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I told my tailor that the changes she suggested could possibly require a remake and offered to pay for the measurements. She didn't charge me since I have been bringing her quite a bit of business lately. I suggest you do likewise. I also asked for the exact cost for each of the alteration, and included total alteration cost in the remake request. Best of luck.
Got shipping notice for my remake, will post pictures once I get it next week.
  You can find out how much Indochino add to your body measurement on my post: http://www.styleforum.net/t/314044/my-first-indochino-suit-should-i-ask-for-remake/60#post_5750570   Because there are so much variation in the way people do body measurement, I wouldn't recommend you tweaking the numbers.    Just expect your first suit to be remade, and stick with your accurate number.   But if you insist, I suggest you take my remake request measurement adjustment into...
  I like Doors, but the name is from one of my favorite comic books - the Storm Riders. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fung_Wan There is also a movie adoption by the same name: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Storm_Riders
VinnyMac, I agree that my measurements could be a bit off, but the slack Indochino added to the body measurement also contributed to the problem.   I actually created a spreadsheet to track how much Indochino has added to my submitted measurements, as you can see, they pretty much left the pants alone, but added generously to the suit and shirt.  The delta columns show what Indochino added to arrive at the eventual garment...
I couldn't see any hand stitching that were exposed, but I could be wrong.  Will take some pictures of the armhole once I get home tonight.
To my untrained eyes, there are no hand stitching at the armholes. So it's more like picture #2. Yes, I I did send photos showing them the sleeve problem, mentioned they should rotate them toward the back, and to match the sleeve head & crown to the size of the armholes. Will share the results once I receive the remake.
I am also eagerly awaiting the full review. I agree jefferyd's suit turned out way better than mine. My wife measured me twice on two separate nights without consulting prior results, each time following the video exactly. Saw on another thread that the traveling tailor asked the person being measured to try on a few stock suits and discussed fit issues. That may have helped. I also saw a couple of remake request measurements and it seemed to me that there is a pattern...
In the spirit of sharing, here is my remake request.   Jacket Jacket/Shirt Length 27.75″ Edit Chest Size 40.5″ -1.5″ Stomach Size 36.5″ -1″ Jacket Hips 38.75″ -1″ Shoulder Size 17.25″ -1″ Sleeve Length 23.25″ -0.5″...
Indochino is coming to San Francisco.  For those of you attended the Chicago event, is it worthwhile for me to go to get a feel of all the suit and shirt fabrics?  Do they have a large selection available for inspection?   Thanks.
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