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Thanks for the feedback. Yes, I'm on the short side at 5"6'. Did not even notice how big the pockets are. Is the sleeve pitch fixable?Thanks.
I think in general, Indochino added 4 inches to the body measurement I submitted. I will post the both for comparison tomorrow.
Just got my Indochino Essential Navy Pinstripe suit today. My wife measured me 2 times to ensure the measurements were correct. First, the pants, I think the fit is generally pretty good. Thought it's slightly long, and the rise is maybe 1/2 inch short.         Secondly, the suit (sorry about the pants sticking to the right shoe)     My thoughts: - shoulder is 1/2 inch wide on both sides - sleeve is 1/2 inch too long - chest...
  LorenzL:   I must say your site is excellent, I consistent find good information, and you are very timely with the coupons.   Keep up the good work.
It took me more than 4 shirts to get the measurement correct, although the 4 shirts are all wearable.  I think it's all about expectations.  I recommend order your shirt one at a time using the cheap sales fabrics, then tweak each one until you get one that's not tight nor loose.
Just in case you missed the announcement, Indochino traveling tailor is coming to San Francisco on September 18-23 with suit with free shirt offer.  I'm debating whether to go.  Still waiting for my first Indochino suit that will finally get here next week.
AeroCarl, you should go to a local tailor to get some professional advice.   From what I can see in the pictures: - The shoulders needs to come out 1/2" on both side (this is very obvious from the frontal shots) - The half-armhold should increase by 1/2" - Sleeves length should increase by 1/2" to 1" - Waist fits ok, it would be easier to judge if you put on dress trousers rather than jeans.   Just my 2 cents.
  I don't think MT shirt shrink that much.  I've washed the shirts I received multiple times in the washer in Cold/Cold setting, and then dried on low.  I'd say expect less than 1/2" shrinkage if you use the same settings.   I also bought some other shirts in China intended for the Chinese market, and these shrink more than 2" in some cases.  The reason I think is Dryers are not popular in China yet, so people usually line dry.
I wonder if the recent Chicago event will delay my order. Placed an order on August 10, still show in production.
I emailed them right after I placed my order to say I want high armholes and to lower the button stance. Don't know how both will turn out though.
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