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The only wool pants fit me are from DKNY slim fit suit. I have not find a good source for these in 30x30 yet. Macy only sells them as part of the suit, I don't want to buy the whole suit just for the pants.
What were you trying to post?
I thought the Half Arm Hole needs to be at least 6 cm larger than half bicep, so you can have a Half Armhold of 20 cm and Bicep of 10 cm if you wish.  MT may call you to confirm but I don't think the system will prevent you from saving your measurement.
I'm ready to place my first Indochino suit order.  I'm around 5'6" & 123 lbs.   There are a lot of good info here in this thread, and I've read through most of it.   These are my impressions after reading the postings after they introduced the digital cutting process (assuming you follow the measuring process precisely from video): - The shoulder will be 0.5 - 0.75 inch WIDER than expected from measurement - The jacket sleeves will be 0.5 - 1.0 inch SHORTER...
Is MT slower at processing orders lately?  I placed an order on 08/07, and it's still processing.  Previously, the orders were processed in a couple of days, but this one is taking a long time.  Anyone else experiencing this problem lately?
KoopaKing, you are right, getting the MT shirt based on your best fitting shirt is the way to go.   I actually think my blue shirt a bit too tight, pulls a bit when I sit down, so I relaxed the chest and waist by about 1 cm each in my next order.  There is no real way to tell how a shirt will come out, just have to order the trial one by putting in your best guess.  I just ordered shirt #3 and hopefully this time it will be snug but not too snug.   Best of luck.
I'm about 5'6" 125 lb and I have 58cm sleeve, I think you should re-measure your sleeves. My yoke is 42cm and shoulder is 15.5 which comes out correct for me.  Your ratio seems to be different, so may want to remeasure. Also, your drop between half chest and half waist is a bit small at 2 cm.  Mine is more like 6 cm.   I've attached a few pictures of my shirt so you can see the fit.  
A tailor, thanks, your comments are always helpful. I will see if modern tailor can slope the shoulder, and I remember they have a shoulder angle selection box when ordering.You pointed out the right low shoulder before. I am going to order a suit from Indochino soon, should I send them one of these pictures to show the right low shoulder?I promise I won't flap my arms in future pictures, though in all seriousness, do I need to adjust the arm hole?Thanks
I just posted some pictures of my latest Modern Tailor shirt, it's a bit too tight around the chest, but I like the fit overall.   Appreciate any feedback you have.   Fabric is T348, pretty thick and not flimsy at all.
Hi. I just got my second shirt from Modern Tailor.  The first shirt was a bit wide on the chest and especially around the waist, so I reduce the half-chest by 1cm and half-waist by 3 cm.  It now feels quite tight around the chest, not bad around the waist.  I'm ready to get some more shirts from modern tailor and would like to know if there are any improvement I can make to make it fit better.  I'm thinking of adding the 1 cm half-chest back, and add 1 cm to half-...
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