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  Not yet, that will be my next question, where can I find any of these in store?  There is a Neiman Marcus nearby, so I'm thinking of going over to try what they have this weekend.  Any other physical stores you recommend?   Thanks.
To all your experts out there, I'm looking for a couple of colognes to mostly wear to work (with occasional social situations) that's mature , confident and subtle.  I don't like anything that smells of tobacco, and my budget is $120 for a 100ml EDT.   I've been reading this and other threads, and here are the ones I'm considering. - CHANEL POUR MONSIEUR - CHANEL ANTAEUS POUR HOMME - ROCABAR HERMES Men   Not sure which one will be work appropriate.   Thanks.
$120 for a 100ml bottle would be my max. Thanks
I am looking for some suggestions on what to wear to work. Need something mature confident and subtle. Thanks.
I'm thinking of ordering  a top coat from Indochino.   I'd like to order one based on my best fitting Indochino suit.  Here is what I'm thinking (in addition to my suit measurement on the site): Shoulder: +0.75" Chest: + 0.75" Stomach: + 0.75" Jacket hip: + 0.75" Length: Measure to just above knee Sleeve: +0.5" Bicep: +0.5" Wrist: +0.5"   Thoughts?   Thanks.
I'm thinking of getting a couple pairs of Advantage Chinos and a few non-iron BD shirts.   Couple of quick questions for you experts out there: 1. I have a few regular BB OCBD shirts Supima made in USA, also one non-wrinkle-free BD made in Malaysia shirt.  Is the non-iron BD shirts more transparent / light weight than the non-wrinkle-free? 2. What's the best time to buy the Advantage Chinos and non-iron shirts?   Thanks.
Ordered 3 shirts on Nov 9, got shipping notice on Nov 14. A bit slower than usual.
You pay for return shipping. Use the cheapest option.
I put everything into a small box and send via USPS first class with no tracking no insurance. Total was less than $15. I asked if they have received it, not heard back yet.
Tailorgod and Despos, here are the result.   Overall (center is no longer sticking out, which is good, side still show gap):       Close-up of the back center seam at the bottom (slight slant inward toward the bottom center) :   Now, I think this is better than the remake result alone.  My challenge is to convey this information to Indochino so that my next suit won't have the back sticking out at the center but also not to have vent gap. ...
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