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Got an Yoox US email, code YOOXBEST20 for special products, although seem only to apply to regularly priced items with limited selection.   Try it and see if it works for your items.   Enjoy.
Didn't realize the Yoox items from the 80% sales are from their Italian warehouse.  Have a couple of shipments stuck in New Jersey Import Scan for the past 3 days, anyone has the same issue? 
Wearing Jubilation XXV (perfect for a cold winter night), sampling Reflection Man on my wrist.  
Most of the Tom Ford private blend last a long time on my skin.  Montale and Mancera are also very long lasting as well.  You can get them at Min New York. For stuff you can get at the mall, I'd say Mugler Angel Man and flankers.
Just got an order of 4 shirts from Modern Tailor.  My fit is dead on by now.    For those of you would like to take advantage of the current sale, MT Collection shirts are of superior value if my mind.     Highly recommend these: LightBlue Pinpoint / R67181-04 White French Oxford / R72776-01   Not thin or flimsy at all, iron-free as well, though I found I had to steam occasional wrinkles out.   Enjoy.
Caruso mainline suit (including pants) size 46 IT / 36 US fits me perfectly.  BB Milano 36S fits a little bit tight around the waist but otherwise perdect.   What size Benjamin suit should I get? I can only find a Tux in Benjamin 36S, any chance the other styles will come back soon?   Thanks. 
After spending weeks emailing back and forth with Indochino customer service (having to write my messages twice in Chinese), they finally understood what I wanted.  The latest blazer fit much better, and no wrinkles on the sleeves with my arms in natural position (meaning they actually rotated the sleeve per my instruction).  The nice surprise is that they blazer actually came with surgeon’s cuffs without me asking.  There is still a bit of gaping vents, but I'll just...
Raiderback you are right the chest and waist and tight. much better than my first Indochino suit though.
Thomas, HORNS, L'Incandescent, Mr_Incognito, Maquis, thank you all.  Will check out the recommended in person and report back on which ones I got.
  Sounds good.  Looking forward to the more detailed response. Thanks.
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