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I know I'm late to this bandwagon, but does anyone have a source to kop the button shawl in worsted grey wool or brown herringbone? I've been trawling for some time but cannot find a single stockist that still has either of the pieces in stock (I've found the worsted olive wool version, but beyond that nothing).
Strange, I'm 6'2" with a 30" waist and, while I'd prefer a slightly longer inseam, the medium fits with some room to spare. Did you get the quilted/resized new season of escobars or the non-quilted original size profile ones?
Bought the black quilted escobars again, hopefully the quilting holds up better than the RFXJE I had earlier because those things were so bomb (was really sad to have to return them). And the waiting begins.   Also props to JE's customer service team, they really do stand by their product.   Also, I''m 6'1.5", 30 waist, 150lbs given the new sizing I ordered a small (was previously a medium but it was a bit baggy), will it fit correctly - worried about length and the...
New to the world of RRL, but has anyone ever heard of the "Williams Tuxedo"?   I picked up what I am told is a sample of the pant at a vintage place by me, which I intend to wear as an odd pant (the details are fantastic and the tuxedo stipe is very minimal), but extensive searching on the web has revealed no hint of the full article, and whether the jacket exists or not(and is potentially acquirable). If someone could shed some light I'd be very grateful.
Anyone here pick up the quilted RF X John Elliott collab items and have serious issues with the quality of the quilt-stitching? I bought a pair of the sweats on a whim and though I love the silhouette and materials, the quilted stitching is coming out all over the garment. Do I get in touch with JE or RF? Problem is the pop-up shop is gone by now but I'm still stuck with the defective item.
    Kawpitty Kawpity Kop
Can anyone advise on Balmain/Umit Benan Hi's sizing? Do they run large/small?   Much appreciated.
Nice Affliction tee bruh. Still, so much fyre in the last few pages. 
Dude I'm sure if you look around on the internet you could find some very similar buttons on etsy or some DIY/maker's supply/sewing type place for very, very cheap. They're pretty unremarkable metal buttons after all, nothing particularly distinguishing that you shouldn't be able to find with a little searching. Then again, if you're set on strictly SNS buttons and don't mind paying for the convenience/added knit, more power to you
Guide to stacking:   1. Take jeans by hem and simply push the jean leg/fabric up so its really tightly bunched up in stacks under your knee.    2. Push down from the top of said stacking, settling the pant leg in place over your shoes, but now with added stacks.   If you're feeling analy retentative you can play around with them in the futile hope that you can meaningfully alter the drape/stackage, but really this is just excessive.   Time for chisel toe'd +...
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