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I'm starting a job soon that will require me to possibly wear a suit every day. It's for an English teaching gig in Japan, and I won't know until I get there whether I need to wear a suit every day or if they will allow me to dress a bit more casually in Chinos. That said, I'm going to buy both of my first suits and shoes here very shortly. Right now I'm planning on a charcoal and navy suit, probably from suit supply.   The plan is to get one pair of black AE Park...
  Yeah, if you go into a BB you can have a suiting essentials suit made in whatever cut you like, including the Milano. For some reason they seem to be pretty quiet about the option, I had to bring it up to the SA I was working with. The price is either six or seven hundred.
I could also use a promo code if there are any out there
Does anyone know if the discount applies to a Suiting Essentials Milano cut? Or is that different than the normal suiting essentials as far as discounts are concerned?
What is the difference in quality between Allen Edmonds and Peal&Co. ? I'm looking to buy my first pairs of dress shoes (one black, one brown) and am wondering if I should capitalize on today's sale. Even with the discount the Peal&Co. shoes will be about $100 more than their AE counterparts, does the difference between them justify the higher cost?   Peal & Co. Straight Captoe Blucher. Allen Edmonds Park Avenue   Peal & Co. Perforated Captoe Allen Edmonds...
So I'm looking to purchase my first two "staple" suits that I will use for a new teaching job in Japan. I already have a navy blue pinstripe suit (hugo boss I believe) that I purchased from Nordstrom's Rack not too long ago, but it really doesn't fit me well. I believe that a suit will be my daily M-F wear for this job so I would like to purchase something that is going to be both comfortable and durable.   After doing quite a bit of reading it seems my best options...
Wow, thanks for all that NOBD!  
  I really like both of the shoes in these pics, could you (or anyone) tell me what model/color these are? My guess is that the second pair are Alden chukka's in snuff, though I'm not sure. Cheers!
What is the difference between the Benjamin Sartorial and Lucente fits? I'm 6'2" 190lb & wear a 41/42L. I normally need a more slim fit to work for me (wide shoulders but smaller chest and waist). So far the best fitting suit on me has been a BB Milano.    These will be my first 2 suits (want a charcoal and navy) that I will be wearing daily for a new job that I start this August. Since the timeframe is still a ways out I can wait on purchasing the suits if the Lucente...
im interested in some of these also, could you post some  pictures of the ones in the group shot but not pictured individually?  
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