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VinnyMac, I ordered 2 button cuff, that's why it looks so long.   I took my suit to my tailor to fix the gaping vent problem.  She recommend take away 1/2" at the center back seam, and to extend the back by 1/2".  After she pinned things down, the gaping vent went away.   I'll pick it up the altered suit on Friday Oct 19, will take a few photos then.   Here are the photos showing what she did.
I'm still trying to figure out why the vent gape in the back, any ideas?   I saw Jeffery D's suit had a similar problem. http://tuttofattoamano.blogspot.co.at/2012/09/indochino-how-did-my-garment-turn-out.html   Thanks.
The armholes and biceps look too big on the shirt. The chest and waist on the suit look too big as well. Your sleeves don't have the issues mine has. I think your tailor may be able to fix the suit issues.
This is a photo from the currently on sale Superhero Blazer.   I think my suit jacket's back looks better than this.  
From the time I filled the Indochino remake form online to the date the remake showed up at my front door about 22 days, comparable to the turn around time of my original order.   It did take me a week to get feedback from my tailor and from SF experts.
  I'd like to see you after pictures especially.  You can find my remake result here: http://www.styleforum.net/t/314044/my-first-indochino-suit-should-i-ask-for-remake/75#post_5791497   I agree with you, for a < $400 suit, it's not bad, and am not sure if another remake will remedy all the remaining problems (sleeve pitch...)
I don't follow, care to elaborate?   Thanks.
Yes, the remake will go through the In Production -> Shipped status like a new order.  You will get a shipping notification and the tracking number will be available on Indochino site after it's shipped.   The site will first show the original pattern size with you edit, and once it's shipped, it will change those to the measurements of the remake.   Yes, Indochino has been slow I think because there is a Chinese holiday Oct 1 - 7, and most people are off work.  I'm sure...
I ordered 2-button cuff, that's why it looks really long.   The left low shoulder seems to introduce a wrinkle on the left lapel area, although I don't know how much that's due to the suit not being pressed.  Will find out after I steam it again.   Which part of the back is off?    I noticed less breaking on the sleeves compared to my original suit, but yes, both sleeves are still breaking a bit.   I actually like the suit, it fits my body almost perfectly, not tight or...
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