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Hey guys, I've been with my girlfriend for about 8 months now and for the first 4 months we weren't "official" she was faithful to me but I was quite the opposite.  Ever since we made it "official" I feel as if her interest is at an all time low because she no longer has to chase after me to convince me to be with her and only her. We practically live together now and it's getting rather dull and repetitive.   Any advice on what I can do to revive our...
The Puma "El Reys" aren't too bad!
TBH, this thread is pretty depressing..... I've probably gotten more ass than this dude will in his lifetime....and i'm 19....
First car I bought myself, a 2012 VW GTI
Nike just dropped Cole Haan 
No sir, just picked it up from Golfsmith. Ordered it a couple weeks ago. I just got the classic Scotty studio select.
Just picked myself up a Scotty Cameron putter! WOOOOOOOOOO!
Really though, when is this sale over. 
Such a nice watch! Give me a week and it's mine :)
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