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I've seen a few Brooks Brothers sport shirt, but can't buy them until I know their cut: traditional, slim, extra slim, anyone know where I can find those info?  I also like to know the BB pants they carry, which line it is.   Thanks.
Haven't been able to connect using Tapatalk 2 for the past 2 days.  Anyone else have the same problem? 
I found the DKNY slim suit pants in 30x30 fits me perfectly, but I have a really hard time finding it not as part of the suit, anyone know where I can buy the these not as part of a suit?   Thanks.
Thanks trum01, I went to Brooks Brothers, and tried on their OCBD shirts.  I found the 14 1/2 not very baggy, and bought a few online (they were out of them in the store).  Supposed to get here tomorrow, will wash them and see if they shrink a bit.
I'm in need of a new suit, and thought I'd go the MTM route.   The best fitting suit I have right now is a DKNY slim 36S.  Would appreciate your help in things to alter so that I can base my future MTM suit measurements on the altered suit.   Thanks.  
A tailor, thanks for the feedback.  Will definitely reduce the cuff size on my next order.  I didn't even know my right shoulder is lower all these years   BTW, how are the other aspects of fit such as chest, waist, seat and arms?   Thanks again.
You can get the measurements of your best shirt by following the measuring guide on I actually emailed itailor, and they told me measure a best fitting shirts is the best option. You do need to email them to let them know these are shirt measurement, and not body measurement so they don't add to them.
I recently took the plunge and just got my first MTM shirt.  Ran it through the washing machine and line dried.   I want to order more, but want to get your thoughts on the fit before doing so.  I'm quite happy with the shirt, but I'm new to MTM shirts, and want to know if there is any improvement I can make to the shirt.   Thanks.    
I was at a BB store yesterday, and saw they had a couple of really soft sports shirts, I think the label said 1818.
Thanks Sportin_life.   I went to the closest Brooks Brothers today, but they were all out of the OCBD Supima 14 1/2 32.  I tried on a red stripe OCBD 14 1/2 33, and the sleeve were too long.  Just ordered 4 from their site, and hope the shirt is not too long in the arms.   I didn't like their non-iron Supima shirts, felt too thin to the touch.
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