfectly combine with the trousers to give a casual yet "look at me" effect....Love the loafers, no socks wear also. I must say I you...
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