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Here are the photos.   What do you think?   Shirt + Pants     Suit:
Just got my remake today. Much better than the original. Will let the wrinkles fall out a bit, and take a few photos tomorrow to get your feedback.
  Very interesting video, you are right, they do show the tailor hand stitching the arm hole around 1:30 mark.  I hope they can make the necessary adjustment during remake to address the sleeve pitch problem.   I'm supposed to get my remake on Monday, will share some photos once I do.
  I was actually hoping I can fix most of the problems via alteration rather than remake.  I got an itemized list of fixes from my tailor and her price quotes, and they added up to about $120 and that didn't include fixing the suit shoulder and sleeve pitch.  I shared that information with Indochino in my remake request.   Regarding the pants, the best way to put the question to Indochino.  If they are going to remake the suit jacket, then they should not push back on...
Tailorgod, I still don't see the hand stitching.  Sorry for taking so long to post the armhole photos, had to dig out my macro lens.               What do you think?
I told my tailor that the changes she suggested could possibly require a remake and offered to pay for the measurements. She didn't charge me since I have been bringing her quite a bit of business lately. I suggest you do likewise. I also asked for the exact cost for each of the alteration, and included total alteration cost in the remake request. Best of luck.
Got shipping notice for my remake, will post pictures once I get it next week.
  You can find out how much Indochino add to your body measurement on my post:   Because there are so much variation in the way people do body measurement, I wouldn't recommend you tweaking the numbers.    Just expect your first suit to be remade, and stick with your accurate number.   But if you insist, I suggest you take my remake request measurement adjustment into...
  I like Doors, but the name is from one of my favorite comic books - the Storm Riders. There is also a movie adoption by the same name:
VinnyMac, I agree that my measurements could be a bit off, but the slack Indochino added to the body measurement also contributed to the problem.   I actually created a spreadsheet to track how much Indochino has added to my submitted measurements, as you can see, they pretty much left the pants alone, but added generously to the suit and shirt.  The delta columns show what Indochino added to arrive at the eventual garment...
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