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Despos, that makes a lot of sense.  Looking at the photos again, it looks like the lines appear to be indicate the backward rotation is called for, meaning clockwise on the right sleeve.  Sounds like the sleeve head and crown are too large for the armhole, anything I can tell Indochino to fix that?    When I ordered the suit, I told Indochino to do "high armhole", could that have contributed to the problem?  But I also don't want to have low armhole, so I'm torn.   Thanks.
  Tailorgod wow, this is a great response, so much information to digest.   I spoke to my regular tailor yesterday, and she told me to take in 1.5" off the side seams around the chest area, she actually pinned it down and showed me, and I like the result very much.    She didn't mention the issues around the sleeve pitch or the shoulder.  I found that a bit disappointing, maybe it's time for me to get another tailor, but I digress.   Here are some follow-up questions. 1....
  This is good insight.  I do think there are a lot of people with way more experience than myself who can steer me in the right direction.  The suit felt slightly too baggy, not as much as I think I initially thought.   I think the shoulder was my biggest issue, and my tailor told me there is no easy way to shave off an inch off the shoulder without a lot of work.   I'm not looking for an tight fit, just a fit that allows me to move around but also so I don't look like a...
  I had the same doubt but later found out it's maintained by a SF regular Lorenzl -   Looks at his signature:   I think he's doing a pretty good job keeping things up-to-date.
Yes, according to the video, you should do it while wearing shirt and pants.  Wrist and neck should be taken without clothing.   I'd recommend wearing pants and shirts that are thin in material and close fitting so they don't add too much to your measurements.  E.g. no jeans or flannel shirts.
Just realized I forgot to post an important back view photo.
Can you be more specific like in how many inches?    I actually thought the rise is bit short, but I thought you suggest I decrease it.   Thanks.
My tailor told me she can take off 2 inches off the chest without any pulling. I think I will shoot for 1.5" chest reduction in remake. I will post my remake request once I submit it.
I emailed them right after placing my order to say I want high armholes, lower button stance, and thin shoulder padding. The CS emailed me back in 8 hours acknowledging they got it.Hope your suit turn out well.My expectation is that the first suit will need to be remade.
Really appreciate all the feedback on my previous postings in this thread.  Will greatly appreciate your expert feedback on my first Indochino suit - Essential Navy Pinstripe suit.   I'm standing on a plastic bag so my shoe polish doens't stain the carpet, making my wife happy. First, the pants. Thought it's slightly long, and the rise is maybe 1/2 inch short, thigh could be 1" too wide.       Secondly, the suit (sorry about the pants sticking to...
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