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I wonder if the recent Chicago event will delay my order. Placed an order on August 10, still show in production.
I emailed them right after I placed my order to say I want high armholes and to lower the button stance. Don't know how both will turn out though.
The only wool pants fit me are from DKNY slim fit suit. I have not find a good source for these in 30x30 yet. Macy only sells them as part of the suit, I don't want to buy the whole suit just for the pants.
I'm ready to place my first Indochino suit order.  I'm around 5'6" & 123 lbs.   There are a lot of good info here in this thread, and I've read through most of it.   These are my impressions after reading the postings after they introduced the digital cutting process (assuming you follow the measuring process precisely from video): - The shoulder will be 0.5 - 0.75 inch WIDER than expected from measurement - The jacket sleeves will be 0.5 - 1.0 inch SHORTER...
A tailor, thanks, your comments are always helpful. I will see if modern tailor can slope the shoulder, and I remember they have a shoulder angle selection box when ordering.You pointed out the right low shoulder before. I am going to order a suit from Indochino soon, should I send them one of these pictures to show the right low shoulder?I promise I won't flap my arms in future pictures, though in all seriousness, do I need to adjust the arm hole?Thanks
Hi. I just got my second shirt from Modern Tailor.  The first shirt was a bit wide on the chest and especially around the waist, so I reduce the half-chest by 1cm and half-waist by 3 cm.  It now feels quite tight around the chest, not bad around the waist.  I'm ready to get some more shirts from modern tailor and would like to know if there are any improvement I can make to make it fit better.  I'm thinking of adding the 1 cm half-chest back, and add 1 cm to half-...
Haven't noticed too much extra fabrics in the back, maybe a couple of inches of extra. I really like the fabric, heavy and well made. Thought they are really wrinkled out of the dryer.
Just received my ESF OCBDs all in size 14 1/2 32. Washed all, but found out the yellow one's sleeves are 1" longer than the blue. They are supposed to have the same sleeve length. Have any of you seen this issue before?
Fixed it myself. I just had to logout then login again.
b1os, thanks.  I wasn't really clear in my posting, I know my BB size is S with ESF, but that information is not available on the Yoox site.  I was just asking if there is a way to discern what fit the BB shirts on Yoox are.   Thanks.
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